Stitch Fix Review: We Tried It, But What Did We Think?

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Do you feel like building a fashionable wardrobe is akin to finding a needle in a haystack? You’re not alone. Thousands upon thousands of women (and men) turn to Stitch Fix, a clothing and accessory delivery service, to style themselves with the latest trends. It’s a smart choice for busy people who don’t have the time or patience to shop for coordinating outfits. What is Stitch Fix? How does it work? And what kinds of items can you get? Do they offer Plus-Size boxes? We’ll answer all these questions and more in our Stitch Fix reviews to help you determine if Stitch Fix can take your fashion to a new level.

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How Does Stitch Fix Work?

The steps are simple — Stitch Fix stylists do most of the work for you. Here’s how Stitch Fix works:

Step One: Set up Your Style Profile

Fill out an online style profile, which includes prompted questions about your size, body shape, and clothing and accessory preferences. If you wear plus size (14W-24W, 1X-3X), StitchFix offers a custom subscription box as well (new in 2017). Items you will consider include skirts, shorts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, outerwear, scarves, jewelry and bags. They then show you photos of different outfits to like or dislike to get a sense of your personal style preferences. You have the options of setting a budget and requesting specific items, i.e. if you need more shirts than skirts.

Step Two: Schedule Your Delivery

Select your delivery date. You can choose a one-time delivery or schedule automatic deliveries: every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every three months. Your account page shows you the date of your next shipment, and it’s easy to reschedule or cancel. If these options don’t work for you, you can also manually schedule shipments when you want them (i.e. vacation outfits, holiday party dress, etc.).

Step Three: Shipment Arrives

Your box full of styling surprises arrives. Each shipment includes five items. Your box may include tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, scarf, hat or even a new jacket. Once you receive your shipment, you have three days to decide if you want to keep any pieces. Just go to your online account to tell them which items you’re returning in their prepaid mailer.

Step Four: Feedback on Items

Give Stitch Fix your feedback so they can learn more about your fashion preferences. This step is important if you’re continuing future shipments. Your specific feedback on each item helps stylists improve your personal style profile so they can better customize future shipments.

Key Features of Stitch Fix

  • More than 1,000 stylists on board to choose your personal look
  • Algorithm alters your style profile based on your feedback about the items in each shipment
  • Clothing sizes include 0/XS-14XL to plus sizes 14W-24W, 1X-3X, as well as maternity wear
  • Plus Size and Men’s clothing boxes are available
  • Wide variety of clothing types and accessories
  • Each delivery includes a styling card with photos that illustrates how to coordinate several different outfits with each item
  • Refer-a-friend program gives you $25 credit each time a referral schedules their first shipment

How Much Is Stitch Fix a Month?

Of course, the burning question is, ‘how much does Stitch Fix cost?’ Overall Stitch Fix prices can vary pretty widely, depending on how many items you want to keep. But here are the general details:

  • $20 stylist fee per shipment (applied as a credit if you keep anything from your purchase)
  • $55 average cost per piece
  • 25% discount if you keep all five items

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A Personal Stitch Fix Experience

Here is a review from Michelle’s (one of my team members) firsthand trial of the service:

“I have been ordering Stitch Fix boxes a few times a year for the past 2-3 years. I use it mostly when I am either bored with my wardrobe and want some new pieces to mix it up, I am moving into a season change that will require some new items for the shifting weather temperatures, or I have a big event (wedding, party, important business meeting, etc.) for which I want to dress to impress!

“While I have definitely sent some items back from most boxes, the personal stylist has done a great job of both fitting my style AND stretching me a little with some pieces I would not have bought on my own. I love that it forces me out of my comfort zone while also sticking pretty close to my personal style. When I do need to return something, the return process is super easy with a self-addressed envelope to return everything in. The app (or website) is also super easy to use for checkout.

“My one complaint is that the prices tend to be higher than what I would expect to pay at stores I would normally buy similar items but, then again, I also understand that I am paying for the personal shopping experience and free doorstep delivery. So, overall, I cannot complain too much about the prices. And, when I like all 5 items, they offer a 25% off everything discount, so that makes the prices much more reasonable.

“I would recommend StitchFix to anyone who is looking to shake up their closet offerings, especially for special occasions and season changes!”

What’s the Buzz on Online Threads?

Is Stitch Fix a good fit for its customers? We’ve researched consumer feedback online and included a balanced sampling of reviews we found.

Positive Stitch Fix Reviews

Well worth trying if you are undecided. The clothing is nice quality, and having someone select items for you is better than shopping with friends! Out of seven boxes so far, I’ve kept one item from only one box, 2 boxes where all 5 found a new home with me, and the other boxes, range 2-3 items. All the clothing I’ve kept have become basic go-to items and are worn all the time. I am enjoying the free time formerly spent shopping on more productive or useful activities. – Elsie C., SiteJabber 3/2/2017

Several of my friends tried Stitchfix and liked what they were sent…positive reviews, so I tried it… Then I went through their selections and added my thoughts. When my package arrived I was VERY pleased. Right colors, age appropriate and everything fit. I checked the brand names on line. Everything I was sent came from Nordstrom’s or equal quality stores. The quality was excellent and the pricing was as expected… A very positive experience. – Dianne P., Trustpilot 5/10/2016

Negative Stitch Fix Reviews

I love the idea of stitch fix – a personal stylist picks out outfits for you and sends them to your front door, and if you don’t like them, send them back for free. Yeah! Sign me up! But in reality, the clothes are quite mediocre in style and quality, but with designer prices. $60-80 for tops, $80-100 forpants. Items you could get at Kohls. I wish I could say it’s great, because I would love to love it. – E.R., SiteJabber 2/15/2017

If you choose to use StitchFix, be prepared to receive low-quality clothing at overpriced price points. When you receive unattractive clothing that is nothing like you request, be advised that you will be forced to keep -and pay for- the offending item(s) or lose your styling fee. There is no accountability for stylists who send things that are not at all appropriate or in line with requests. – Steph, Trustpilot 2/18/2016

You Get Your Own Personal Stylist?

One of the biggest selling points for subscribing to Stitch Fix or a similar service is that you have an actual stylist pick out the clothes he or she thinks will work for you. Check out the video below to learn more from an interview with the CEO of Stitch Fix.

What About Stitch Fix Competitors?

Visit Stitch Fix’s Website

Stitch Fix was the first company to popularize the monthly fashion box concept, and they still dominate the market. In 2015, Stitch Fix brought in $250 million in revenue, and 2016 sales were more than $500 million, according to industry experts. Still, a lot of companies like Stitch Fix have cropped up over the last few years. If you’re interested in learning more about a Stitch Fix alternative, be sure to read our article comparing the best monthly clothing subscriptions. You can find everything from everyday wear to intimates to athletic wear subscriptions. Stitch Fix also has options for kids, see how they stack up in our kids clothing subscription box reviews.

Why are you considering a clothing subscription?

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I LOVE Stitch Fix, their stylists almost always nail it! Only every so often do I get something a bit unusual that I send back, but I love not having to worry about what’s in season or on trend.