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Girl listening to language learning on headphones: Pimsleur ReviewCountless jobs require you to be bilingual in today’s international economy. Whether you’re in the medical profession, a journalist or in law enforcement, employers prefer to hire someone who is bilingual. Being bilingual not only makes you more appealing to employers, it can also get you a pay raise.

But how can you learn a new language when you’ve got a full-time job? You probably don’t have time to go back to school. That’s where language learning softwares come in handy. In our Pimsleur Review we’ll discuss key components, pros, cons, pricing, customer reviews and our personal experience with the software.

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Article Overview


3.5 / 5
Customer Service & Reputation 4.5
Formats Available 4.0
Number of Languages Offered 4.0
Software Price 1.5


  • Teaches pronunciation, conversation skills and listening comprehension
  • Mimicks the way you learn as a child
  • Guarantees spoken proficiency if you complete the first 30 lessons
  • Phone, FAQs and email support
  • Pronunciation can improve easily
  • Pimsleur Course manager app for learning on the go
  • Teaches you how to read the language
  • Pimsleur Unlimited app has flashcards and review lessons


  • Some users find the software boring and repetitive
  • No visuals
  • Expensive compared to alternatives
  • Only learn about 10 new words/phrases per lesson
  • No writing lessons

Key Features

  • Spend 30 minutes a day and they guarantee you’ll be proficient in the new language
  • Available in digital, software and CD formats
  • Languages are taught with the “Listen and Learn” approach (similar to how you learn as a child)


Pricing varies but here’s an example of the French language courses:

  • $550 MP3 version for all 5 levels
  • $1,190 CD version for all 5 levels
  • $450 software version for levels 1-4

Pimsleur also offers an app that includes a 7-day free trial. After that it costs $14.95 per month for the basic subscription plan or $19.95 per month for the premium subscription plan.

Coupon Codes

Pimsleur regularly runs promotions, click here to take advantage of the latest offer.

Is Pimsleur Bueno?

Pimsleur sent us the software to try in exchange for an honest review. We found that some team members liked it while others didn’t enjoy as much, but it just comes down to a matter of preference.

If you are more of a visual learner who likes seeing words and phrases, then this isn’t the best fit for you. However, if you prefer audio learning and like listening to podcasts, then this would be a good bet.

We’ve collected a few reviews online and placed them here to show you the good and the bad.

Positive Reviews

Very nice product, I have taken Spanish class during college and this is a fine method to brush up my skills, I am attempting to go through the entire Spanish products that Pimsleur has to offer. I am also planning to try the Rosetta Stone program after completing this. As a realtor this would be a great assistance to my career and a great investment as well. -Mike, Effective Language Learning, 8/30

Negative Reviews

Ok I make my review simple and straight forward:
1) Pimsleur is just for complete beginners
2) Pimsleur is totally overpriced
3) I don’t like just hearing foreign words without knowing how to write it. -SayMak, Effective Language Learning, 9/2

Americans Falling Behind in Language Learning

Only 20% of Americans are bilingual compared to 43% in most countries worldwide. We’re a little behind the eight ball but there’s no time like the present to start making up for that! Take the initiative today by learning a second language. The morning commute is a great way to chip away at it.

How Does Pimsleur Work?

Carol explains a bit more about how Pimsleur works in this short (1:20) video.

What Other Options Are There Besides Pimsleur?

Visit Pimsleur’s Website

We hope our Pimsleur Review has helped you in your journey to learning a new language. Remember we’ve got a large language learning software review in which Pimsleur won the category for “Best Audio Learning.” You’ll find pros, cons, pricing, etc. for competing language learning software options that may be a better fit for your particular needs.

Which language have you always wanted to learn?

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