GiftRocket Review: What Do You Get Someone That Has Everything Already?

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Giftcards (caption: GiftRocket Review)When it comes to choosing the right gift for that special someone who has everything, choices are limited. This can also turn a process that should be fun into one of frustration. GiftRocket presents a unique solution to the age-old problem of those that are hard to buy for: a service that allows users to send gift cards for local stores or cash-based greetings. We’ll take a deeper look at GiftRocket and what makes it so special.

GiftRocket Review

GiftRocket is an online company dedicated to helping individuals give thoughtful gifts without being pigeonholed into traditional gift categories. Similar to cash, GiftRocket offers people a significant degree of flexibility to purchase from any business.

Sending a GiftRocket Gift Card

Gift Rocket is a particularly easy service to use both for the sender and the recipient. Learn how to use it in these 6 easy steps.

  1. Visit the GiftRocket website and click on “Send a GiftRocket.”
  2. Enter the sender’s name and email, select an amount and write a message.
  3. Select delivery method (email or print) and delivery date (now or schedule for later).
  4. Choose one of a dozen or so custom designs.
  5. Enter recipient’s email and name. Then click “next”.
  6. Lastly, enter the credit card info for payment.

Now, you’re all set! Your recipient will receive the e-card (or if you choose to print you can mail or personally deliver) explaining their new gift from you.

GiftRocket Promo Code

At the time of publishing, there was not a GiftRocket promo code.

Receiving a GiftRocket Gift Card

Good news – you are on the receiving end of this innovative gift! But what do you do with it? Getting a GiftRocket gift card offers the flexibility of cash without the risk of physical currency. You will receive a notice that you have been sent a GiftRocket and you must redeem it on the GiftRocket website. You will be given three redemption options:

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. PayPal Transfer

No matter which option you select, the result of GiftRocket gift giving is the same —  the recipient receives cash and the sender gets the choice to “disguise” a cash gift as a new local experience or a gift card to a favorite local store of your choosing.

You might be thinking this is too good to be true! Is Gift Rocket legit? Watch this short video to see a demo of how an e-card looks once received.

Why Send a GiftRocket Gift Card?

While many might think GiftRocket customers have some idea of the business or even the exact store that they wish to send a gift card from, some users simply have no idea. This is especially true when buying for a more casual acquaintance. So GiftRocket provides a generic and universal gift card option.

GiftRocket offers a less wasteful gift option as many gift cards go unused because the recipients do not care for the store. And because a majority of “regular” gift cards do not allow for users to get cash back when the card has a minimal balance remaining, GiftRocket ensures no money is wasted.

GiftRocket is also a better choice because it is more secure. Using GiftRocket ensures that a gift recipient your gift is deposited directly into a useful account for you (bank, Paypal, Amazon), while physical gift cards are often misplaced and cash sent via mail can be stolen.

In conclusion, Gift Rocket provides an easy gift giving experience that can be customized for anyone on your gift list.

Have you used or received a GiftRocket?

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