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Exploring Life's Mysteries team at Escape Hunt in Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to Exploring Life’s Mysteries. This website is dedicated to the wonders of the world, and the exploration of the mysteries of life. We are a place to take a break from the rigorous, sometimes monotonous, fast-moving, non-stop pace of life and reflect on the moment, how we got here and where we are going in the future. We’re the place for people who are interested in all the phenomenas that shape the world and ourselves. And of course, have lots of fun and share many laughs while exploring!

Join Us in Our Exploration of Life’s Mysteries

As you can see from our main menu above, we cover a lot of different topics. That’s because there’s mysteries to be uncovered in just about every facet of life. We are very inquisitive and not only ask what, but why and how? We challenge the status quo and are very passionate about our beliefs and morals. We are open to other’s ideas and enjoy a good debate but ultimately we write our own opinion. We have a voice and we aren’t afraid to use it. We go with the flow and are up for almost anything that pushes us to think more about our purpose here on earth.

Meet our team! We love hiking and traveling to exotic destinations, yoga, thai massages, reggae music, alternative medicine and green tea. We take the ups and downs in stride, live life by experience and believe the best way to learn is by doing. Life is an adventure and we aren’t afraid to live it.

So, let’s go places together, move mountains and have fun doing it. Pack a bag, change your perspective, open your mind and explore the mystery of life. We only have one life to live, so let’s live it to the fullest!

Explore our content, participate in article discussions, join the chatter in our social networks, and let’s explore the great mysteries of life together!

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