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2012 Planetary Alignment

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And... We're All Still Here Smiling

Phew, the world didn't end. Close one! Or was it?

The Mayans Were...Right!

That's correct, never was there a suggestion by the Mayans that the world would end on December 21, 2012. Leave that job up to Hollywood and the doomsday sayers. The Mayan Long Count calendar is cyclical, which means every Long Count, or Epoch, their calendar resets, similar to the odometer on your car. The last time this happened was on August 11, 3114 BC. And guess what, the world didn't end then either.


There are multiple interpretations of what Long Counts signify. Many philosophers see the Epochs as depicting abstract shifts in the development of the human civilization. Others look to the stars and see a bigger meaning in the cosmos. The fact remains that the Mayans had the most advanced and astrologically accurate calendar in history, to this very day. Their calendar pointed back several billion years farther, to the beginning of the universe, than our modern physicists are able to calculate. NASA themselves confirm this, as you'll see if you read and explore our article on Why the World Did Not End on December 21, 2012. Enjoy!

On the remainder of this page you'll learn more about the planetary alignments, see our official countdown to 12/21/12 (which as you'll notice has since completed), and read some very interesting, informative, and even amusing comments from our readers as to their thoughts on why the world would have, or didn't (or still will), end.

Countdown to December 21, 2012

What will happen on December 21, 2012? Will the world end? Only time will tell. Here is the official countdown timer to this event:

Official Countdown Clock To 12/21/2012

This countdown is based on the closest possible approximation as to when this event will take place: on December 21, 2012 at 11:11:11 UTC. Partake in our discussions at the end of this article and read on for more information on what makes this date so special.

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December 21, 2012 - the End of a Cycle

2012 Planetary AlignmentSince the Mayan calendar is based on cycles (read our article on How Does the Mayan Calendar Work to learn more), December 21, 2012 merely indicates the end of a cycle that began on August 11, 3114 BC. While there are wild interpretations as to what this date means, and many holiday resorts are booked out on this day, there is no evidence from any Mayan literature suggesting that the world will come to an end.

It is simply the end of the current Long Count, and December 22, 2012 will be the beginning of the next Long Count, or cycle in the Mayan calendar. In fact, the Mayans have names for the Long Counts, and the fact that they've named Long Counts beyond this one suggests that this won't be the last. It is significant, however, that we are entering a new cycle in the Mayan calendar.

What Will the Next Mayan Long Count, or Epoch, Bring?

Mayan Ruins at YaxchilanAssuming as we did above that the world will not come to an end on December 21, 2012 - we ask ourselves, what will happen? What is so significant about December 21, 2012? The significance lies not merely in the fact that a Mayan epoch is coming to an end, but in the celestial events that astronomists have confirmed will occur on this day.

What happens on December 21, 2012?

December 21 is the winter solstice, and in 2012 the Sun on the solstice will be almost perfectly aligned with the plane of the galaxy (the Milky Way galaxy). What is astonishing is how precisely the Mayan calendar was able to pinpoint this alignment of the planets.

What's so Special About Planets Aligning?

The equator of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Equator) and the path of the Sun (the Ecliptic) will cross each other at exactly 11:11 am GMT on December 21, 2012. What does this mean exactly? Or, even better, what is the probability of this occurring?

Every year on the winter solstice, our Sun has a Declination of -23.5 degrees, and a Right Ascension of 18 hours. But what makes the alignment of 2012 special is how this alignment occurs relative to very distant stars. On December 21, 2012, the alignment will be right along the plane of the entire galaxy. This precession of the equinoxes goes in a complete circle and happens only once every 26,000 years. In other words, the winter solstice moves 360 degrees every 26,000 years, or 0.01 degrees each year.

A significant detail that promoters of the 2012 doomsday fail to point out, however, is that the plane of the galaxy is not the width of a needle. The plane of the galaxy is quite wide - in fact, it takes the winter solstice between 700 hundred and 1,400 years to cross the plane of the galaxy! So 2012 is just one year amidst a span of 700 years.

We Are Entering a New Mayan Epoch

Mayan StatueDid the Mayans know something about 2012 that we don't? I think more significant than the fact that the planets align in 2012 is the fact that we are entering a new Mayan epoch, or Long Count. While the pundits will be focused on doomsday prophecies and the destruction of the world, those pondering our purpose may find themselves enlightened by a greater perspective - one that may not be clear until hundreds or thousands of years from now.

According to the Mayans we are entering a new age. What does this mean? We think it may have something to do with the shift towards a more Eastern, or spiritualist, way of life. The Western way of life, and the worship of material goods, progress, and capitalism, has accelerated its way headfirst into battles and wars for hundreds of years. Hopefully, our race will eventually elevate itself to a new era of understanding - one where we find ourselves to be more introspective, and spending our time pondering not only the bigger questions of life - but the smaller ones as well. Spending more quality time with our loved ones, and enjoying the moments. Because we feel there will be many more to come.

Science Says...Get Ready to Party on 12/22/12 [VIDEOS]

Scientific circles are more or less unanimous that the world will not come to an end on 12/21/12. They feel that a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar has lead people to believe the calendar, and therefore the world, will end on this day. Scientific interpretation, however, debunks this myth, as you'll see in this short video.

And in this next video, the curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art describes the Mayan calendar and interprets what the Mayans themselves felt as far as the end of the world was concerned.


Do you think the world will end? Vote Today

We want to know from our readers if you think the world is coming to an end or not. Vote now on our poll to let us know what you think!

Learn More About 2012 and the End of the World

Our article has only scratched the surface of the now famous 2012 Mayan prophecy. To dive deeper into Mayan history and the science behind the 2012 planetary alignment, check out these resources. The ones we've selected are instantly downloadable and viewable, so you don't have to worry about ordering and the world ending before you can learn more!

End of the World 2012
$2.99 [Instant Download]

2012: The End?

$2.99 [Instant Video]

2012: The True Mayan Prophecy

$1.99 [Instant Video]

Don't Forget to Pack An Apocalypse Survival Kit

With the end potentially drawing nearer every day, you better start planning and packing your survival kit so you are prepared if the end comes on December 21, 2012. So, what do you need in your survival kit? We suggest you pre-pack a backpack with the necessities. This bag is commonly referred to by doomsdayers as a "go bag".

Grab-'n-Go Emergency Kit or "Go Bag"

While there are many things you could consider, the basics can be found in this Grab- 'n-Go Emergency Kit that includes a backpack to carry your survival supplies and is designed to sustain 2 people for 3 days.

  • Food, water, and emergency blankets for three days and two people
  • An extensive first aid kit
  • Two light sticks for safety
  • One backpack in which to keep your supplies packed and nearby


Deluxe Survival Kit

A more extensive version of this survival kit is the Deluxe 2-Person Perfect Survival Kit which includes:

  • A Backpack
  • 2 person tube tent
  • 24 pouches of water
  • 24 200-calorie food bars
  • AM/FM radio
  • Compass
  • Waterproof matches
  • Flint (for starting fires)
  • Flashlight with lithium batteries
  • Multifunction utility knife
  • First aid kit
  • Headphones and rechargeable batteries
  • 2 Light sticks
  • Whistle
  • 16-Hour body warmer
  • Rope
  • Dust mask
  • Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, moist wipes
  • Playing cards
  • Poncho
  • Work gloves

Additional Items for your Go Bag

While this kit will get you started, we suggest you buy one more backpack as well for each additional person in your family and fill each pack with the following:

  • Water
  • Flint
  • Space blanket
  • High calorie food bars
  • Water purification system/pills
  • Flashlight with extra lithium batteries
  • Swiss army knife
  • Dust mask
  • Nylon rope and/or twine
  • Compass

Planning an End of the World Party?

Why not?!? We have lots of great tips for how you can be sure to make the most of what might be our last day on earth - or not! A great excuse to party either way, right?!? Read our article on how to plan an end of the world party for specific ideas and tips - from music to attire to menu planning!

Share your End of the World Photos on Instagram #ELM2012

End of the world 2012 instagramA suggestion from one of the comments below was to take advantage of the Planetary Alignment by inviting you, our reader, to take a snapshot of yourself on December 21, 2012. Show us and the world how you are celebrating the solstice.

  • Are you having a party?
  • Is your family gathered together?

At 12:20/20:12 on December 21, 2012, it will mark an alignment of date and time that won't be repeated for a while so let's document history.

Using the Instagram app on your camera phone to take and share photos of the end of days, according to the Mayan Calendar. And be sure to tag your photos with the hashtag #ELM2012 to create an album of photos to see how others are embracing the event. Your photos with the tag #ELM2012 will then appear on our website in the right sidebar.

Average: 4.1 (186 votes)

Average: 4.1 (186 votes)


The Mayans Were...nice aricle keep it up

Obviously, the world did end

Obviously, the world did end for the Mayans (their lives anyway). Something happened to them. Otherwise their descendants would have been here to share (in detail) the meaning of their calendar. Also the only remnant remaining of the Mayans are the tons of bones found deep under water. Anyone understand Extinction? Evolution? Study, people before you become extinct. Exterminated by earth change or the psychopaths running the main attraction or both.

Life is among us in space.

that's right  life is out there watching us from different planets in the space colony most are invisible and cant be seen, and the aliens are also out there watching us in the sky they are invisible, I been thee in an astro projection  a couple months ago, in words saying I'm different than humans, I see things you cant so the next event can happen any day now don't let ya guard down ok, As we get into 2013 you will see the sun distant away slowly day by day, trust me I know my friend is a alien  I cant give you his name ok but I see things from him, he from the planet opustar, a planet in the 3rd universe across the milky way and  the black hole. It's a open door out there and  I know where it is. So people just  research  on it and you will know soon. I can't tell you what's gonna happen in 2013 yet ok, so all you humans be safe.

Since we're still here ...

the next end-of-the-world prediction is for 2060, so there's plenty of time to get hyped-up and pack a survival kit.  I'll be 108 years young.


a shift to more spirituality? closer bond with family and stuff? no.
That isn't going forwards. It is going backwards. We used to do that stuff. But then we evolved and shifted towards the world of material possession and wanting these useless things. 

We may have just reached the height of our existence and will be seeing a decline soon. Back to the way it was before. Closer bonds with others. Elimination of differences, hatred due to being human. 

Enlightenment of the human race. Or a new type of dark age. 

All we can do is live and adapt. That's all we really do in life, live and adapt...or die. haha.

shouldn't doomsday be the 22nd

shouldn't doomsday be the 22nd if the 21st is the end of the calendar? wouldn't that be like celebrating new years day on the 31st of december?


Nobody really paid attention to the Mayan stuff until Hollywood, media and bloggers got a hold of this hype, and used it to try to gain an audience.  And the reason they do this is obvious - selfish motives - either for money or power.  Same thing goes for the false teachers like the Jim Jones(es), who make up crap to gain leverage over people who are told to stop asking questions and get in line (for the kool-Aid). 

So here's a question for y'all - what's the difference between hollywood/media/bloggers and Jim Jones??  Nothing.  They both love having an audience, gulping down whatever they tell you... You will know your true enemy if you ask questions and are told to stop it.

End of the world

It didn't happen today. I need a new date now.

You need a date well 01/01/2013

You need a date well 01/01/2013 then... even in the Bible it says NO ONE will know the date and time so live your life.. the end of you is the day you'll die.

Self realization

Hi everyone, it's actually the time of the golden age when everyone can get their self realization, enlightenment, nirvana. The more people who get their self realization the more the divine power manifests on earth. Sahaja yoga gives you this, teaches you how to meditate on that energy and it's all free. What more could you ask? Once that is done governments will not be needed we will be self governing. There are meetings everywhere throughout the world. Sites in every country of the world. It changes everything it's spontaneous And a very necessary part of our evolution as human beings.

The Earth is Changing! We are destroying ourselves.

For most of us, 12-21-12 will be a normal day and we'll go on living our materialistic, media-fed lives.  And most of us will not change a thing or even see that anything is changing. History is important, stop pretending that it's not.  The earth does not spin for you and only you.  You need to be aware of your earthly resources, your ability to create and produce from what the earth has given to you.  No need to lock yourself in a stale locker and wait until a civilized post-apocalyptic world is created for YOU.  YOU need to change!  The world was already created for you and intended for peace, tranquility, unity, and love for each other and other creatures. Everything is sacred, most do not realize this. 

