Fizzics Review: Turn Your 6-Pack Into Draft Beer

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Fizzics with beer and snacks: Fizzics ReviewIt never fails, you go to a brewery and enjoy a new brew. Sip by sip your palette is evolving, and you are falling in love with the perfectly carbonated draft beer. That’s how it always happens with my husband and me anyways. We’re big fans of craft beer, but whenever we get a growler or a six-pack to bring home, it just doesn’t taste as good as it did coming out of the brewer’s tap. Fizzics draft beer systems have set out to fix this problem. You can enjoy draft beer at home the way brewers intended it to be enjoyed thanks to this home beer tap.

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Key Features

  • Works with all beer styles including IPAs, stouts, pilsners, lagers, etc.
  • Does not require any type of ongoing refill to operate (i.e. CO2 or Nitro cartridges)
  • Pull the tap for beer, push the tap for foam



  • Easy to clean
  • Great for outdoor activities, camping, tailgating, etc.
  • No recurring costs (except the beer 😉 )
  • Portable draft beer (Battery Powered – 4 AA)
  • Simple to use
  • Cheaper than home taps that require gas
  • Lightweight
  • Some users say it mutes bitter flavors and smoothes the texture of the beer


  • Fizzics Waytap:  $149.00
    • Compatible with 12-25 oz cans and 12 oz bottles
  • Original Fizzics Beer System:  $124.99
    • Compatible with all size cans, bottles and up to a 64 oz growler

How to Clean Fizzics

Watch the video below to see how simple it is to clean your Fizzics system.

Fizzics vs the Competition

Is there another product for sale like Fizzics? Not really. The most comparable is a Kegerator, which is a combination of a keg and refrigerator. What’s the downside of a Kegerator? These can cost more than $4,000 depending on the model you purchase. Kegerators also take up more space and have recurring costs associated with them, like CO2 and cleaning kits.

What Do Customers Think?

Positive Fizzics Reviews

If you really love beer, you should give this a try. I saw Fizzics demonstrated at a recent beer festival. You put in almost any size can/bottle of beer into the machine, place the hose into the can/bottle, seal the lid, pull the tap forward to pour the main body of beer and backward to apply the head. It makes the beer taste like it is fresh from the brewery. I was skeptical, but it really works. It uses sound waves to create a creamy, tastier head on any beer. $170 is not cheap, but it is much less expensive than professional nitro or CO2 systems and Fizzics does not need anything other than 4AA batteries to do the job. Because it is portable, it has been great to use with a growler on our patio and boat. It makes bad beer, drinkable; good beer, great; great beer, ridiculously great. I do wish it had a flow meter, so when applying the head near the end of a bottle or can, I would know when to stop before it sprayed foam all over. It does not happen every time and I probably just need more practice. – CraftyVeteran, Best Buy 6/12/2016

We went to a friends house last night and they had one there. We couldn’t wait to get one for us. This made every beer we tried taste fantastic. We were skeptical at first but ever time we tried a new beer it blew everyone away. Truly a game changer. It works! – Vasso, Target 4/2016

Negative Fizzics Reviews

The system did what it said but the taste was not changed for the better. It created a beautiful head on the beer, which just fell flat after about 30 seconds and flat tasting beer. We tried it several times with the same results. We are returning the product this week. – Messa, Best Buy 12/4/2016

Bought after I saw in Shark Tank. It does not live up to claims. Beer tasted like keg beer because of the foam but not like a good draft. – SJW, Target 12/2016

How Do You Like Your Beer?

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Do you like experimenting with different gadgets and trying new brews? Fizzics may be a great addition to your at home bar. Fizzics is easy to travel with and less expensive than the competition. We’re confident that if you have Fizzics out at your next BBQ or tailgate it’ll start up some chatter.

What do you think of Fizzics? Is it gimmicky or life-changing?

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