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Is your elderly parent or spouse no longer able to make the trek upstairs? Or, do you have a family member who’s permanently disabled? It doesn’t mean your loved one has to move out of their home.

Instead of the added stress of moving to a one-story or out of the home altogether, consider installing a stair lift which is easier and more affordable than selling your home and/or moving.

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What Features Should You Consider?

So, what do you need to consider when shopping for a stair lift?

  • First, factor in the user’s weight and height
  • The stairway width and configuration and if there’s an existing handrail. Stair lifts come in either straight or curved models to accommodate your home’s stairway.
  • Extra features – The best stair lifts offer solid safety features such as a seat belt, footrest obstruction sensors that automatically stop the chair lift in the event something is blocking the way, battery backup for power outages and remote control, so you can call your chair to be on the landing or bottom when you need it.

Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

Unfortunately, stair chair lifts aren’t covered by Medicare, but if you need financial assistance don’t give up hope. There are several advocacy associations, including the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, that can help you find resources. It can also be helpful to contact insurance companies, government agencies and community organizations that may be of assistance.

A lot of companies around the U.S. offer refurbished lifts or lift rentals in case all you need is a temporary solution. Use our stair lift reviews as a resource if you’re considering installing one in your home.

Best Stair Lift Reviews

Below are some of the best stair lifts we have found on the market. Read the reviews below to determine which is best for your particular situation.

Best Basic Straight Stair Lift: AmeriGlide Horizon

AmeriGlideView on Amazon

AmeriGlide is one of the top manufacturers of stair lifts, and they’re known for their high quality and reliability which is why it’s the best basic straight stair lift in this stair lift comparison.

The AmeriGlide Horizon is an economical option for budget-conscious buyers. Although it’s not as feature-rich as deluxe stair lifts, it still provides a sturdy, safe and well-made option. If you can’t afford a higher end stair lift, we recommend looking into the AmeriGlide Horizon.



  • Built-in speed regulator
  • Plugs into standard outlet
  • Seat swivels 90 degrees at top of stairs
  • Custom Cut To Your Staircase
  • Seatbelt
  • Not as many features as higher-end models
  • Only charges at top and bottom of stairs
  • Warranty is limited compared to other products

Pricing And Tech Specs

  • Price:  Check Amazon for availability
  • Warranty: 3 years motor and parts; 1-year batteries
  • Up to 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Rack and pinion rail system
  • Incline from 30 to 45 degrees
  • Rail length: 14.75 feet standard; 32 feet maximum (extra cost)
  • Rail sits 5 inches from wall
  • Folded width from wall 13.6 inches
  • DC drive battery system

Best Deluxe Straight Stair Lift: Bruno Elite

Bruno Elite stairliftVisit Website

Founded in 1984, Bruno Independent Living Aids was a pioneer in developing vehicle aid lifts and continued its growth into home products. Bruno’s Elite Straight Stair Lift (Model SRE-2010) gives similar deluxe stair lifts a lot to live up to.

The Elite is full-featured, well-designed and has established itself as a stair chair lift that’s hard to beat for its price range. Safety and convenience are among Bruno’s top priorities, and the Elite delivers on both fronts.



  • Up to 400 pounds weight capacity, highest on the market
  • Charges anywhere along the rail track
  • Soft start/stop feature gives you a smooth ride
  • Footrest automatically folds up with seat
  • You can adjust the width of armrests
  • Good safety features, including obstruction sensors and seat belt
  • Wireless remote control
  • Backup battery keeps running in power outage
  • Slope capability limited to 45 degrees
  • No LED light
  • Expensive
  • Seat doesn’t swivel at bottom, only the top



Pricing And Tech Specs

  • Starting at $4,995
  • Warranty: 5 years major components; 2 years parts
  • Up to 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Rack and pinion rail system
  • Incline from 22 to 45 degrees
  • Rail length: 15 feet 9 inches or 19 feet 8 inches (dealer can cut to fit)
  • Rail sits 6 inches from wall
  • Seat height from 19 to 24-1/2 inches
  • 2 12-volt batteries

What Are The Benefits Of A Stair Lift Chair?