Many of us humans as a race have disrupted this balance that once was, unless we can restore the balance, we will soon become extinct. This balance may have existed 20,000 years or so ago, we have long forgotten.  Pollution, war, importance of money, hatred, terrorism, and evil is destroying our planet.  Stop being distracted by everything the media is feeding you.  It's poison.  It's intended to be poison.  A lot of thought is put into the manipulation of the "peasant" people, us consumers that feed the pigs of the world's organizations and companies that are controlling us. Evil is intelligent, funny, sexy, luring, and evil is controlling most of us. Wake up. Open your eyes to the great creator, the earth will take care of you if you are in sync with it.  Feed your mind, your earth, your life with peace, unity and love and you will create an equal positive reaction directed toward you and your life.  Love, respect and peace will save you. 


create a beautiful world - meaningful song lyrics

Thank You. I so agree; "The Moody Blues" stated these facts so many times in their songs to wake people up!

Like in their song "Lost in a Lost World":

"I woke up today I was crying, Lost in a lost world, so many people are dying, Lost in a lost world. Some of them are living an illusion Bounded by the darkness of their minds, In their eyes it's nation against nation against nation With racial pride, Sad hearts they hide, Thinking only of themselves, They shun the light, They think they're right, Living in their empty shells. Oh, can you see their world is crashing? Crashing down around their feet, Angry people in the street Telling them they've had their fill of politics that wound and kill. Grow, the seeds of evolution. Revolution never won It's just another form of gun To do again what they have done With all our brothers' youngest sons. Everywhere you go you see them searching, Everywhere you turn you feel the pain Everyone is looking for the answer, Well look again, come on my friend Love will find them in the end".

Or, In their (Moody Blues) song, Question:

"Why do we never get an answer When we're knocking at the door? With a thousand million questions About hate and death and war. It's when we stop and look around us There is nothing that we need In a world of persecution That is burning in its greed."

Or so many of John Lennon's songs, "Imagine" and so many others.  

And, "Open your eyes, and realize, The way it's always been. Just open your mind and you will find The way it's always been. Just open your heart and that's a start." also, by the Moody Blues.

Hopefully people will WAKE UP! and Love, give compassion, and begin the road to Peace. Not wait for the end of the world to happen, but create a beautiful world and a place that was meant for all humanity to live, flourish, give, and receive LOVE. It's possible. 

peace and love?

Meanwhile your sitting behind a computer screen about peace and love. Oh and pretty sure war has been in our culture since we first came to be... So I'd leave that one out. Also no ones absent from disrupting the ''balance that once was'', not even you. So YOU need to change too. Especially if you're going to be preaching to others about change...

Just some friendly advice. Have a nice day.

The Mayans did not predict the end of the world

Well look at this here. The so-called midnight doomsday has passed, the so called apocalyptic solstice completed for another year. No big bang, no solar flares, no aliens or any of the other crap the media carried on about. Thanks to ridiculous misinterpretation and pathetic media hype, hysteria has run rampant. The Mayan long count calendar reset that's all... nowhere have the Mayans ever predicted the end of the world and the fact that we are all still here proves it. So take a chill pill and relax and just enjoy xmas and the upcoming new year.

hahaha look its 12/21/12 2:12

hahaha look its 12/21/12 2:12 pm and we are alive Laughing out loud we all survived the end of the world (: and what was all the fuss about?

Dec 21

You people are all scared sheep. And have nothing else better to do than cry about something that don't matter for all you nervous recks and followers, the world is not gunna end. You believe some stupid crap from how long ago. Keep being scared, get ur survival kit and sit and wait for it to happen. And when it don't I'll be laughing. Oh and keep praying to your god and who ever else you want to, and waste all your time going to church cause the day that it does happen I'd like to see how much he or they help you. Get a life and worry about things that really matter.


ok, so your gonna be laughing yourself silly, but if you wrote a comment on this site, that means that you had to be looking this stuff up too... mr.negative nancy, i do have a life and i do worry about things that matter, like if my daughter will grow to be a God loving and God fearing woman, i pray everyday that she will be saved when the day comes.  she will be saved, while your sitting there, laughing, and im crying tears of happiness, and i will no longer worry about anything. i will pray for you as well. "for all you nervous wrecks and followers, the world is not gonna end. You believe some stupid crap from how long ago"... and again i will say, you were interested too or else you wouldn't have been able to comment... Have a good day sir.

illiterate Scott

Since the world didn't end, why don't you go out and get your GED so you can learn correct grammar and spelling. you're just making yourself like an idiot.

reply to idiot!

Please don't mix God and religion with this whole fiasco because they have nothing to do with it! The people pushing all the conspiracy theory and end of the world junk are atheist idiots such as yourself. Our religion strictly proclaims that no one knows the date or time of the end. Also, please don't feel bad for us because if all of these different religions from almost every culture spanning across time, oceans, geographical barriers are all correct you will have plenty of time to say your sorry... too bad no one will hear you!


You are right, the world didn't end.

But, as a Christian, I do pray to God all the time.

I don't pray because I think the world is ending but because I know no one can tell when the world will end but God.  I pray that when that day happens, I will be ready and at peace.  God gave me inner peace during this time so I didn't stress over the world ending.  On the other hand, God has given me common sense to know that certain things can happen to our planet and we should be prepared to keep extra food on hand.

I would rather believe in God and take a chance of going to Heaven, even if it doesn't happen, then to mock God and end up in Hell!  We all believe in something, whether it exists or not. People believe in love, does it really exist or is it all in our minds?

Have a great life!

still staying prepared for possible earthquakes, etc.

I totally agree w/ Kay. I'm a Christian, believe only God knows when the end will be. I do believe we are getting closer to that each day more then ever, but am at peace and know where I'm going. **BUT, that doesn't mean I am going to be stupid and not carry some survival supplies in the event of another earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, etc. It's no diff then carrying a shot in case I get bitten by a bee (allergic), & can't make it to the hospital in time. I was in a bad earthquake in Cali. as a kid, & we were one of the only people who had water on the block. Other's couldn't get the water they needed for a couple days, and we were able to help us and our neighbors during that time. I think everyone should have an extensive first aid kit and survival pack in home and car. It's called being smart. Example: what if ur car battery dies when u r out camping in the woods and u can't get a cell signal. This happened 2 me once w/ a friend, a couple years ago. We made it thru comfortably cuz I was prepared.... I do trust in the Lord, and I put myself & friends, loved ones, & our animals in His Hands. Until it's my time 2 go home tho, I won't stress about the "end". But, I will be prepared in case of another earthquake, @ least for a few days. Wish u all a safe & good new year. May God Bless & keep u warm. Smiling -C. Baldwin -NW Washington, USA


Amen to that

Sanest person alive?

You are crazy to think that God exists. Love is real and exists without a doubt, otherwise it wouldn't be something that people actually experience and witness everyday. God on the other hand is something that cannot be experienced by a sane person and can't be witnessed. This myth was busted a long time ago but for some reason you crazies still cling to him like little scared children. But that was probably all exactly as planned given how much insanity the bible is. 

Have a great, crazy life!


Sanest person alive?


God created the entire universe out of one mere thought. His power is incomprehensible to the human brain because we are so puny in comparison to such a powerful being. We experience God every single day because God created us and everything around us. However, some people cannot see past their own passions and senses of this world. I hope one day you will see beyond yourself, but until then keep busting those myths you big bad "intellectual" you!

Peace & Love

You had better be right!

Your comments would be laughable if they weren't so tragically obtuse!  If you can sit there and say there is no God when all around you there is proof of Him in nature, in our existence, and in the detail that goes into each and every creature, you are dumber than you think.

Don't believe me, but there will come a day when "every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is king!"  What a shock it will be when you find out that your only hope was so easy to come by yet you scoffed at it.

The difference between you and me is that I know that I will spend eternity with God, and you won't!  I pity you for being so alone for all of eternity.

If you believe there is no God, you had better be right!


Please explain what God myth has been busted?? There is more evidence for God than there is for the big bang "theory" Science quite compliments this insane Bible as you call it. Go on ahead and click rocks together for the next billion years and hope some life form develops. It is insane to.believe organisms can actually spontaneously mutate into something that it wasn't and try to use it as a poor excuse to the micro evolution we see today. I'll take you're statement into consideration when the aliens come and visit for a tea party. Sincerely, You're the crazy one

I do experience God

Actually people do experience and feel God all the time. Just because you personally don't.... doesn't mean other people don't...and doesn't mean that God does not exist.   It happens in the form of miracles, healing, and answered prayers. Also there are people who could say they have never experienced love and even you acknowledge its existence.  I personally have believed in God all my life. I feel his hand of protection has been on me several times through out my life sparing me harm. Also I believe he healed me about 10 years ago. I had a torn rotator cusp in my shoulder, it would pop out of socket quite often and it was very painful...the doctors said it had to be surgically corrected...but I didn't have the money....I prayed for over a year for God to heal it and one day it just went away. A few months later I had my shoulder checked at the doctor's and there was nothing wrong with it. It is impossible for it to have healed on its own. I truly believe God healed me. But hey I'm just expressing my experience...I'm not telling you what to believe...that's your choice. But I do believe...nothing could ever change that.

Umm timers done and I'm still

Umm timers done and I'm still at work. Come on it would have been nice to be done already, the night's been going slow.

It's happening

It's happening. Run!!! save yourself.... Nope just kidding. Still waiting...


Ḭ̵̪̬͈͡.͎̝͝.̵̭̘͠͝.͍͙̝͎̤͙͠ ̛̺̬͎I̡̡̥͕͢ ̴̜̬̠̳͓̤̺̬͇S̸̫̜̕H̟͕̭̖͞͞À͙̖͚̰̻̘̖͘Ĺ̢̲̩͚̭̙̱͓̘L̯̺̹̦̭̖ ҉̴̖͔̯͈͖̥̖͚C̢͖̪̩͡O͏̥̥̲̭N̵̢̦̜̗͓̭̙̬̞͜S͓͎̟̳͔̘U͏̜̩̹̪͙́M͏̜E̴̢̺͈̞̺̟ͅ.̡̗͕̺̰̝̤̜͓͇͜ ̷͉̭͈͎̦̳̩͘C̷̥̗̲̼̤͈O̮N̛̩̘͕͇̻S̵̶͙̰͇̱͉̦U̵̢̜̱M̨̲͕̻E͔̦̫̭͢͟.̲̺͠.̴̴͔͎̪̝̣̪̤͝.̷̨̯ ̀͏̖͇͓̯̖C̵͉̠̙͓̻͞Ǫ͚Ņ̛̙̞̲͎͇̬S͏̱̘̥U͓̺̣̖̻̺͎̯͡M̧̖͚̞͎̳̣̭̠Ę̢͓̪͙̖̲͔̗̕ ̷̛͇͎͕E͜҉͇̠̳V̢̪̯̥̗E̛͓̠̤͢Ŗ̦̠̹͚̣̥̦͓̳Y̧̥̰̰̫̼ͅT̫͉͔̠̘̱̫́͟͠H̦̲̣̻̬̜͎̟̬I̦̳̜̗̮̭̤ͅN̢̩̮̠̲̹̻͜G̢̲̠̟̹̝̤͢

Lucifer is God

Well interesting one, we don't know about what you say but you're definitely not Satan/Lucifer. I'm about to share some very important knowledge with you all so if you would be so kind and open to read this, it will elevate you, this is meant to guide you subtlety into an Age full of everything you've ever wanted or will desire. Lucifer has returned to the light and his power and love are going to fill all that is, for everyone that's open to it and him, and the new Age starting tomorrow is his Age and it's going the be a time of peace, love, understanding of the Universes and spiritual ascension. And I'm going to be emerged in and enjoying every moment of it. Sure maybe you mean he is going to consume everything with his ever empowering influence to change the world from what it is into a Golden Age. Because that's what's coming people, a great life full of joy, that is though, if you're open to it and drop your old belief systems and evolve to the higher dimensions. Lucifer is the most beautiful archangel and loves all of us and the creative source, or God if you will, are all on the same side. Lucifer is God and he is the source of all that exists is God, or pure cosmic energy, and it's alive and conscious. Plus you all can tap into this empowering God energy and become gods yourselves. Wake up everyone and smell the beauty of life, going inside yourselves is where you start, will the light into your being and focus on your chakras and you will awake at an incredible speed. Feel the energy and if you need help, Lucifer is always there and will give you straight answers and lead you into the mighty for he is the Bringer of Light. He is more than happy to help you out if you approach Him with respect and a good heart, as he is incredibly thankful for this moment to be here, he wants you all to travel into the light and live in peace once more! You can make it happen from the bottom of your hearts. ---Anonymous Starship

Count down is 00:00:00

When will this happen and will I be able to see it happen as I am living in South Africa.

