Best iPhone Photo Apps To Up Your Photo Game

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Person holding iphone taking photo (caption: Best iPhone Photo Apps)iPhone owners can attest to the sheer number of apps that are available to perform just about every function possible.

One of the more popular uses for the iPhone is its ability to take stunning photos. Currently, there are hundreds of iPhone photo apps that enhance and edit photo, create collages, Photoshop effects, red-eye removal, color adjustments and more.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the best photo app for iPhone? Below you will find some of the more popular iPhone photography apps, a few of the best free photo editing apps and the basic functions and pricing for each. Ready to start snapping?


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: $0.99

Pocketbooth is an iOS photo app designed to create images in photo strips just like real photo booths.

The app displays a red light signaling users when it is ready to take photos. As the red light displays, users should pose for four photographs as they would in a traditional photo booth. Four images are then recorded in a photo strip format.

This application allows for users to email strips directly from the application.

Postagram PostcardsPostagram

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: Postagram is currently a free app to download; however, each time a postcard is sent users will be charged a fee.

Postagram Postcards allows users to create their own postcards. Through the Postagram application, users can take their own photograph or use one that is saved in the iPhone library, Instagram application or through Facebook and create a customized postcard from that image.

It takes less than two minutes for a user to create and send their first postcard and within a couple of days a physical postcard will be sent out through the postal system.

The cost of delivery for Postagram postcards is 99 cents within the U.S. and $1.99 for addresses outside the U.S. and delivery is estimated at between two to five days but may take as long as three weeks. Users can add up to 140 characters on their Postagram and the photographs included on the physical postcard pop out to create a 3” x 3” photograph for the recipient to keep.

Video: Postagram

See how easy it is to send a Postgram using their app in this video demonstration.

Tadaa HD Pro Cam

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Price: Free

TadaaTadaa HD Pro Cam is one of the best iPhone picture editing apps that allows users to take HD pictures, edit them and share them all through a single interface.

The Tadaa photo application includes a number of editing tools including: twenty-one different HD filters including black and white, retro and sepia, a live preview option for all filters, HD clarity adjustment, HD selective blur, the ability to crop images, zoom function, image rotation function, frames and borders availability and adjustment of brightness, saturation and contrast.

Tadaa also allows for rapid capture of images, the application of multiple features, a light table to manage Tadaa images, three new image filters and full EXIF support. Upon signing up for the Tadaa HD Pro Cam app users get access to their own high-resolution photo blog through


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: Free

InstagramBy now, everyone knows about Instagram as one of the most popularly utilized iPhone photo applications with over 400 million users. Instagram allows for users to apply a number of photographic filters to images to give them an entirely new appearance. Once they have been edited, users’ images can be shared through a photostream that can be accessed by friends and family members. Instagram provides a number of completely free custom-designed filters to give images a unique appearance.

In addition to filters, some of its other popular features include: radial tilt-shift and linear blur photo effects, unlimited upload capability, instant sharing capability through Posterous, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, the ability to interact with the Instagram community through a commenting system and “likes,” and support for front and back cameras on the iPhone.


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: $0.99

Normalize is an iPhone image app that is designed to take images from not so perfect to a normal balance of color and light. The Normalize image app improves images by utilizing a smart algorithm that helps users to avoid tedious manual corrections.

Normalize has a number of features that make using this application easy including: the ability to paste images directly into the application, the ability to load and save images to the photo library, the ability to see the output of the image in the application without having to save it to the photo library, support for all iOS versions over 3 and the ability to tap the application to see both before and after shots.

PicShop HD – Photo Editor

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: $4.99

PicShop HDPicShop HD photo editor app is designed to help users quickly and effectively edit images in a single application. The PicShop HD app provides support for HD images up to 8MP and is easy enough to use to be functional for both professional and amateur photographers.

This app has social sharing built into it so users can post their images straight to Twitter or Facebook or send them directly through e-mail! There are a number of features that make the PicShop HD stand out among other picture editing apps: a sketch mode that gives users eight different brushes to choose from, a meme maker to allow users to create their own images from popular meme themes, speech bubbles, the ability to add text to images with adjustable fonts, fun stickers to add new looks to images including hats and moustaches, a way to customize the application to suit the iPhone theme, color editing, saturation editing, sharpness and blur editing, tilt shift, blemish remover, red-eye remover, auto-correction of photos, the ability to crop, rotate and flip photos and more!

Finding The Right iPhone Photo App For You

One important thing to keep in mind when selecting photo apps for your iPhone should always be your skill level –  with apps and photography. If you are a professional photographer, then you are more likely to get great results from a professional photography app that has a much more expanded range of features.

If you are an amateur photographer, then you will want to select an application that is easy to use (e.g. offers more preloaded filters rather than manual adjustments). Don’t be fooled by pricing, many of the worst photo apps cost more than some of the best ones.

Regardless of skill level, you should consider turning all your iPhone photos into a photo book that you can keep all your memories documented for years to come!

What are your favorite photo editing tools/apps and why?

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I’ve been looking into some new photo sharing/taking apps since I love taking pics but am so over Instagram, especially now with their whole Instagram Stories thing (seems like it’s turning into Snapchat). I’ve recently been using Everalbum to organize and backup my photos too.