ION Gut Health Reviews: Side Effects, Ingredients, Pet Version, vs Restore, & More

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ION Gut Support, 32 oz. bottle

ION Gut Health (now called Gut Support) is a supplement that claims to improve your gut and digestive health by strengthening the gut lining in your body, which in turn could help relieve heartburn, leaky gut, alleviate gluten intolerance and restore the immune system. This scientific drink can be overwhelming to learn about, but we’re going to do our best to explain how this drink works in an easy to digest (pun intended) article. Does it actually work or is it all marketing hype?

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What Is ION Gut Health?

ION Gut Health is a carbon-rich supplement manufactured by Biomic Sciences in the United States. It is made of humic extract, or liquid lignite extract (terrahydrite), and purified water. This earth-derived liquid supplement contains soil amino acids and minerals similar to those in fulvic acid supplements. The beverage comes in a plastic, BPA-free bottle and does not need to be refrigerated.

How Does Restore Work?

According to the manufacturer’s website:

ION Gut Support nurtures the body’s protective membranes in the gut and in the blood/brain barrier, enabling these membranes to keep us healthy. A diet loaded with highly-processed foods may cause the tight junctions of the intestinal wall to open from the gut into the bloodstream.

Through state-of-the art scientific studies conducted at prestigious universities and compelling anecdotal evidence from people who use ION Gut Support, data suggests that by keeping the gut healthy and functioning optimally, one can block gut sensitivity to gluten and other chemicals and address GI health. In short, ION Gut Support nurtures the body’s protective membranes in the gut and in the blood/brain barrier, enabling them to work and keep the body healthy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How Should I Use ION Gut Support?

ION Gut Support can be taken before or with meals, but for maximum results, it’s recommended to be taken 30 minutes before a meal. For people older than two years old, take one teaspoon three times per day before or with meals. You can increase your usage to one tablespoon three times daily to reach your health goals; however, most individuals find that three teaspoons per day are enough. People younger than two years old should be given 1/4 teaspoon three times daily.

It’s important to ease into using ION Gut Support. A few users experienced stomach pains and diarrhea when they took the recommended three teaspoons per day. We recommend speaking with your doctor before taking this supplement and consider starting with a smaller dose, so you don’t experience these ION supplement side effects.

If you use three teaspoons per day:

  • an 8 oz bottle will last two weeks.
  • a 32 oz bottle will equal a two month supply.
Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free and non-GMOConstipation may occur, so be sure to increase your water intake
Glyphosate-freeLooks like dirty water
Many positive consumer testimonialsReports of no changes following intake
Made in the USAReports of return difficulties
60-day money back guaranteeReports of poor customer service


Biomic Sciences’ ION Gut Health Reviews

We’ve tried ION Gut Support and have had mixed results. Alex from our team used it for months and while he had no side effects, he was unsure there was a significant benefit to the gut issues he was experiencing, which did seem to be aided primarily by simply eating less gluten and dairy (which in turn allowed him to tolerate both better).

Michelle from our team has a colleague who is gluten intolerant (diagnosed with celiac disease) and swears by the product.

This product has changed my life. No more constant stomach pain.

JoAnn W.

At the end of the day, not everyone has had a great experience with this supplement. This is why we recommend reading both positive and negative reviews to help you decide if it’s a good option for you.

Positive ION Gut Support (formerly called Restore For Gut Health) Reviews

Two years ago my stomach problems were so bad I was throwing up two to three times a week and miserable. Missing my kids events always having to apologize for letting them down all due to heart burn, reflux, and getting deathly ill every few days. My mom who has stomach issues as well suggested I try Restore. At that point I felt helpless and like my life was wasting away. I didn’t take any the first day she brought it over. The next morning I had one of my weekly spells. Finally after being sick all morning I look up and see the Restore my mom had brought me. I thought it’s worth a shot. Heck what did I have to lose. The day I started taking it my life changed. I have yet to throw up or get sick since I began my journey. My heart burn stopped, my acid reflux was gone, and after doing taking it for just a few weeks I started to lose weight and feel healthier over all. That’s when I started to learn how it worked and how it had cleaned out the bad bacteria in my body and created the ideal environment for good bacteria to grow and flurish. My immune system was stronger than ever and I learned that a large part of my immune system starts in the guts. At first only I took the Restore. When school began and the kids started coming home with stomach bugs and catching viruses I decided to have my entire family taking Restore. I started giving it to my kids and husband twice and day and I continued to use it. We are all healthy and happy!!! Restore is the best product I have ever used. As the name says, it restored my life back to ideal healthier happiness!!! – Katrina V., Facebook 4/13/2017

I am only a few weeks into my Restore journey, yet I know that I am beginning to heal. I have Hashimotos, Epstein Barr, leaky gut. Candida and adrenal fatigue. Massive food allergies and sensitivities. I have been on a very restrictive diet and on an herbal plan for sometime. I had thw very strong suspicion that all the money I was spending on great food, supplements and even my natural thyroid tablets were just going down the drain. I tried MANY plans for anti Candida, heal the gut, starve yourself, etc. Slowly I got a bit better, but would rapidly return to ill health at the drop of a hat. I saw this product, watched as many if the YouTube videos of Dr Zach Bush as I could get my hands on. Bought my first bottle. Was sceptical about not continuing my probiotic, but after a week gave that up. Had a few side effects, took too much too soon….just want to get well!  I finally really feel like this has me on the right track. – Katie C., Facebook 10/2/2016