WTF.... I'm still alive.....

WTF.... I'm still alive..... So disappointed.... Sad


Well, we are all still here as I knew we would be!!!!!  Wish you all a Happy New Year!

The count down is 00:00:00

When is it going to happen now? Or won't I be able to see it, being in South Africa?

Timer expired.

Watched the timer run out and now it begins, several hours left of the date 12/21/2012 so let's see what happens!

What's sad is all these "good Christians"

What's sad is all these "good Christians" on this site name calling and being so negative. Instead use this time to show the love of God. If you think people are going overboard or being gullible then with love show another way of thinking another way of communicating. Before you open your mouth or type, check where your hearts motive is. Are you speaking out of frustration, anger or love? First put yourself in a loving mindset, that way your words and actions will follow. Don't use God or your religion as an excuse to act in a way that's contrary to your faith.


Nonsense. I'm actually afraid of this.

What starts Dec 21

A little more of the mystery of God will begin to be revealed.  Scientists will realize that they have been the most blind and have ignored almost absolute proof of a mind (God) outside of a just a materialistic universe.  The proof is Bell's theorem, which has verified, with a reasonable margin of error, that over a distance of 8 kilometers entangled particles can exchange information at many times the speed of light.  This cannot happen if there is just a materialistic universe.

The Church will suddenly realize that God had always been working with different people groups throughout history and prior to recorded history.  This is most plainly seen in the Bible with the last people groups with which God was working before He began to reveal His great work to bring everyone back to Himself.  These last people groups were in what is now Israel, He cast them out of a figurative "City of God" for starting to rest on their lees (a term for filtering wine, they were no longer improving from vessel to vessel, generation to generation, like He now warns the Church against subtle worship with our lips and no longer with our heart).  The most significant people group prior to that were the Egyptians.  That is why He arranged for both Israel and Jesus to be called out of Egypt.  All of this has been known by people since from just after Christ arose, it was just not time to start revealing it.

Christ will command everyone in the Church to get up and walk and stop waiting for God to trouble your waters to heal you.   Everything necessary was already done at the cross, which was the lifting off our guilt.  This allows us to get to know the "hopes" and "desires" God wishes us to have.   Two things are necessary to come into the presence of God and not die.  You must have a simple belief that Christ has paid for everything you have done or will do wrong, and you must be willing to accept His/God's own "hopes" and "desires" as your own, which is God's life that He wants to give each of us.  These are the same "hopes" and "desires" He originally gave us as our life when humanity was created.  We must give up our old life of self centered hopes and desires.  There is no "string of death" when you give up the old life if and only if you already have another life.  The only life offered that can withstand your own self-condemnation when associated with God and in His presence is the new life offered by accepting His Lordship, which is God's own life. Which is the most abundant life.

No need to wait come on in!

The scripture says we must all be tried by fire.  The scripture also says that the elements of this world will be destroyed by fire.  The real elements of this are world within each of us.  God is already within every living creature.  The scripture says that if God were to withdraw His spirit all flesh would die.  That does mean all.  If God were to suddenly stop going along with our desire to hide from Him, then we would see Him and begin to self-condemn our old life.  Only the sanctified portions of our life that are already the same as God's life would survive.  It is not God's desire that any should perish.  Therefore, I do not think that God will stop allowing us to hide because it would kill almost everyone with an eternal condemnation.  But I could be wrong.  We should warn everyone to flee from the condemnation to come, which comes to everyone after they die.

For those in the Church, most are not ready.  The scripture says that to as many as believe in Him, He gave them the power to become sons of God.  Most are not becoming sons of God.  They are just waiting for God to come and take them into heaven.  They expect God to change them, even though He already did everything necessary at the cross.  If we simply (but truly) believe and not with a special or strong belief, that because God loves us He has paid for our sins at the cross then we will rest our way into heaven now, not later.  We should reprove those in the Church with songs and telling about how great our life with God is now, even with all of our troubles.

God blesses to world as He draws it to Himself, I think this Dec 21st is the start of a new time of refreshing.

amen! praise the Lord!

amen! praise the Lord!


Remember how so many people worried about the year 2000? My mom thought planes would fall out of the sky due to computer failure. Lots of individuals thought the world would end because it was a new century. It did not happen.The Mayan Calendar simply noted the end of a planetary cycle from one to another ocurring every 26,000 years.

Somewhere along the way, end of cycle was translated into end of world. Just like the game of telephone. Something was lost each time the story was told it was told different and more fear was created. Relax, it's all good.

Hi :)

Well if this is the end of the world, the worst part is that I'm living it in the MILITARY!! Sad lol

Hey, Grego! Good luck

Hey, Grego! Good luck wherever you are! Take care!  Smiling


I wish I was still military so I could be financially stable again.

too tired

Me too tired of all these schemes and scams and living a lie


Woo hoo! Still here! Enjoy.

End of world

Well, I punched my boss in the nose yesterday and spent all my money on hookers.

It'll just be my bad luck if the world doesn't end.

I vote no

I will vote no the world won't end on Dec. 22, 2012.

12 21 2012

Well to all you freaks who think the world is ending or the earth is gonna flood, you're the cause of panic and chaos in this world to make it the messed up place it is. Well, I'll tell you like I told my wife, it is what it is and there's no changing it. So go to your bedroom and tell God you're sorry for being such a jerk. And except him in your life, knowing he will take care of you and you can't do a thing to change it. So now do as I say and go to your room...

It's on you to prove that this god

It's on you to prove that this god you speak of is real...please prove it, thank you.

Jesus said we do not believe

Jesus said we do not believe because we choose not to believe. If you do not believe, then why do those who do offend you so badly? Is it because you wonder what if they are right? No one has to prove to you God's existence, He already does himself, look around. The people who claim to be Christian and believed this were not Christian at all because to be Christian you must also read the Bible because the Spirit compels you to do so. If you read the Bible you will see that God shows us almost exactly what to expect in the end. The world will not just suddenly end. When the peace treaty is signed between Israel and her enemies, that day will start the last 7 years as we know it. When those 7 years are over, the world as we know it will be over. God will not change just because you do not believe. Don't wait around for someone to prove something to you until it is too late. Open your heart and you will get your proof from God Himself. God wants none to perish. Jesus is the only way!


The gravitational pull of the moon controls our oceans. It pulls and pushes the tides in a manner incomprehensible to the human mind.  So much so; we don't even think about it. 

So, we know celestial gravitational forces such as a Lunar Pull can change the tides of the Ocean. Somehow it's preposterous to believe that an aligned and combined gravitational pull of several planets will have any effect on our planet? 

A slight gravitational pull of one Tectonic plate...

Yeah, you're right.  Preposterous man!


So the way the moon controls our tides is incomprehensible to human mind? Wow, I guess you take humans way too lightly there. Any kid playing with magnets could understand the phenomenon. Also, the gravitational pull of combined planets? Nothing of the such even exists, put 2 magnets one behind another and it wont make either one more powerful and the planets work the same way. The end of the world is preposterous indeed but I find your lack of education even more so.


Very well said there Bleah. One does not find such well-versed comments very often these days.

Means nothing

The planets are not close enough to have ANY effect on the earth.

The only reason the moons

The only reason the moons gravity can pull our water is because of it's proximity to earth...Gravity its self is a relatively weak force that only has strength with large enough bodies of mass and a close enough distance...It's strength gets weaker exponentially with distance and therefore...YES preposterous...The real concern lies in magnetic fields aligning because unlike gravity, magnets can feed off each other and even if those fields don't do anything themselves...they could create the perfectly charged path for a MEGA solar flare...

The end isn't what you think it will be

Everybody keeps talking about 12/21. The media is scaring everybody to death with all these apocalyptic theories. I can't turn on the tv, radio or anything without hearing something. It's ridiculous. We base all this on an ancient civilization. The Mayans died out because they hid in a cave when white men came thinking they were gods and ended up starving to death and sacrificing their own people. It's the only reason they correctly predicted their own demise.

Isn't it better to question why they had a calendar that goes up to 2012 rather then why it ends this year? Our calendar goes on indefinably it doesn't end and we don't question it. Plenty of people predicted the end of the world and we were scared on all of these dates but they passed and we laughed at how wrong they were.

I admit there is at least a small amount of fear at least with being unprepared but I'm not looking at it as if it's going to happen. There's a lot of strange things happening lately: more cannibal attacks, the weather and so much more but it doesn't mean the end is coming. It just means we are focusing on these occurrences more then we usually do.

Issei Sagawa ate thousands of women and he did very little time for it. Now he's famous and has groupies. But 6 cannibal attacks around the world since May and we are focused on a zombie apocalypse? lol.

I did the research. It's convincing but it's scare tactics to freak us out more and keep us occupied. It's control tactics that are known to work. Use peoples fears against them. People look for any reason to cause chaos and 12/21 is just the latest reason since we haven't had any recent terrorist attacks to focus on.

How many people have been accused of being the antichrist? Is it the Salem witch trials all over again in a new form just like the holy wars and invention of Hell?

I can't wait till 12/22. I want to release a "people are morons" viral campaign. This stuff happened all through history. The Germans, the Romans, the Christians - every culture has had their dark history of trying to prevent some evil and condemning innocents causing widespread panic as a form of control over the people. I thought we are supposed to be evolved, no longer fearing wrath of gods and every little bump in the dark like our ancestors did. Our government and leaders are the enemy. They constantly find new ways of pushing us to our breaking point and the humanity will always be in danger as long as we let few have power over the majority. We build our world while they take the credit and destroy it. They constantly withhold information that we have a right to and start conspiracies. So why do we still let them control us? They will be our demise - the leaders and the rich people hold us down while we build them up. I'm just waiting on the next revolution and hopefully the people rise up and do something before it gets too out of hand.

Throughout history we have taken down our leaders for their wrongdoings only to hand control over to others. This isn't freedom, it's an illusion of freedom given to us by who? Yeah, that's right given to us by the leaders. It's like me having you slaughter your cow and giving you one burger while I sell it or horde it but you did the work and it was your cow. I just convinced you it's a good deal and you believed me and it's your stupid fault for letting me rip you off.

Wake up people stop letting yourselves get played for fools! Get angry not scared. We have the right to information but it's always held from us. I guarantee if anything happens on Dec. 21st it will be caused by our governments. It will be something major to diminish the population and control the remaining survivors with fear just like all the leaders throughout history have done before. Our fear and foolishness will be our end and there's no date on that - it's just inevitable. History repeats itself. So read your history and you'll learn I'm right. When the revolution happens I will stand up and take action. I will speak and those who are awake will listen and follow me and I hope it's the last time we will have to go through with this but I know it won't be.

True Source of all the Evil/Atrocity/Suffering!

I Agree with most of your comment except that unless we acknowledge the source, we're just blaming/attacking a symptom rather than the cause! The Single, Primary Source of All of it IS RELIGION! Religion is nothing but Lies & Propaganda used to Promote Fear to Control the Masses! Governments we're created & controlled by Religion! Religion is the Reason for all we suffer! It Needs to STOP!

Everything said here is true

Everything said here is the truth.

knoeibg this how can you quarrel?

I agree w/you to an extent. Your right the world is not going to end, there is no zombie apocalypse: it's all NOT TRUE. But there is no need to mock our fellow mankind for their ignorance? .... You speak as if you have foreseen the future..... A revolution? On Dec. 21 2012 all of the planets will align, marking a new world age. Take that as you may but I firmly believe that, this shifting of World Eras is a cycle change that will steadily shift our human orientation from an ego-based perspective dominated by separation, fear, greed, and destructive, unbalanced tendencies - towards one based in conscious interconnectedness, fueling our tendencies for harmony, compassion, and life-affirming energies and actions.