Check out this video about the Bruno Elite straight stair lift model to see how stair lifts can benefit your loved one.

Best Deluxe Curved Stair Lift: Hawle Treppenlifte

Visit WebsiteHawle Treppenlifte stairlift

One of the most popular stair lifts in Europe made by German manufacturer Hawle, the Treppenlifte HW10 and its outdoor counterpart HW11 are among the best curved stair lifts you’ll find. Every stair lift is custom designed for your staircase, and you get the choice of fabric, vinyl or leather seat and more than 200 colors options to match any décor.

The outdoor model’s rail consists of weather-resistant, zinc-coated steel. All of this comes with a fairly hefty price tag, but you’re getting a well-made, safe stair lift with a lot of great features for comfort and convenience. Contact the exclusive U.S. distributor, Precision Stairlifts, for information about dealers near you.



  • Indoor or outdoor option
  • 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Up to 75-degree incline
  • Emergency stop button
  • Seat is easy to adjust
  • Joystick comes standard with every unit
  • Two remote controls
  • LED light
  • Up to 180-degree curve radius on outdoor unit
  • Width of stairs must be a minimum of 30 inches
  • Rail sits out farther from wall than many other products
  • Can get expensive with added features and many curves needed

Pricing And Tech Specs

  • Must contact a dealer for pricing (curved stair lifts must be custom-made)
  • Warranty: 5 years drive train; 2 years parts
  • Up to 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Steel gear rack
  • Incline up to 75 degrees
  • Seat height from 19.88 to 22.2 inches
  • Rail length customized up to 131 feet
  • Rail sits 6.3 inches from wall
  • 2 24-volt batteries

Best Basic Curved Stair Lift: Sterling/Handicare 2000

Visit WebsiteSterling/Handicare stairlift

Sterling has a solid reputation for manufacturing excellent home support equipment, and their more budget-friendly Sterling/Handicare 2000 curved stair lift is no exception. Among its best features are its customization, ability to make steep and tight bends (even on a spiral staircase) and a generous warranty.

One downside to the HandyCare is a smaller than average weight limit at 254 pounds, but they do offer a heavy-duty version that accommodates up to 302 pounds.



  • Adjustable seat height
  • Optional perch seat for those with limited hip and knee flexibility
  • Rail sits closer to wall than most products
  • Obstruction sensors
  • Excellent warranty
  • Battery backup in case of power outage
  • Smaller weight limit than many other products
  • Only charges at top or bottom of stairs
  • Chair cushion not as padded as other models
  • Fewer color options

Pricing And Tech Specs

  • Must contact Handicare for pricing (curved stair lifts must be custom-made)
  • Warranty: lifetime guarantee on motor and gear box; 2 years parts
  • Up to 254 pounds weight capacity
  • Rack and pinion
  • Incline up to 56 degrees
  • Rail length up to 70 feet
  • Rail sits 4-1/2 inches from wall
  • 1 24-volt battery

Tired Of All Those Stairs?

In our experience with caring for the elderly or anyone in need of a stair lift, a massage can be very beneficial to those worn and aching muscles and joints. That’s why we’ve covered both the best massage chairs as well as foot massagers. Let’s face it, caring for someone else can be both mentally and physically taxing, so this may be a good time to treat yourself to some self-care.

Have you used a stair lift?

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We’ve been holding out on getting granny one of these cuz she’s such a strong independent woman (seriously you have never met a more stubborn creature). Anyways, over the holiday she took an unfortunate spill and broke her foot so the time has come to look into getting a stair lift installed. She’s so hesitant towards doing so though, not only because of the cost but because of the looks of them. However she doesn’t plan to move anytime soon and we don’t have anyone nearby that can help her up the stairs since she’s in a wheelchair now. Anyone have any tips on how they can convince older folks to make the investment!? Help!