ION Gut Support Negative Reviews And Complaints (formerly called Restore For Gut Health)

Restore4Life charged me, but did not deliver product. I have called 3 times and left messages. No person ever answers the phone and no person ever returns phone calls. I have emailed the returns address requesting a refund on what was never delivered. Emails are not answered either. Very concerned about this company. Not responding to customers and dipping into their credit card funds. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Wanting my money back. Don’t recommend doing business with this company. – Leslie A.M., Facebook 6/20/2017

This product unfortunately made all of my tummy troubles worse! I continued it for 2 weeks thinking in the beginning it was just my system adjusting, but I actually got worse and worse over the 2 weeks. As soon as I stopped it, all of the horrible symptoms it caused stopped. I had high hopes for this product, but no such luck for myself. – Kelly M., Facebook 5/25/2016

Is There A Version For Pets?

Yes! ION Gut Support For Pets is available for your furry family members. Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, it is essentially the same product. All natural and soil derived, ION Gut Support For Pets supplement helps to defend your pets from environmental toxins and diversify their microbiome.

Will You Try ION Gut Support?

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ION Gut Support claims to be more beneficial than other probiotic or prebiotic supplements. Some users of the product say they feel better as soon as 20 minutes after taking the first dose. If you think you’re experiencing issues with your gut, you may want to test your gut before diving in. Remember to speak with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

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I have taken this product for a few years. the product description makes theoretical sense to me and hopefully does counter the damaging effects of agriculturally mutilated soil. However, short some observable impact, I am just not sure how one knows whether this is doing anything or not. Over the time I have taken it, I have had occasional gut difficulties of various types which have generally resolved with either time or modest dietary changes. Just wish there was a way to know whether this is preventing leaky gut, or otherwise providing a protective effect.

Restore has made a tremendous difference in my life. I went gluten-free due to Celiac disease and had a significant improvement in my overall health, but it wasn’t until I added Restore to the mix that I began seeing huge improvements. Without going into too much detail, after going on Restore, I was able to come off of my thyroid medication and began experiencing normal energy levels and bowel regularity (for the first time in my life). Please note that you may experience side effects in the beginning as your body returns to a healthier intestinal pH. I developed a sandpaper like rash on my neck. I emailed the Restore folks and received a prompt reply explaining that it was normal and why I was having the side effect. I encourage anyone who has questions to contact them directly as they have been unbelievably helpful. This product has improved my overall well being more than anything I’ve taken before.

Hi J.W how are you are you still taking restore? Would like to know I’m thinking of buying it. I have gluten allergy celiac and dairy allergy. I swear I have Epstein barr. I have lupus also and R.A and fibromyalgia. Did this help you at all for inflammation? Hope to hear from you

Wow! Thanks for the detailed review. This post gives me hope since I suffer from hashimoto how are you feeling on it now? Anymore benefits you noticed ? I just ordered a bottle..excited to see what it can do for me.

Hi judy how are feeling taking restore I’m thinking of buying it. I to have celiac and also dairy allergy

I have experienced severe chronic fatigue & systemic symptoms of autoimmune disease for 30 years. I was diagnosed with mixed connective disease way back then. Then the Drs suggested that I would feel better if I had the Gallbladder removed. However, after the surgery , I went down hill immediately. I have been SO very 🤢nauseated ( waves of nausea off & on daily) & with burning & spasming In the area where my gallbladder was removed those 20 years ago & then developed full scale IBS. Major Depression & Major Anxiety the seem too stem from the right gut spasming happen daily with the spasm in the gut. I read a book about disfunction of the bile ducts & pancreatic ducts after gallbladder removal experienced by a certain percentage of people following gallbladder removal. Oddi dysfunction I have not eaten Gluten or Dairy exception VERY occasionally for 30 years. I am now doing liver cleanses & Heavy Metal Detox Cleanses along with colonics. My diet consists mostly of organic vetegables – mostly frozen. I even put them in Fruit Smoothies. Fresh fruit, pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished beef & organic, pastured chicken & atlantic,wild caught salmon. Some chia seeds & go raw organic sunflower seeds & organic hemp hearts.

I am at my wits end & can barely tolerate staying alive each day. There seems to be no reprieve. However, I am seeing another functional medicine Dr soon to keep hope alive. I have every supplement known to humanity that I think are helpful in supporting anybodies body. Im going to try a Gut Support supplement like ( ION- Intelligence Of Nature) as past of a last resort. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has been desperately I’ll like I have been & has had any measure of success from a supplement like ION Intelligence Of Nature gut Support.

I have not tried this supplement, but am simply looking into it. Have you heard of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? I was diagnosed with CIRS a couple of years ago and there are hundreds of people in my support group who were miserable for years of their life as you describe, getting misdiagnosed. Once people find out they have CIRS they finally have answer. Many of your health issues sound like CIRS. Be sure that you find a Shoemaker certified doctor, though for treating CIRS. I hope you feel better soon. I know how it can feel.