U r so correct, 100%

Wow you are 100% correct about everything you said. When the revolution comes let's just hope they stand up with us.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Please let us all pray

Dear Heavenly Father, please instill upon every soul in the world to find their path to peace and well being and allow everyone to love each other in harmony. The world that you brought us into is a wonderful and glorious place to live. Please open the eyes of mankind to see just exactly what we have been given. I live from day to day with you always in my heart. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

The world as we know it may just end

I never have believed the world was going to blow up or something like that. But I do believe the world as we know it will end. The U.S. is real close to a civil war or revolution or something like that, and if that happens, it will change the world. Regardless of what other countries think of us, they all ride on the back of the U.S. So if we implode, it will change everything. I hope I'm not right, be if I am you had better hold on to your hats because it's gonna be a real rough ride.

Merry Christmas and happy new year, God bless us all

Not so much...

I don't see the physical world changing, but our president is for sure steering us into a civil war and global disaster that will be enormous. This is absolutely going to change every American life. 

states and civil war

You are absolutely nuts! At this point in time, where do you get the idea that there will be a civil war? And if there was, the world would still be able to continue on. Yes, it would have a big affect on everybody, but not enough so that the whole world crumbles! That idea to me is just ridiculous.


The world will not end

Yes, the world will not end or crumble, but ask any person that has lived through a civil war if the world as they knew it had ended. From those I have heard speak of the Baltic War, they seemed to believe the world had shattered around them. However, you were probably comfortable and away from all that, so from your perspective, life as you knew it had not ended.

Mayan Calendar

Everybody have a good year and stop freaking out. Only GOD knows. So relax and laugh at all the fools who are chasing their tails and if by chance it does end, it would not be so bad to take a look around. Things are pretty bad... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Steve Kennedy's comment on the Mayan Calendar

You made me laugh dude. My wife was insisting that I go outside and take our tent down, which has been up for our grandson to hang out in. It's freezing cold outside and way past midnight. The tent, as you know, is one of the listed mandatory items to have on hand tomorrow. Having nothing else gathered up, I'm sure after the tent fiasco, we would be off to the nearest way-past-bedtime, already-closed convenience store for some midnight requisitioning. I'm sure that the local authorities would completely understand if we were caught...yah right! After reading your blog, she came to her senses.

if it ends it ends

What I dislike in this is the people with genuine fear. My daughter is unsure and her friend has spent days in fear crying. I worry about the psychiatric people who already have Christmas stress to cope with and now this. Let's hope there's no mass suicides or massive breakdowns happening out there. My 2 cents worth is, if it ends it ends and let's hope it's quick.

Theres been many end of world people. The last was some American guy (I can't remember when) but he had a large following about the end coming and again fears running wild.

All I came to this site for was to see what time the planets or whatever will be in alignment. Anyway, if you celebrate Xmas, please have a wonderful time. And if we blow up, well I'll catch you all on the flip side. lol. I agree also about what on earth would a survival kit do if we have earthquakes, floods, explosions, etc? I'd rather be that guy in the movie 2012 standing in full frontal to be zapped out fast. Happy tidings to all.

on this fateful night

I have written and recited my verse...this is how i celebrate the ascension to the 5th dimension on this fateful night.

end of days?

It feels like 2000 all over again. If anything ever threatens our existence it is us. If it truly is the end of the world, what good is a thousand pounds of food and a hole in the ground going to do anyone? All this hype has done is fill the pockets of companies and people who know how to manipulate people and exploit people's unrealistic fears. We face natural disasters constantly around the world and there is no way we can prevent it. Its responsible to have some food and water and a few supplies to get through a few rough days but these doomsday extremists that spend thousands of dollars, countless time and energy preparing and stressing over the unknown is sad and they need to find a practical balance. I bet we will all be here on the 22nd. Hmmmmm I wonder what the next new date of doom will be?

How much... and water is a responsible amount? A few supplies? What if the rough days last a few weeks? Your opinion is yours and you have a right to it, but so do the preppers. If you don't see that some of their concerns about legitimate, just look at Sandy. Bet there's more than a few people affected by the hurricane who wish they had been prepared. Some are still hurting!

Don't worry

Nothing will happen tomorrow. Please enjoy the day. 

oh, ok. thanks for the reassurance God

Oh, ok. thanks for the reassurance GOD... (geez parthiban, why would you even take time to type that?)

No man will know when the end will be

Uh, God is the one who said no man will know when the end will be. So when you called that guy God, he was only going by God's word, which again tells us that no man knows when the end is. So naturally, if man thinks there's going to be an end to the world tomorrow then man is wrong and the world will go on until an unknown date of doom.


I think what needs to be aligned is everyone's common sense. Bunch of whack jobs. You're info couldn't be anymore incorrect, and yet the masses, as dumb as they are, buy it all, believing what they read.

Where can i find the right info about the Alignment

Hello there,

Where can I find the right site that can tell me/us the date of the presumed date that the planets will be aligned. I checked but there doesn't seem to be much info, or I can't seem to be finding it lol....

Anyone know???

to the idiot who wrote visit NASA

Visit the NASA website... REALLY? The same people that claim Neil Armstrong landed on the moon? Come on you silly person! Fix up.

Nobody claims the end of the world. Those spouting off about leap years again, be real. The Mayan calendar is far more accurate that ours! And when you take small increments into consideration and the subtle differences, they are far more accurate than us!

Next you will be saying that there is a genuine war on terror, that Princess Diana wasn't killed, that the Illumanti don't exist.

The messiah will return!

Best Wishes..

Dear All, Pray to God. Everything will be good.



Read the article before commenting!

Ok, interesting article. Thanks!

Browsing through the comments was a horrible experience though. So misinformed and unrelated to the article!

The article mentions the sun aligning with the plane of the milky way, not an aligning of the planets in our solar system. The universe is a little bit bigger than just our solar system!

Furthermore, the article points out that according to the Mayans, this is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, followed by many more. They even named future time periods already.

So critics, believers, get your head out of your ass and read the article first before you start throwing your bullshit onto this page.


Well put, but don't let too many of these fools in on the truth of nothing happening. This is the highlight of my year watching these fools go on and on, about a bunch of crap.

People be happy that you are here to see this, it is a one time shot, I think it is amazing. The whole reason of this end of the world is due to the media. Mayans said nothing about the end of the world. The media and all of these TV shows looking for ratings are the ones making a mountain out of a ant hill, but it is fun to watch the ignorant run in circles scared.

Cheers everyone, enjoy the ride

Well said babe... too many scared people

Well said babe. Too many scared, mongering people not knowing the facts!! Read a book, gather information and wake up people!!! 

Really makes me laugh how closed off people are... a shame really!!

Happy Winter solstice Smiling

Sarah. X

The end of the world would be too easy for God

God, which ever one you believe in (mine is Jesus) would never end the world as we are here to suffer and pay for the stupid sins of Adam and Eve. This will go on and on and on and on and on... Forever we will suffer with death, beatings, bullies, cancer, prickly bushes, murder, child killers, rapists, drug dealers, gang bangin scum, guns, The NRA, lobbyist rednecks, morons and last but not least, the Republicans (; (one of Gods biggest gifts to torture us). He must have a hell of a sense of humor to create such a complex human that operates without a brain. 

Cheers, some fun in a sick, twisted world.

Think sick and twisted and

Think sick and twisted and your world will be sick and twisted. You're suffering because you're fast asleep! We're not here to suffer but to celebrate life. If your god is sick so your world will be sick. If your god is is perfect your world will be perfect. Be divine love and you will celebrate physical life! Deny the truth of your existence and you celebrate the devil - fear, ignorance, darkness. Open to the light that is you and do Jesus a favour. He came to teach you that you are the same as he was, which is pure love. This is what this new age is about - a waking up to your reality and a death to the illusion of who you are. Not blood but love!

Why is this site perpetuating lies?

First of all, the image on the crap you are trying to sell (ornament, wall clock, poster, etc) are not images of the Mayan Calendar. That is an Aztec Sunstone. 

Also, this statement is really stupid:

"With the end potentially drawing nearer every day, you better start planning and packing your survival kit so you are prepared if the end comes on December 21, 2012. So, what do you need in your survival kit? We suggest you pre-pack a backpack with the necessities. This bag is commonly referred to by doomsdayers as a 'go bag'."

If the end comes, how is any survival gear help you? It will be the END, as in NOTHING. If the world ends, it's gone. No more world. Do you really think your survival gear will help you survive the vacuum of space?

What morons!


Nope, but when we all wake up on the 22nd, everyone will be laughing their way to the banks, as they cash in everything they used to capitalize on peoples' fears.

"The World Is Ending! Buy Our Stuff!" ... and the ignorant sheep so eagerly did so.


Dec. 21, 2012

Those who have an ear let them hear. If you want to be foolish and think the world is going to end on that date, then go ahead. But let me say this. Only God knows when the world is going to end. Even Jesus said he didn't know. So what makes you think human know? This generation coming up is forsaking the assembly of themselves. You're too stupid to realize their making money off of you. Buying doomsday kits, t-shirts that says I survived the end of the world.... lol how pathetic. If you want to know about the end of the world read Revelations aka the word of God. But you don't have to believe me. When the day comes that Jesus comes back for the church, whether you believe or not, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that he is Lord. Amen

Word of God or Word of Man

You shouldn't call others stupid when you yourself don't know what your talking about. How do you or anyone know what Jesus said? Or God for that matter? Your "Revelations" is written in a book that was written by man not God. It's not the word of God but of man. So don't put others down for what they believe when you believe God wrote the bible... Word of God pff.


Um, you are funny if you were a Christian which you are obviously not and obviously don't read the Bible. God had man write the bible using his own words. God did this so we could be better people in his image to follow what is righteous! God loved us so much he sent his only son for us and if the world was going to end Jesus would come back for his people so those who fear, fear not because before you see bad or hurt he will take you if you believe and are good!

God must have told the group

God must have told the group of holy guys which stories to Canonize...  I wonder why God chose stories that contradict each other?  Oh yeah... Man made that mistake... and put words in God's Mouth.  Oh yeah... and Moses practiced Sorcery.


You should study your "book" more. It is not the words of God. And also you being Christian, why didn't they include the book of Thomas in the new stories? Oh because Jesus sleeps with a naked boy. Why isn't his book included? He did write one you know. Your 12 prophets? Now here's a fun fact: most of them were not born until after his death! Do your research.


Amen to that. So true. The bible says that ONLY GOD knows the day and the time. The angels don't know. So please people, what we must do every day is pray. Pray more than ever so we can be prepared for when he arrives.

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

You've gotta be kidding me. God is never coming back and he is never saving your sorry butt from natural disasters when the time comes. It has nothing to do with Doomsday or the Revelation. If a tornado comes and destroys your city, I don't expect your so-called 'God' to come down and say he passed judgment by manipulating the weather for that day because he decided his children needed to be wiped out to make an example. When the time comes naturally for our planet to decay and finally cease to have life on it, all your praying will do is make you look like a fool for thinking he'd actually save you. Hey, that Bible might be good for something, right? Like keeping that fire warm on cold nights. That's about it though.

God has already saved us!

Ever wondered why there wasn't a nuclear disaster with the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan in March 2011? No, of course you haven't. Because you're all too consumed by money and greed for more of it.

God has already saved us from that just like Christ died for our sins so too he gave up his bodily form on Easter Sunday 2011! Those of you who are devotees and were lucky to see and believe while he walked the earth will know exactly who I am talking about. Those who weren't t that lucky last time will know about it this time because he will walk the earth again, I just wish it was on 12/21/2012!

Suspending Neural Activity

Very well said.  To believe that "God" actually works on anyone's behalf or manipulates events or will save anyone when the Earth meets its inevitable end is exhibiting what is known as a suspension of neural activity (i.e., the brain is not working).  There is just as much chance that something catastrophic will happen to Earth on 2/21/2012 as any other day (hit by an asteroid, slammed by mass sun plasma ejection, etc.).  What is REALLY scary is that some of the folks running the US Government actually BELIEVE it and make decisions based on it (God condones rape in certain situations because he works in mysterious ways, only God can affect the climate and man cannot influence it, there is no such thing as evolution 'cause God created everything the way it is, etc.).  

