Do You Ever Ponder Our Purpose?

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Man sitting on hill aloneDo you ever ponder our purpose? What are we doing on this planet? Have you ever taken a break from the rigorous, sometimes monotonous, fast moving, non-stop pace of life that keeps us plugging away and moving forward, and taken a moment to reflect on the bigger picture? We occupy ourselves with our daily tasks, pick a religion to believe in, and settle down in contentment, ignoring the questions that can’t be answered. For many of us, that’s fine, and we are able to lead happy lives, living in the moment and enjoying every turn life takes us in. Unfortunately, for some of us, that’s not enough. We want to know what the heck we’re doing here, where we came from, and what the future holds for us. In other words, if there’s any reason at all, and we like to believe there is – why do we exist?

Why Do We Exist?

There’s been many a night, following a party, where a group of us has gathered and spent hours philosophizing. It’s fun, and we often uncover new theories and explanations as to our purpose on this planet. But the next day it’s back to the grind, and we postpone our questioning and wondering until the next time we take a break from our daily tasks. The problem is, our ponderings would often be forgotten, as we wouldn’t be writing them down. That’s why we’ve written this page, in the hopes that the next time you philosophize or have a fleeting moment of insight on your own existence, you can share that thought with us.

All thoughts and ramblings are welcome! It may well be that there are no answers, but even if we don’t uncover our purpose, may we at least be entertained trying to do so.

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Alex started Exploring Life's Mysteries with his wife Michelle, as they set out on a quest to discover the mysteries of life together. Alex loves to philosophize, wonder what our purpose is, and travel the world in search of new cultures, ideas, and lifestyles. He has been an international traveler since he was 6 months old and has lived in and visited over a dozen countries from Southeast Asia to South America.

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