Girl holding diamond ring

Lab Created Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds: Do You Get The Same Wow Factor?

You might scoff at the idea of man-made diamonds vs mined diamonds, but lab created diamonds are a booming industry these days for many reasons. Contrary to what you might think, lab diamonds are “real” diamonds, but what exactly are a lab created diamonds? How do they differ from earth-mined diamonds? Are they a good alternative?..

Group of friends in hot tub at night

Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Make Your Backyard Bubble With Fun

An inflatable hot tub may not deliver the Hot Tub Time Machine special effects of your dreams, but you can sure save a ton of money going the inflatable route. Are inflatables worth it? You bet — if you’re a die-hard hot tub fan but have to float a limited budget…

Richard Hill with adopted family

Interview With Richard Hill: A Quest To Find Birth Parents Through DNA Testing

Richard Hill discovered he was adopted as a teenager and then spent a good part of his adult life trying to piece together the puzzle of finding his birth parents. Thanks to at-home DNA tests the process was much easier than expected and he was able to uncover some exciting facts that led to some significant discoveries in his life. Since then, he’s written a book and makes it his mission to help others do the same. We got the chance to interview him and are happy to share his story with our readers in hopes it will inspire others too…

Vitagene box on sofa

Vitagene Reviews: Can Your DNA Really Provide Health Insights?

Step aside personal trainers; science is in the house. Vitagene’s DNA test promises to give you a more personalized approach to fitness and diet — all based on your genetics. What can you learn from this test, and can your results really help you boost your well-being? We tested it out to see if the health insights lived up to the expectation…

Kids playing on swing set (caption: Best Swing Sets)

Best Swing Sets For Every Budget Plus Other Backyard Toys

Have a dire need to get your kids out of the house to play outdoors? You’re not alone, especially when you have a posse of neighborhood kids over. A backyard play or swing set can save your sanity. You might also consider some alternative outdoor play options. We review the best sets by price point, with pros, cons, features and more…

23andMe kit

23andMe Reviews: Will You Discover Shocking Health & Ancestry Results?

Wondering if you’ll be diagnosed with a disease later in life? Could the condition skip you but be passed on to your children? You can learn about your health and ancestry all with a spit of your saliva. Okay, maybe it takes a little more than one spit, but it’s a super simple sample that you can send in and have results within weeks…

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