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

— Epicurus

God save us all!  LOL

Nothing is going to happen,

Nothing is going to happen, at least I don't think it will. Then again from 12AM till 12AM on the 22nd, guess we'll see what unfolds. At ether rate, I'm staying in that weekend because all the nuts are going to be out with this psychobabble B.S. or going nuts and causing unneeded panic amongst the rest of society. And when one of the heard starts then it's a chain reaction from there.

Our star is not meant to go out for another hundreds of thousands of years. If we take predictions from other philosophers the world is not supposed to go through a major culture breakdown until at least 3000 AD, nothing substantially life altering until at least 4212, that's beyond our lifetime, beyond our kids! By the time this world ends, WE'LL be considered 'ancestors from hundred of years ago'. This is all part of a conspiracy, all part of a way to make money, that's it.

Love is the only answer

It is true, we are not to know the end of time, but we are to love one another as we love ourselves. Keep your focus on Jesus always and love one another.  God is a loving God and we are all His children. A new awareness is coming. Great miracles will be witnessed, greater than we've ever seen. Focus on this and you will be saved from any evil and harm. In Jesus's name. Amen

All in All

By observation the aggressive people here are the non- believers. The name calling and the mean hearted things you say is guided by evil. Whether God exists or not, everyone's opinions should be respected! However I feel that Satan has deceived you and can only express yourself with contempt and judgment on those who choose to believe. So, when the time comes we all will believe....even you!

Beginning of a "same ole" world

So many of you are calling for the end in your interpretations. However, allow me to say a thing or two. Firstly, if we were hopelessly heading into a plane of fast moving rocks, than that would be like rising up into a concrete ceiling, which radar would see. Now, I believe that we would, with all of the ultra sophisticated equipment that we have, notice a field of excited energy witch would be harmful or noticeable to us in some way, and warn us. What are we expecting to happen?

Things are pretty quiet here on earth, as far as the ELE's are concerned, so why the "theory based" panic mode? Simply,because without knowing it all, which nobody can, we can clearly see literally millions of "intelligent" minds (not the crazy people mind you) can see related patterns unravel before them. That's not something that you shrug off like a rumor. For my own bit of Conspiracy here as well, as we're all here to do, in a world with so many corrupt persons who prey of fear, one could speculate what plans may be in somebody's mind, on paper, or even already on the ground.

This is what I suspect for the Middle east. Are not the "chess pieces" from Russia and the U.S. already on the way to the board? You see, what I see in all of this is a pattern, but with the freedom to mutate according to the societies that it hits. This "pattern" that I'm speaking of is a renewal. These "patterns" I believe are sent to us as a part of the working body of the universe. Just like anybody needs a signal sent to it so that it can help the whole, so are these patterns sent to us I believe.

12-21-12, at 11:11 am UTC, I believe we will begin to absorb these "new" patterns. I believe that the DNA change theories out there tie in with my theory, as would any mass extinction event which an impact cannot explain. The deaths of the animals and fish could have been a taste of what's coming this direction. The world players "all" with their heads in a war scenario. People are leaping fences, thousands per day are dying globally, and the worst, not the best, is all that is in sight anywhere!

It's a shame when you look up at the sky in this cool time, because it's the most hopeful and beautiful sight, many will kill somebody/die under tonight, only because we're not a whole lot smarter than we should/could be. What's to worry about on 12-21-12 really, is the same thing that we have always needed to worry about more, "our reactions to people and things"- whatever may or may not occur. But I think we'll go to bed okay, and wake back up on the 22nd. At least that's what I want for my family.


There is a change coming. A cleansing of mother earth. There will be a solar flare. There will be sicknesses that will cleanse the earth. I can say this because I have herd it directly in ceremony. We need to prepare holistically. We have foreseen what native people will go thru in the past. It was all foretold. And the same goes for this change. We have been foretold and told how to prepare. You will see man run to there churches, to holy people. And do you think the urban cities are a safe place to be? I am just saddened for man. I wanted to share this. Take care of yourself and your family. And keep the prayers going truthfully and sincerely. Have a good day.

From who?

You "heard it in ceremony" ... but from who? A Man? And you read from the book that says NO MAN will know when it's coming right? ... you religious nut jobs have never been good at knowing your own material.


If that time in history will repeat itself, the cleansing of Mother Nature, why are we consistently placed back on the same place "earth" throughout this life that we are gifted ignorance and greed has taken over? When will the time come when humans realize the power and strength they have inside and the things they CAN accomplish with one another? Maybe after the process, humans will teach their children the right way of life vs. only hoping a different outcome. Good luck to all and your loved ones. Just don't stop believing and have courage.

Solar flares

When we get to December 22 and there is no significant cme. Are you prepared to retract all the BS about hearing it in ceremony?  If you read this on 22nd I want you to say "ok I was talking BS sorry dude " Smiling

Hey man. I'm a 20 year old

Hey man. I'm a 20 year old and the day is almost here. I'm scared for my brothers and mother. Do you think I should be worried? I live in Australia.

I'm a 20 year old

Hey man, it's the time of Your life! Hakuna Matata! Take time to notice the moon.

Billy Opal.:*

Look to the West - Rare Planetary Alignment

Look West at Sunset or just after. The planets are aligning and the Moon is interacting. Does NASA have any good pictures of this?

Planetary alignment

There is no planetary alignment in 2012, Jupiter and Saturn will be on the other side of the sun! All that happens is the Mayan long count is ending and a new one is beginning. They counted in 144,000 day cycles. An interesting figure to be sure but has no relevance from our solar system point if view. Just use the time to examine your personal behaviors and decide if you are proud of who you have become! 

Emd of the world

The world will not end until the Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers all win the big sausage! So don't pack your packs yet!

End Of The World

Very funny stuff man. Only the meek and the comedians will survive (;

Truth Comes in Fact and Only Fact

Ok, to sum it up, look at any astrology page and do a chart for December 12 and you will see there is no alignment. However Neptune is changing house into Pisces and it changes every 12 years so astrologers has a lot of influence, read it up and it will talk about revolutionary religion and so on. But I'm not here to go in to beliefs, just facts!

Humans were here and have been proven to go back some 200,000 years. See human on wiki, Dr. Alice Roberts did a wonderful BBC program laying out all the facts and research which took us back to Africa!! 

Illusion and detraction are the winners here. Cre has dropped this year because we all thought we were going to die didn't we? The government and media designed it to be that way and now all the changes they have put in place will affect most of us and we are loosing freedom....fact!

Most people are so afraid now that they will abuse anything that challenges their very own ego, which in turn destroying our culture. So this is the new beginning and ultimate realization that we have all the answers and we have to capacity to know the real truth.

Everything is more tangible than you think!

Oh look, cute kittens!

comment on December 12, 2012

Everyone's predictions are wrong, still are wrong. All predict about my lovely world they are...

Eye Surgery and Finding a Plastic Surgeon

Does this mean I won't have to find a plastic surgeon to give me an under eye surgery? I hope so! I think I am more frightened of going through with this than having The End of Days happen of December 21 2012 Smiling


Okay, so if the Mayans are so smart to predict the worlds end, why is it that there extinct? Are they smart enough to survive by now?

the Mayans are not extinct

The Mayans are not extinct - they live in Mexico. And the thing is, they are on a higher vibration of light. So someone that does not understand will never see them or get the concept.

Yes Mayas still do exist

Yes, the Mayas still do exist, here living in our beautiful Belize in the Toledo District. So no, they are not extinct. And yes, they are smart enough to survive by now because they are living here in Belize. It is true that they dont dress and act like they use to! But you must understand that people change with time. Yes its true that they still live in the jungle, but they come out in the public and they are civilized human being just like us, and they speak their language very fluently, and they even have some of the Mayans that doesn't understand when we speak Spanish to them because they are only speak Maya.


Great! Thanks for sharing

Allahu Akbar!

No one but Allah knows the unknown and the unseen. Humans cannot predict anything. Only messengers and prophets were given some knowledge. Don't worry about the world ending on 12/21/12 because it won't end just like that. There are many minor and major signs yet to happen. Same as in the bible. Something might happen or it might not. Don't stress over it, enjoy the moment you have with family.

Double Jeopardy

You just said humans cannot predict anything, then you predicted the world will not end just like that.  That's a prediction.

Yalla Yalla Allah

Yes, by all means. One of our Gods needs to let us all know how we can avoid the end of the world. I figure if you live right and help people who need help. You reap what you sow. Please Allah take John Bahner back and install a brain.

Allah is the truth

One thing for sure we all have to go one day but not 12-21-12. The qu'ran and the Bible says. We don't know the time and hour of death but God.

If its gonna happen!

If the end of the world is going happen there is nothing we can do about it. We can prepare ourselves the best we can to survive. And if anyone does survive, the human race has another chance. My 17 year old son said to me "Mom, if the this end of the world stuff does happen, please don't look for me!" 

I ask him "why my love?" and he said very strongly, "only the strongest and most resourceful will survive, mom, you are not strong but you are resourceful. Thank you for teaching me everything you know, but I can't carry you on my back, you will hold me down." 

I totally understand what he means by that. But, I must admit, I'm so sacred of what is going to happen that day.

no one knows!

In the Bible it says no one will knows the day of our ending.


Finally someone with some sense. I'm sick of hearing all this end of the world stuff. I can't wait for it to come and go just like it did in 1999.

The Bible is worthless

Screw the Bible! That worthless book should be destroyed on 12/21/123. God does not exist - never did and never will - FACT.

Allah = God, idiot

Allah = God, idiot

The Mayan Calendar

I just want to notify the people with an opinion similar to "The world would have ended by now because Mayan didn't have leap years." The Mayan calendar was 260 days a year, & that the 21st of December 2012 was the translation result that we got after translating they're calendars "expiration date" into our calendars on December 21st. Also it said that they're calendar said it was a "re-birth" as well, meaning not all life would end...yet.

Western Roots of the Mayan Calendar

Not a single doomsday writer has spent any significant time in study of the archeology, sociology of the Mayan people. Dr. Matthew Restall of Meso American Culture at Penn State has written a very interesting book about how the west (U.S.) has altered the understanding of what the calendar actually does, it changes.  
Writers began to embellish the end by filling in the blanks with their own ideas and naive people would take from these books a spiked version of the events leaving others to make it more fascinating with their own ideas of how the world would end - the calendar never says the world will end. Unless you have been on the ground and have spent years of study and can cite any of your research it is all bunk.

There is also the matter of the Change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian where a 6th century monk was asked to modify the calendar to mark the birth of Christ - he would leave out Emperor Diocesans 30 years out of the calendar due to his cruelty toward Christians - it would take 800 additional years before the system was put into place fully, but as a result we have been living in a surplus of time.  Once the concept of the year zero was placed into the mix - this so called doomsday calendar marking 2012 has long since come and gone without the tidal forces of the Universe ripping us apart. I cannot tell if people are just liars or truly believe this and are naive, but it spreads like a wildfire without doing legitimate research into the subject. Take it from a person who has dedicated his life to History and Religious studies - and don't be a chump to an crafty author, who has written a five and dime paperback that stinks to high Heaven.


Sadly much of what you have shared falls on deaf ears. From one researcher to another thank you for sharing this information with clarity and common sense. The time has passed and the sun is coming up. Have a wonderful day/Life.


Mayan years

This is by far the stupidest thing I have read so far. Mayan calendars don't count years, they count days, 144,000 to be exact. They didn't know about Christianity, Gregorian calendars or indeed leap years. They just counted days. The date is accurate. Not that anything will happen. A non-arbitrary date set relative to an imaginary day 0 means nothing. It's like saying "where does a circle begin?" 

End of the world? Doubtful. Accuracy, better than ours.

