What Is the Most Expensive Thing on Amazon?

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Person pulling credit card out of wallet to buy something onlineLooking to drop some serious coin on an amazing Amazon products? We can help you find the most expensive thing to buy on Amazon with our list of ten items. Even if you’re not thinking about buying any of these products, you may get a kick out of reading some of the reviews and questions posted on their respective Amazon pages. So what is the most expensive item on Amazon? Check out the ten items below and get to shopping!

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change. However, several “out of stock” items are actually available along with pricing when you click on the link.

10. Delta Forest Playground

Delta Forest PlaygroundPrice: Out of stock

Do you want to give your children the best playground set ever? If you plan on having a large family or are looking for a playground set for a park, this is the jungle gym for you since it can hold up to 65 children ages 2 to 12. The overall height is 18’8″ and covers 53′” x 46’8″, so make sure you have plenty of space for this.

If you don’t need a playground that holds 65 kids, this cedar wood swing playset is a good alternative, and it only costs $1,499.00.

9. Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Price: Out of stock

If you’re looking for the best cable, look no further. Take the bass and treble up a notch in your home and you’ll hear music to your ears. Why settle for an audio cable that costs $10 when you can spend five figures on one and have the best?

8. Musical Mobile

Petit Tresor Luca Musical MobilePrice: $15.99

This mobile is made out of plastic, polyester and cotton; similar to any other mobile. However, do others cost five figures? We didn’t think so. This is the Cadillac of mobiles. It has plush classic car hangings, plays lullabies and even comes with instructions on how to assemble it. Your baby is bound to enjoy this mobile as much as any other mobile.

If you are looking for a less expensive mobile for your baby, check out this one for Check on Amazon.

7. Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake

Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake

Price: Out of stock

This hydraulic press brake is constructed entirely of steel for maximum rigidly and minimum deformation during the bending process. Why is this item so cool? If you place something like a soccer ball, shampoo bottle, candle or any other object in it you can see what the item looks like after it’s been squished down. Check out an example of the smashing in action on a similar press break in the YouTube video below. (And it’s only 29,568 lbs! Good thing there’s free shipping with Amazon Prime).

6. Lladro Niagara Chandelier

Lladro Niagara Chandelier

Price: Check on Amazon

Are you a sucker for a killer statement chandelier? This Lladro Niagara chandelier is two meters in height and is the result of hours of artistic hard work. Started with a sketch, this chandelier transformed into a clay figure, then plaster and finally came to life as the finished porcelain figurine.

5. 18K White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

18k White Gold Necklace

Price: Check on Amazon

This stunning pendant includes 23.3-carats of sapphires and is accented by diamonds. Read this article to learn more about cut, clarity, carat and color. The item was manufactured in the USA.

4. Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Card

Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Card

Price: Out of stock

If you’re a baseball fan, then this is the hot item for you. This pack includes baseball cards autographed by Mickey Mantle himself. They are 100% authentic and backed by a sports memorabilia authenticity guarantee.

3. William Barclay Masterson – Annotated Typed Manuscript Signed

William Barclay Masterson - Annotated Typed Manuscript Signed


This 100% authentic autographed manuscript is for Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital. The manuscript includes four handwritten corrections by William Barclay “Bat” Masterson, including his rare full signature. The manuscript was written by Robert M. Wright, former mayor of Dodge City, Kansas, and sent to Bat, a former deputy in Dodge City, for his revisions. With a total of six pages and bound with a needle at the top edge, this manuscript is a rare find.

2. Audemars Piguet Men’s Watch

Audemars Piguet Men's Watch


This 2017 watch is in mint condition and is certified pre-owned. This watch has gone through a theft check, an inspection, a grading evaluation, water-resistance testing and timekeeping accuracy to ensure you’re getting what you think you’re getting. This uniquely masculine watch has elegant hands, Roman numeral hour markers and a round subdial for seconds. The black crocodile leather strap is comfortable and durable.

1. 1932 The Old Dark House Poster

1932 The Old Dark House Poster

Price: Out of stock

This poster is of James Whale’s classic 1932 horror film “The Old Dark House” starring Ernest Thesiger, Boris Karloff, Eva Moore, Lilian Bond and many other great actors and actresses. This antique movie poster takes the cake for the highest price on Amazon. It has vivid colors and phenomenal artwork and is more than 80 years old. This poster is one of two and is in better condition than its twin. If you are interested in “The Old Dark House” poster, this is your chance to get it, since it’s extremely rare and in excellent condition.

Want to Buy Less Expensive Items?

Would you rather spend less money on some items from Amazon? We don’t blame you. Some of our readers’ favorite items include drones, language learning software and luggage. Perhaps one of those would interest you. And we promise they won’t cost you as much as the items listed in this article. ;)

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought on Amazon?

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