How to Throw An End of the World Party

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CalendarIt is upon us: December 21st, 2012, aka, the end of the Mayan Calendar Cycle (read more about how the Mayan Calendar works), or as some predict, when the world will end (read more about the 2012 end of the world predictions) and the comments from you, our readers, are pouring in! We love to hear all your ideas, philosophies, theories and debates about what will happen today, 12/21/12. We invite you to keep the discussion going, but for the sake of having a little fun, we thought we’d start giving you some ideas, tips and ways to celebrate the “end”.

Throw an “End of the World” Mayan Themed Party

So if the world is really coming to an end, why not go out with a bang? Here are some party planning ideas to help ensure you have fun, no matter what happens. Plus 12/21/12 happens to be a Friday, and for many of us in the United States, the final day before the holidays and perhaps even a pay-day. So it’s the perfect excuse to get together with your friends, family and loved ones to celebrate.

Create an End of the World Soundtrack

Using a free service like Spotify, you can come up with a party playlist including everything from “It’s the End of the World as We Know it (and I Feel Fine)” by REM to “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears. It will not only help your guests get in the mood, but you can listen to the music while preparing for the rest of your end of the world party planning.

Plan a Doomsday Food Menu

The Mayans ate primarily things they could grow or kill during ancient times. Corn, bean and squash were staples to accompany whatever main course was hunted for that day perhaps deer or fish in the coastal areas. Deer chili with bean-filled tamales might be a good modern-era spin on the Mayan cuisine and a great, hearty last meal. If you prefer your last meal to be one of your favorites like pizza, then by all means don’t feel the need to stick with the theme and splurge on whatever you wish. If burgers, beers and French fries are your meal of choice, you may want to go ahead and indulge – who knows if we’ll be around tomorrow to regret those calories or not.

Select Your 2012 Countdown Movie Picks

Queue up your Netflix, stream a video on iTunes or run to your nearest Red Box and rent movies about the world ending such as Armageddon, 2012 or Melancholia. (Note: this idea came from one of our fans who commented on our 2012 Planetary Alignment page).

Decorating Ideas for the Apocalypse

Luckily you probably already have the hall decked for the holidays, but to give your party a Mayan twist, bring the outdoors in. Grab some sticks and large rocks from around the neighborhood to build a fake campfire. Turn off any overhead or artificial lights and use candles (but be safe when lighting) instead. And have a flashlight close by just in case the lights don’t come back on. 😉

Dress Up Mayan Style

Of course this end of the world party lends itself nicely to a Mayan theme. Traditional Maya women wore simple woven cotton cloths (white or brown), woven tapestries or tie-dyed apparel to signify their family or tribe. Use a variety of earthy, natural colors and dyes indicative to the ancient world. Elite women adorned their outfits with pearls and feathers and hair sashes. For men, again keep it basic and simple using typical materials such as breechcloth or deerskin. Wrap around your waist, top with a sleeveless shirt (or no shirt at all) and you’ll be all set. Shoes are optional but if you insist, wear sandals (yes, even in December).

Invite your Friends to Your End of the World Party

Now that your end of the world party is all planned, the last and final step is to determine your guest list. Who do you really want to be with when the world does come to an end? Chose wisely or choose no one at all. No one will judge if you plan to throw a party of one. But if you do decide to invite your friends, use a free service like eVite or Facebook to create an event and easily email your guests. Using ancient Mayan hieroglyphics of course!

Details for The 2012 End of the World Party

When: Friday, December 21, 2012
Time: Chances are the planetary alignment goes off at GMT 0, so make sure you plan accordingly depending on your time zone.

What Did You Do on December 21, 2012?

Comment below, or tell us on Facebook. We would love to hear what you did on 12/21/12 and share end of the world experiences!

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