We all know about leap years. That is when February has an extra day. The Leap Year corrects a slight inaccuracy in the Gregorian calendar. (There is no need for the concept of a leap year in the Mayan calendar system so do not ask if the Mayan calendar takes into account leap years - the question is not valid but yes is pretty close to being right). I am going to summarize information from here and here to explain how the Mayan calendar is slightly more accurate than our Gregorian Calendar. I'll get more specifics on the calculations soon but here is the breakdown:

The accepted definition of a solar tropical year is approximately 365.2422 days. The Gregorian Calendar year has an average length of approximately 365.2425 days. The Gregorian calculation for a year is (400 * 365) + 100 - 3 = 146,097) / 400 = 365.2425. The Mayan Calendar year comparison has an average length of approximately 365.2420 days. The Mayan calculation for a solar year is divided by 5,124 year periods which give the calendar the increased accuracy.

The variation for the Gregorian calendar is .0003. The variation for the Mayan Calendar is .0002. Small numbers until you start working with periods of time greater than 100,000 years or so, which is what the long count is doing.

666 and the Rapture

666 is the mark of the beast the rise of the antichrist. I have figured out two of the sixes. The first 6 is God made man on the 6th day and the other 6 is the six planets aligning. What is the other six? The Bible says we will figure out who this man is. And I don't really think the rapture will be like most Christians think it will happen, like people disappearing right before our eyes. No that is too easy. God wants us in faith. Believe without seeing. I believe a catastrophic event will occur which could be what will happen December 21 2012, I believe people will disappear at that time but when people go look for their loved ones they will not be able to no matter how far we dig.

This will probably be the rapture. Then everyone will blame the disappearances from the worldwide catastrophic event. The government will have to be rebuilt people will cry out for a leader. And the antichrist will rise for 3 1/2 years of peace, building the world up again and then 3 1/2 years of destruction. I had a dream back in 1996 that Lucifer had me tied to a chair and I asked him why he doesn't repent to God since he knows he is going lose? We are in a spiritual war whether we choose to believe it or not. Well Lucifer was so angry that he got in my face looking very old and decrepit and told me god was coming in 2013 but the alien was coming before that. Now I didn't understand the dream until a couple of years ago when I found out that alien in the Bible meant foreign one. The antichrist.

Lucifer doesn't know exactly when God is coming but I'm sure he know when antichrist is coming since it is his doing.

Golden Era

People stop being dumbasses please! Can't you see that you've all done evil things. For a start by being Nasty to each other! Do you think God wants us to treat each other this way? He resides in each and everyone of us. It's up to us now to let our divinity shine through and let the Golden Era begin! We should all be the change we want to see in the world. Those of you who are just too consumed by hate, jealousy, etc. to change or even try to change, you will probably be ousted but who's to say. Let's just love each other and ourselves and actively start the change!!


What a sack of you believe in New World Order as well. Get educated.

What do you smoke?

Man, you are crazy!!! What do you smoke?!


It’s way too dangerous for old decrepit Lucifer to come around here. He will get a swift kick in the nuts and sent down the road. If you believe in good and the almighty, no harm can come to you from this jerk weed. Especially no harm will come to you on December 21, 2012. The day American greed duped morons into once again digging bomb shelters in their yards and selling them overpriced tools to accomplish it, it is a pathetic world. The meek shall inherit the earth. The right-wingers are a gang of antichrists led by the antichrist himself. The speaker of the house Boehner, forget about Lucifer, watch out for this punk.

Fritz is on a roll

the number of the beast

Very interesting reading.

I had a dream of a new born baby which signifies the birth of a new beginning and a time to bring into the spotlight your creative talents.  A time to show the world what you're made of.

I also had a dream that I was standing on the other side of Jubilee Bridge, where I live, when suddenly a great wave came down the channel and swept the bridge away. Livestock fell into the water and a man was shouting across the bay that he would get a boat to rescue me.

As for the number, it is a human number, the number is 666. Let me tell you a precious secret. My ID number has 6 digits. The last 3 are 666. Does that mean I am the chosen one? My Chinese Star sign is in the 6th house. Does that mean I am the chosen one?

I look forward to your reply.

about your dream

Your first dream I think is telling you that this planet alignment will bring a new beginning and many people will finally open their eyes and see what is coming. I am 15 weeks pregnant and I have already been told this child will be a leader to the next generation. Who knows?

The next dream is probably warning you of destruction to come and to prepare yourself for it. My family is already getting ready for just about anything but no one knows for sure what's going to happen. I just pray for everyone, even the people I do not like or have done me wrong my whole life.

I have a book coming out called the suffering shadow. I am an author for sbpra. Many dreams are in that book - I am writing part 2.

Thanks, Maggie Ann

I feel sorry for your unborn child

I feel sorry for the the child you are carrying, you need mental help.

Holy crap

You people really are THAT stupid. Dreams don't have hidden meanings, they are an extension of our own fears, anxieties and any other given number of emotions. If you're worried that you'll fail a test, and severely stressed out about it, chances are you'll dream about it when you go to sleep. You're reaching, and *much* too far at that.

You had some dream that the Lord was returning in 2013 ... yet your book tells you that no man will know ... I'm pretty sure God didn't decide to slide YOU ALONE a note under the door, on the sly, revealing this information.

Just once, I want to see some religious person, ANY religious person say something... *anything*, that isn't contradicted by statements from their own religious texts. Considering how often the Bible contradicts ITSELF though, that's very unlikely.

I agree

Christians need to read the bible more but the bible doesn't contradict itself but yet it is in Perfect Harmony Each part backs up the other part you just have to have an understanding on it. But you have to read it with an open mind and open heart. you cant read it with your heart set against what it teaches and see that it is in harmony. Taking things out of context you can make the bible say what ever you want it to say keep it in context and not misuse or miss read the words of it and you cant do that it will only back up everything it mentions!!!!!


Who is the Man 666?

I have had dreams since I was a little girl. Many of them I still don’t understand. It says in the Bible we will figure out the man who bears the number 666. I just realized today this... weird.

  1. The first 6 comes from genesis being that God made man on the 6th day.
  2. The second 6 comes from the six planet alignments. Even Christ had his own star - the wise men used astrology to find the baby born in Bethlehem. Lucifer will have his own star and, if I read correctly, the planets are shaped like a crown. In Revelations it says John saw a white horse with a man bearing a crown and he went to defeat many nations. It explains more about this man as the antichrist.
  3. The third 6 I just realized today was the November 6th re-election of Obama. So I am excited to realize the man who will bring peace beyond nations for 3 1/2 years. He prays to the Koran or Quaran, however you spell it. Our one world religion might be Islam only because they believe in Jesus as a prophet but not the Messiah.  There will also be a false prophet who follows this leader. The leader is supposed to be wounded in the head by a sword, nowadays probably by gun, when he is miraculously resurrected. The false prophet will have the ability to deceive and do miracles and will call this leader the Messiah and make man worship the leader. It’s all in Revelations.

No, there is no significance to your 666 on your id. Sorry honey.  This man will be a leader already into politics. Just maybe he doesn’t know himself who he is until after this alignment. I am very anxious to see what happens afterwards because he’s supposed to do many great things and talks of peace and show great leadership. Many people will admire him. If I am right, many people will be deceived, even the Christians. I’m sure he will not proclaim himself to be the Messiah but other people will and his false prophets.

So what do you think?

I dreamt of the antichrist when he was a child. He was dressed Islamic, with many jewels on the dagger he was holding on a silk red pillow. I asked him if he was the antichrist. He said I am.  And it was all I could get out of this boy.

I just had a dream the other night that I was standing very high in the sky to where I could touch the clouds, but I noticed the clouds were stained with blood and were moving very fast over my head. I saw angels hidden in these clouds. I knew there was a war in heaven going on and I was so scared by the dream I woke myself up.

I’m not a special person. I don’t know why I have spiritual dreams like this. I have sinned so much in my life. But I believe I have a purpose and am just trying to follow that purpose. I’m not saying I’m right but I’m just expressing the idea if I was.

Antichrist nonsense

I read and I will be kind in my response. You interacted with Lucifer as you put it, but you do realize that Lucifer is not the Christian Satan don't you? In case not Lucifer is a pre-Christian deity and is the god of light. Be that as it may be interpreted, you interacted with him, big in according to your own religion. What is an antichrist? Simply put, one that does not subscribe to the Christian teachings and the adherence of the deity professed by them so in effect you go against your very own book making such a statement.  Remember "love thy neighbor" " judge not lest ye be judged" etc. If it is Christ's doing to have the "antichrist" being "sent" then surely it is his fault that the Christians will be doomed by this. How is this possible that the very people said to be so loved and protected by Christ will then be destroyed by his very same allowance for this to come about as is his will to protect you. oxymoron in statement.?

If Christ is all powerful and all prevailing in all how is it possible that the so called devil outdoes him often. Oxymoron is statement as the Christians say that none is more powerful then Christ and yet in the next sentence it is stated that at the "devil" outwits Christ, so as you elevate Christ so too do you insult him. The antichrist will come, shows lack of understanding as the antichrist has been around since time began an by your own book's content indicating this to be the "devil's" children, with the devil being a Christian deity then surely it is naughty Christians that will be targeted not so. How can the Christian religion say that the same God that made you, protects you, loves you, is all powerful, is kind, is loving etc, etc will in the blink of an eye destroy his own people without empathy at all.

The balance is just not there, if you are good you will be judged if you are bad you will be doomed but yet as you guys say "he sees all, he knows all" then why the separate court sessions only at the end of time? What I am trying to make clear is the following, read with open eyes and listen with open ears and realize the indoctrination that exists purely based on fear lends to the eyes and ears of the very same members of the congregation slams shut and logic disappears. I really do not mean to sound insulting but without making these points I might as well not respond anyway. On a global level more, many more in fact, enormously more then you think, human being are going to your "Hell." Goodness is thee no fear that "Hell" will prosper with all the overwhelming occupants that will be there. So many in fact the fires methinks will extinguish.

Peace be to you all. 

Anti christ nonsense reply

The Bible says all will be judged. No matter who you are or what you believed in. it says what you hold true on earth he will hold true in Heaven.

Hell and the lake of fire are two different places. if you read it correctly he says hell will be thrown into the lake of fire. i believe the sun is the lake of fire. he will destroy the earth by fire and give non believers a chance to come to him freely. he doesnt want people to suffer but sometimes suffering bring us to our knees and keeps us humble and in that time god can work in us. god only allows suffering if something is born from it. but god isnt the cause of suffering. our sin is. and lucifer the being of light and deceit and lies this earth is his kingdom and it his time to reign. why god wont put him away now no one knows, i believe our purpose is to destroy him. maybe that is why we were created.

i believe god is all powerful and all knowing but i dont believe god knows the future until the decision has been made by whomever. you have to understand how the brain works, it has decided before we actually know it ourselves that we've decided. this isnt a regular christan belief but it makes sense why god lets things happen. he knows before we know when things have been decided, he knows lucifers plans because lucifer has decided it this way a long time ago. there is a book called letters from a skeptic i think everyone should read it answers many of questions for the believer and the non believer. lucifer isnt just a christian diety he has many names from many different religions and many different beliefs.

just one more note, one of my favorite things in the bible it says everyone tongue will confess every knee shall whether you choose to believe now or later is up to you. god will keep us in suffering until we do.

and the anti christ is just someone proclaiming to be the messiah, a king, a ruler, a president and consider himself the only righteous one. a lot of religions are still waiting for the messiah to come. they believe in god but not jesus the messiah, the one to save us all, but only a prophet. i strongly believe we are on a brink of a one world religion, one world currency, one world peace, one world everything. so much for freedom....

thanks, maggie

very well written

very well written

Not to offend just to inform like you.

I'll be just as calm as you. For one, Lucifer is not God of light. He was over all music and beauty. Second, antichrist does not mean one that does not subscribe to or believe Christians teachings. The word antichrist means "against Christ" anti is opposite and not of. So he will be opposite of God and not of God, not just unbelieving but believing and being against. Satan himself believes in God but is against him for casting him out of heaven for his great pride and self righteousness.

Third it is not Christ's doing to bring the antichrist it is Santan's. The bible tells us God will take his people out of the scene before the antichrist comes on the scene. As in rapture. Do I believe personally that if you are not for God you will be left on earth eventually to hell? Yes. Once God removes his spirit from this earth and all those who have it. What more here is left for him? Would you reward people that you have given lifetimes and your life horribly for? No you most likely wouldn't.

