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Love is a many splendored thing.. or so they say. What is the meaning of love, how do you find it and what are the most meaningful ways to memorialize and share your heart with your loved ones? Read our experts’ guides on online dating, engagement rings, the meaning of Valentine’s Day and more.

Are you popping the question to the love of your life but completely clueless on the engagement process? You’re not alone! From the ring to whether or not to get down on your knees, we’re here to hold your hand through this exciting (and nerve racking!) time. The 5 C’s, online vs retail, wedding ring vs engagement ring, designing a ring and knowing when to buy are all things you’ll need to consider. Did we lose you there? Take a deep breath (inhale) and let us guide you through the engagement process step by step.

Engagement ring on finger: James Allen Reviews

James Allen Reviews: Buy A Ring With Confidence

You’ve found the perfect girl, now you just need the perfect ring so she’ll say “yes”. What’s next? Go to Jared? What about buying a ring online? Isn’t that supposed to be sketchy? As it turns out — not really! Read our James Allen Review to learn more about one of the best online jewelry stores…

Couple making heart with hands

Online Dating Statistics That Will Encourage You to Create an Account

We’ve all been there. You scroll through Instagram and see a friend got engaged, another just got married and one is expecting twins. When will you find your one true love? Perhaps these online dating statistics will convince you to create an online dating account and begin dating…

Heart shaped cloud

The Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day

“Love is never having to say you are sorry” (Snoopy). “Love is like a friendship caught on fire” (Bruce Lee). “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet” (Plato)…

Love is the theme of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is all about this mystical, amazing, intoxicating thing we call love. It is the designated time to show the object of our loves just how much we love them. We do this by buying sweet things, red things, pretty things, and sexy things. We do this by going out, staying in, making something special and saying “I love you.” Do we really need a specific day dedicated to love? Apparently we do. And that day is February 14 – every year – Valentine’s Day…

Best Online Dating Sites

Best Dating Sites: eHarmony vs Match vs OkCupid vs Zoosk

New to online dating or not happy with the dating site you’ve been using? With a growing number of online dating sites — and more and more people finding significant others online — it’s hard to know where to start…

Laptop with coffee and heart shaped froth Reviews: Online Dating’s Queen of Hearts?

Have you been looking for a match in all the wrong places? Surely, you’ve heard of by now, even if you’re not in the market for a mate. This online dating site has been a powerhouse since its inception back in 1995 — and today it remains unmatched in the size of its dating pool and unique features…

Couple sitting on bench

eHarmony vs Which Site Wins the Dating Game?

Choosing the best online dating site isn’t easy, with so many options these days. Which one has the greatest potential to find you a good match? What kind of ways can you communicate with prospective dates, while preserving your privacy? We’ll help you choose between two of the best-known dating sites in our eHarmony vs Match comparison…

Couple cooking together (caption: Best Date Night Box)

Best Date Night Box: Spice Up Your Nights At Home

When you’ve been married or dating for a couple of years, it gets hard to find creative ways to spend quality time together, especially when you’re at home. If you feel like you’ve “been there, done that” with your date nights, subscribing to a monthly date night box could help mix things up. They’re cheaper than dinner and a movie out — and you don’t have to pay a sitter…

Titanium Ring on man's hand (caption: Guide to Titanium Rings)

A Complete Guide To Titanium Rings (Includes Pros And Cons)

If you’ve been shopping around for wedding bands, you may have seen titanium as a more affordable metal choice than platinum or gold. What are the pros and cons of titanium rings? They’re increasing in popularity (especially for men), but are they worth it?

Girl holding diamond ring

Lab Created Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds: Do You Get The Same Wow Factor?

You might scoff at the idea of man-made diamonds vs mined diamonds, but lab created diamonds are a booming industry these days for many reasons. Contrary to what you might think, lab diamonds are “real” diamonds, but what exactly are a lab created diamonds? How do they differ from earth-mined diamonds? Are they a good alternative?..

Two men kissing in woods

Complete Guide to Gay Men’s Engagement Rings

Woo hoo, you’re getting engaged! Congrats to you! Will you surprise your husband-to-be with an engagement ring, or will you pick your rings out together? This is just the first of many questions that come when you start thinking about getting engaged. Get ready for everyone asking you when the big day is, who’s in the bridal party and more wedding related questions. In this complete guide to gay men’s engagement rings, we’re going to go over why some men do, and some don’t wear engagement rings as well as other tidbits you may want to know…

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