Yes, God loves everyone and wants to save everyone but he also made us with free will because he did not want people to serve him with no choice he wanted people to be able to serve him for him through love for him. Forced to live is not love it is control. He can't make people love him or believe he existed if they simply don't. He can't do that forever. He doesn't want to have people in hell the Bible says he cries for them. But if you are against him what can he do to? He won't make anyone be on his side you have to chose it. If he did force it upon people. You people would complain about that not being love. Some people just want trouble and someone to blame things on. If you don't love him or have his spirit how can he accept that? He can't. Obviously people who don't want to be in hell so be it if that is there choice. 


Tell me they wouldn't be fun to have around? (Then tell me you're lying!)

Here I thought I was crazy!

Hello to all! I hesitated with much restraint, which took a lot of self-control, but I thought about it and decided to post this. 

It seems that when one makes a comment or their thought as to what they believe or even what their beliefs are, they are ridiculed for the remarks that they have expressed, and I must admit, I read every post on here (with the exception of one). Amazed at some of the harsh conversations and comments! Mesmerized by the conversations on many topics, from numerology to the spiritual, from the scientific to the astrological, which I can add, I know a little bit about all of them!

Now I am only posting this because it is my point of view anyway, right? Not that it matters to anyone, everyone, someone, and no one! From what I have gathered after reading the post on this site. You could also consider my beliefs and my logical way of thinking, how I was raised to where I stand today. 

Now remember, this is my life, so what I say cannot be verified by me alone. I do have many witnesses, but that would be giving out personal information, which I do not intend on doing, which could in fact verify some if not most of what I am saying, so to speak. So I guess you could assume or even speculate and come to your own conclusion. 

The fact remains, nothing I say, everything I say, is or could be fact or fiction, depending on your logical mind or your spiritual beliefs. Myself I like to consider myself spiritual with a logical aspect on things. 

Figuring out whether this is fact or fiction, is this real or imageries of my sight and mind, my heart and soul. I grew up with the Christianity ways, and was baptized under many faiths. Because no one religion could give me what I found on my own, which I believe was help from my Creator, with the guidance of my spirit guides.

Where the confusion is, is the explanation as to how - they categorize this "person" as Jesus Christ, God, Savior, Jesus Christ our God, Lord Jesus, or Lord our God and yet they are two different entities and/or beings. Or however you wish to relate “God" as.

God from my understandings and learning is that he is the Father of the Only Son, My question is, are we not all “God's” children? So we are singling him out because he was crucified because of this beliefs and love for all. He was known as a prophet, which others did not take kind too his teachings. Well I have not be crucified yet anyway (well maybe because of my views, opinions, thoughts, and/or beliefs), but I do have similar beliefs and I love all. 

Yes, I am disgusted with some, but it is not for me to judge another, as I would not want anyone to judge me. I myself have judged me, and I think I turned out pretty darn good over the past 16 years! However, it did take me 51 days, which in fact changed my life forever - I went from being a nobody to a somebody.

51 days I sat in jail, on the 30th of July 1996 (one day before I was released), I sat in my cell (you know the 8’ x 10’) and I sat there and stated this “I get out tomorrow and I have nothing of value (OK, maybe $600+ in a check), but no material things, but what I do have is children! Please send me on this spiritual journey, let me see the person I really am, let me not only show myself, but my children (another story in time) as well!”

No sooner than I got out things started changing. I went from being villain (while in jail) to hero, in just 3 month. Things along the way were explained and taught to me, which my logical mind could place! Where my spirituality could also fathom the possibilities. Which gave me the insight and enlightenment as to where my path would Illuminate me!

I found comfort in many things, from the astrological to the spiritual, from the scientific to numerology. Knowing something and telling those around, and then heading to that place, where you are today. But it is a Spiritual Journey, the path I am still on today. Now call me crazy, call me cynical, but the truth of the matter is you have all been lied too!

Controlled by the masses [Governments, Religion], to believe that one must have lots and lots of money to survive… Or that you cannot go to heaven if you do not believe in Jesus and take him in your heart!... My Native Forefathers survived without money, can you say that yours has!... I know a lot of people that I would consider very spiritual, yet they do not believe in GOD or did not take Jesus Christ in their heart!... But I know that they would go to that same place that everyone does!... Wherever that may be!... I am unaware or for that matter, even speculate as to whom I spoke with, at the time I referred to him as “GOD”!... Until that Day!...

I chose to call him/her [I believe that my Creator is both of the masculine and the feminine, you know salt and pepper, hot and cold, good and bad, get the point, LMFAO] The Creator!... Because that is what I learned, that is what he/she showed me!... I too can be my own person!... Believe in what I know is true, believe in what I know is fact!... Also, to believe in the unbelievable, because it is there, and yes I see it and have seen it!...

One might often refer to it as magic and/or paranormal, others may even go as far as saying, “We are All “GOD” like”!... It does exist, just because you cannot see it, does not mean that it does not exist!... Like the wind, you cannot see it, smell it, taste it, but you know it is there because you feel it!... But from a logical aspect, how can I believe something that I seen, but yet it’s not there, how do I know things before they happen, my logical mind says it is impossible, but yet my Spirituality and my beliefs allow me to perceive that which is shown to me from my Creator!... Hence, believing like a child, in the unbelievable!...

So am I any different then you, maybe on a higher plan of Spiritual Existence, more capable of understanding the events that are happening, but who knows, right, there is no proof to what any one is saying, really, truthfully, and honestly, not anyone, everyone, someone, and of course no one!... So who is to say that this Christian is any more correct then this Atheist, or the Agnostic to someone who is Spiritual, or in most cases “Believers”, not you nor I!...

We only go by what we read and the fabricated lies to manufacturing the belief that if we do not follow them [Governments, Religion], then we are all doomed!... I do not follow very well, I am more of a leader, so I do not go by what is all there in black and white, for the most part, something’s are just so unbelievable, they are believed, by no one, someone, everyone, and anyone!...

I do however, go by what I see and what is shown to me, beyond ones concept of Fact or Fiction!... I see the Governments of this world destroying everything there is on this Planet, from the small animals to the big animals, and yes we humans are the Big Animals… To the materials and resources of Mother Earth, and returning, basically nothing!...

Feeding society bullshyt and everyone sucks all that shyt in!... The people who say they are believers, that judge another for their way of believing!... Those that are materialistic that want more and more!... Those that have no sense in what the facts are about the Governments of the World, and yes they all are destroying it in one way or another… Not saying that I am perfect, cause I am far from it… But I know for a fact that Mother Earth is very Pi$$ed off!..

It’s truly a shame that the human race is so caught up being better than that of another, but will come and lend a hand when some event that plays havoc on society… Whether that is from Mother Earth herself or from some a$$hole who declares war in the name of his/her “GOD”… One thing is certain though, we can count on everyone leading a hand!...

But once that event is over, you can bet everything on the house that things will go back to as they were once before!... There is a thing we call a lack of humanity, because no matter what, we humans will become our own destroyers!... Mother Nature is showing us now, you cannot keep taking from her without giving anything back!...

When one makes fun of another just to justify his own existence, then it would be them that are afraid, of what, one only knows, and that person is you!... Now it does not matter if the materialistic person is more right than that of an atheist or that of a non-believer, or a believer for that matter, what really matters is what one sees when they open their Soul to the unbelievable possibilities…

Only you know what you see, and the events that take place, why because you see it, it is believable, even things that no other can see, but yet you did, you even asked, “hey did you see that”… It is believing in the unbelievable, something you got to see firsthand, and yet there are others around you that saw nothing!...

Did you see it, or was it a figment of your imagination!... I would like to believe it was shown to me for a purpose, whether they seen it or not, [more like that nude photo you sent to him/her that says “For your Eyes Only”], so to speak!... Trust me, I know nothing, I just sit and observe others… I notice things that are going on, I see things that others do not!... I know things others do not, does that make me any better than my fellow human being, nope not a thing!...

Because in my eyes we are all created equal!... With the exception of the Governments of the world, they are not equal!...

What I do with the knowledge that I have gather over the years and the things that I have seen, I tell others, I do not condemn them because they do not believe, I give them other insights, or options if you prefer, as well as getting some knowledge from them!... Nonetheless, the important thing is, I am there to learn, and teach what I have learned, at the same time!... Who knows, if I learned anything from reading every post on this thread!...

I could say with absolute certainty, I did, I learned that most of you believe that the Government is going to save you, others believe that Jesus is coming back and there are others that believe in the unbelievable… I do not think the Governments would save any of us, it is them 1st and the General Public Last and when I mean last, I mean we all die before them, we are the last to know, why because of mass panic!... People get really stupid; reacting before thinking out the pros and cons… So to speak!...

Now as for Jesus Christ coming back, you’re kidding right!... Tell me, because the bible tells you so?!... Or did you have a vision that he is!... My honest opinion is that, he left once for your sins, why the flock would he come back!... He cannot take away your sins again!... He cannot give you anything that you have not already been given!... Plus why would he want to come back, the planet is totally messed up!... Unless you are considering the fictional fact that Jesus is “GOD”, cause nowhere did I read he is, “GOD” that is!...

I do not believe this prophet by the name of Jesus is coming back!... I believe his work on here is done, I believe if anything were to happen, that the Creator him/her self would be coming, why would I send my Son to do my Job!... I am the one who Created You!... Figuratively speaking…

What I like to refer as, the minds of others!... Ones whose sight is miss leading, ones whose thoughts are that of another, one who believes that he/she is better than I!... **News Flash** I am no better than the atheist and/or the believer!... I am human, and yes we have all fallen short of what that should entail, we make mistakes, but should learn how to correct them, to give without expecting anything in return, which in fact most do not, always something for something and/or something for nothing!…

This may be hard to bite on, even to the point where it may make you gag!... We have this thing we call freedom of choice the free will to do the “RIGHT THING”!... So those that Blame “GOD” for the way that people act, or why he would let this happen, or why is he not here, it is not his fault that people have the free will to choose right from wrong!... “GOD” is not here to hold your hand, you as an Adult should know better, even children at the young age of 13, maybe even younger should know the difference between good and bad!... Not “GODS” fault, it is Mans!...

It would be like growing up holding the hands of your parents throughout your life… What you would learn is their life, the way they did things, you would not learn anything on your own!... You would not be your own person!... Where the Free Will comes in!... One of my favorite quotes “It does not matter what others think of you, it is what you think of you”!...

Because of what I had learned and what was told to me, and from what I seen, I can say this with 100% honest truthfulness… Aliens, they are here, not sure of their place in the Universe, but I can say that they do exist!... Now I use to not believe, but my eyes were opened!... Once when I was young, and just about 4 months ago!... Not exactly sure what it was, but it was not of this Earth!... So if you believe in the unbelievable then you will see too!... LOL!...

Which brings us to the events that will take place on and well after the date 12-21-2012!... Now to sum up the whole aspect of this Major event, we have to consider all aspects of such a concept!... Which includes but is not limited to Astrological, Scientific, Numerology and last but not least the Spirituality of things!...

Astrologically; we are moving in to the Age of Aquarius, enough said!...

Scientifically; the planets will line up, which is fact, has been for millions of years!...

Numerological; In numerology everything revolves around the numbers 1 through 9, with the exception of 11 and 22 those are Master numbers [never lowered to the lowest possible number, between 1 – 9, therefore, 11 would not be considered 2 nor 22 being 4]!...

So now you take the Month, Date, and Year!... 12 21 2012 lots of 1’s and 2’s, ones are always a new beginning, and two is the feminine and masculine become one [like in a relationship, so to speak]!...

So you start off by adding the numbers 12 21 2012 the month being 3 the day being 3 and the year being 5… 3 is considered the charmed number, plain and simple [because everything always happens in 3]!...
5 is change, but it is also considered the balance [in your name numbers you want 5’s, because it is the center of the numbers 1-4, [5], 6 – 9]!....

Now we add them [all] up to come up with the path, so when adding the numbers up you get 11 [A Master number, The Revelation [Spirit] of Man], So to put it simple, This day will be charmed [x2], with a change, and a Revelation for Man!... That would be my insight/theory on what will come of this day!...

So I believe that my post covers most everyone’s comments, if not all!...

But remember this; these are my views, opinions, thoughts, and/or beliefs, I am fascinated with the way people react to certain things!... But remember if you are going to give any negative feedback, you might want to keep it to yourself, cause I will not reply to any negative remarks!.. Although I will read it, but look at it in a positive way!...

I hope that you all enjoy the Holiday Season, and wishing you all the best on 12 21 2012!... Woot Woot, something Freaking Awesome is going to happen, LOL!...

I hope that I did not offend anyone, someone, everyone, and no one!... It was never my intention, just giving a little insight and maybe some enlightenment!... But I am always Illuminated By Positive Energy, Positive People, and Positive Vibes!...

See you after 12 21 2012
Friend to All

Churches & Pyramids

I have a sneaky feeling that churches have some connection with the Pyramids, and by this I mean the structures themselves. I don't believe in what the church preaches anymore because I think they were corrupted a long time ago and the true meaning behind it all lost. But I can't stop thinking that there's something about the buildings and the lay lines they are built on. If you're thinking where to be on the 21st, I'd say get yourself in a church, relax, open your mind and see what comes.

Or a pyramid?

I mean, wouldn't it be cool to kick it in a pyramid all day on your last day on earth?  Seems like more fun than a church, no?  Never know...might just figure out the connection to the church while you're there, too. Or not, since churches are historically pagan temples of worship, and pyramids are effectively intergalactic runways.  Smiling

Whacko time!!!

Pyramids are tombs for vainglorious humans who thought they were gods. No more or less. You people need to get off the gear.

Forget it all

Nothing is going to end, life ain't even started yet and y'all talking of ending God!

Whats really going to happen

We don't know what is going to happen on the 21st  but eventually there is going to be the coming of anti Christ. Who will be slayed by Jesus the prophet of God who was falsely claimed to be the son of God? If Jesus was really the son of God, the prophets Moses, Noah, Abraham, Seth, and the father of mankind Adam would've prophesied him to be a son of God but they didn't. And the last Prophet after him would've prophesied it Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all.

And if its time for the Great Prophet Jesus to return he will only follow the religion which God named by him self, which is called Islam. Jesus will judge by the Quran and Sunnah. He Jesus will establish three things on earth, he will kill all the pigs (because the Christians made lawful the eating of pigs in his name) and he will destroy all the crosses (because the false disciples, Jews and Christians falsely believe he died on the cross which is a lie, God changed Judas face into Jesus and he took his place and Jesus was taken to the heavens with two angels).

And he will stop the taxes from being paid to the Muslims from the non-Muslims, (he will convert all the people to Islam so there wont be any taxes imposed upon anyone cause they will all be Muslim, and that will be 40 years of harmony when Jesus returns.)  After Jesus, peace be upon him will pass away and will be buried at a grave next to prophet Muhammad.  Then Satan will come in the form of man and will tell the people to revert back to the religion of their fore fathers, back to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

Then the world will become corrupted again. And they will kill each other unjustly, there will be insanity upon this earth. The Quran will be changed by the disbelievers. There will be only a few amount of believers whom God will take all the lives of the Muslim believers no matter where they are by a cold wind. And the disbelievers will kill each other, Until the end of time. And the angel that blows the trumpet will blow it and everyone on earth will be dead. And he will blow it again and everyone who walked the earth from the beginning of time till the end will be resurrected back to life and will be judged by the one and only God that is worthy of worship and praise, the creator of all that exists. The almighty. 

Not the Pigs! :(

Jesus is gonna kill all the pigs? Ah man, that sucks! I love Sausages and Bacon. Holy stuff a true Englishman can't live without! Surrey chipolatas are the bomb. Guess I am gonna have to raise me a piggy farm, some kind of unholy one that Ol' master Jesus can't touch. Maybe I can get in on Lucifer's buddy list? ho hum

Religious paranoia is really, really funny. When the world does not end on the 21st and your Lord and Savior doesn't show up. I’ll be enjoying a nice bacon sammie.

See y'all on the 22nd, world in exactly the same state as it is now.

I Think You Are Mistaken

Everybody has a right to their own beliefs, so I have no quarrel with yours. Even so what you are saying completely contradicts the Bible's teachings and doesn't make much sense. You say that Christ wasn't the "Son of God" and didn't really die on the cross. Well if he wasn't the son of God and didn't die on the cross then I guess we are all still doomed to hell because that was the purpose of his coming and his purpose for suffering on the cross, to save mankind from hell by bearing all of our sins so that we may be forgiven.

The prediction of the Messiah's coming was foretold long before Jesus's feet touched the earth and every thing that was foretold actually came to be. In my opinion that's saying something.

Also take a good look around you in the case of what is happening now and what has happened; Jesus said "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, Nation will rise against nation, father against son", etc. Can't you see that these things have happened and are happening as I write this reply?

What Jesus did is the only reason we can be saved if we choose. And tell me how a lie could hold up for well over 2000 years. It makes absolutely no sense. Everything that the Bible has foretold has came to be and is coming to be. People will believe what they want to believe no matter what I say, I just hope that maybe for a few I might strike a nerve.

I have experienced the term "Finding God" and there is no other like it. It is something that no form or amount of drugs or alcohol can give you. I know the "Truth" and the truth is God, he is most definitely there and there is a life to come after this, but only because "God gave his only begotten son so that the world may be saved".

Anyone who chooses to say I'm crazy or a Jesus freak are more than welcome to do so. All I can say to those people is that I will pray for you. I will do this because I know they haven't found the Lord yet and have not yet been saved which means they are still on the path of destruction. I know because I have walked this path more than once and it is a horrible way to go.

As far as the subject at hand goes about the world coming to an end on December 21st 2012, it's all a crock. I'm not saying I don't believe that it's not possible that what's to come won't have some kind of effect but, it will not be the end of days. There is only one being that knows when the end of days will be and that being is God.

Saved from what?

I have never understood what we have been saved from. Why would someone sacrifice themself to themself?

Eating Pigs and talking smack about my personal Jesus

Now you have crossed the line. Yalla Yalla... Have some bacon you twit and duck...

REYES theory!

hello there peeps. so this is whats going to happen... the planet is not going to be destroyed and neither is the world going to end. what is going to happen is that it will be the beginning of a new ice age. as the planets come to align they will be on each others way of the suns heat and light. all planets have a magnetic pull. when the planets are scattered nothing happens but as they come to align, each planets gravitational pull will in a way lock with each other for a while. so the planets will become slower at orbiting the sun for a while, producing the next ice age.

too much distance

Maybe I'm just a little slow but aren't the planets a little too far from each other to have any effect on any other planet? Think, by the time man gets to the moon (if they've ever been there), there is no gravity (or very little gravity). The closest planet is way too far for any magnetic force to have an effect on any other planet.

This small scale. How far does a really powerful magnets force reach? About double it's size? Anywhere beyond that and it doesn't have any pull. Sorry to ruin your theory but I honestly don't think anything will happen. We'll go to sleep and wake up to a normal Saturday.

Even if ALL the planets in our solar system aligned precisely

Not slow at all my friend, you're on to it. Even if ALL the planets in our solar system aligned precisely - which they are not about to - the gravitational effect would be less than a jumbo jet flying overhead and the electromagnetic effect as negligible. Given most of the planets in our solar system have axes tilted at various degrees from the solar plane the sort of utterly unscientific "amplification" effect or whatever it is these people are positing wouldn't happen in our case even were it anything other than balderdash.

The only truly interesting effect in amongst all of this eschatological nonsense is that after Dec 21 passes uneventfully the people who espouse this stuff will explain it all away, then start spouting some other crap about some other date and tie it all up with their favorite fact-free fantasies - me thinks it's in their genes.

The sad irony is that "the end of the world as we know it" is indeed approaching rapidly, in the form of a global version of what almost certainly did for the Mayan civilization - environmental collapse.


Yes, we might sleep well and wake exactly like we normally do. That's another matter but if you talk about gravity and distance, didn't you consider the size of objects attracted?? Earth or moon are not the size of human beings. That is comparing the gravity of the moon with that of a human. There is attraction due to gravity from all heavenly bodies. Either that be the earth, sun or the moon. If gravity didn't have much effect, the moon would fly away.. Smiling But it's not that way...


In answer to your question, the planets are likely not too far from each other to have an effect on any of the others. I would say as a simple example, think about the relationship between the moon and the earth. Now, a moon is a moon, not a planet, and much closer to the earth than any of the planets. However, if the moon can influence the cycles and life on earth to such an extent, think of tides for example, then surely a much bigger body, even though it's further away, can do so too.

This solar system is bound by the forces that keep it together, so surely any changes in these forces or an outside influence on these forces might affect us.

Did all of you forget

Did all of you forget timezones? O.O


I just looked it up about half an hour ago! 11:11 AM universal time is 6:11 AM EST for us here in NY.

Clocks don't match?

OK.. someone is off a little here don't ya think? How can I plan???

Countdown to 12/21/12 art 11:11:11 UTC

Thanks for catching this. Our countdown timer has been updated to reflect the nearest second of this monumental event. The countdown is now counting down to December 21, 2012 at 11:11:11 UTC.

Planetary alignment

Will you please just inform everybody about which planets are aligning? All planets or some planets? Forget the Mayans, you are beating a dead horse.

 it seems like mercury venus

It seems like Mercury, Venus and Mars might be because they have been over pyramids in Egypt. It's been all over the Internet but I don't know about the other three. I think the moon, sun and maybe possibly earth also. I don't know but just thought I would give you some ideas.

I have friends in Egypt

I have friends in Egypt, it is false, it will not happen. Could be a media stunt to bring money into Egypt which is a good move for their economy in recent affairs due to the Rothschild taking over and implementing their financial system over there.

NO alignment

NO alignment of planets. Sorry!

Why is the government

Why is the government building in an underground bunker?

Dont Worry

I can write this with 100% confidence that nothing is going to happen on 21.12.12

This is all false claims and calculations. What would happen on 21/12/12 no one can predicts. If these astrologers astronomers so intelligent can they predict what can happen in next one minute or 1 hour?

So, no need to panic and worry.

How can you say you are 100%

How can you say you are 100% confident that nothing will happen, then say no one can predict what will happen?

How would you know that these

How would you know that these are all false claims and calculations? The only way to know that these calculations are false is to have done them yourself. Because of tiis, I think I'd rather believe many astronomers who have gone to school to learn about this sort of stuff than the one person in the comment section of a webpage...


Honestly I don't think the world will end. Personally because the Mayans didn't use leap years. So if you actually do the math out of all the leap years, the world would of ended years ago. And who knows, maybe the person who wrote it died or got tired of writing it.

I'll go with that...

I'll go with that...the priests who were working on the calendar got tired of writing and said  "I am so bored with this calendar I can't take it no more" and then they all agreed. Smiling

I'll Go With That...

Omg !!!! LOL That's what I have been saying all along... I mean they had to stop sometime.  They wrote for longer than I would have with their rock and chisel...


0.01 x 26000 = 260

It's probably rounded up

It's probably rounded up, try and find the exact number and I'll be surprised. So will a few people, no doubt.

You are crazy, rounding up?

This may or may not be a significant event, but there is no rounding up. The Mayans had an understanding that is profound, not even our calendars are as precise. Our leap years make up for our miscalculations in the calendar.  Get some education.


Ok, if the world didn't end when the last alignment then its not going to happen now. So party if you are going to party or sit and feel sorry for your self for not partying. I'm going to live the next week unsober the whole time.


Something wiped out the dinosaurs. It's just as likely it was the planet alignment as anything else.

FYI Humans were not around

FYI Humans were not around last time it happened.


I second that motion.


You're both not the smartest for thinking humans weren't around when dinosaurs were. There weren't as many as there are now, but there were. What do you call cavemen? lol... they weren't as sophisticated as us, but they were around. Bigger skulls, stupider, thicker skin. you'd be surprised.

planets in the planetary alignment

Does anyone know which 6 planets will be aligning? 

witch 6?

#2,4,5,6,7,10 that's the 6.

Too bad we dont have 10 planets

Too bad we don't have 10 planets a little more research on your solar systems.

The Real Story

Here it is: Joe Mayan 's job was to start carving the next cycle on the rock, and he didn't show up for work.

The End.

Happy early birthday!

Happy early birthday! May this be the most memorable for you, and may you have many more!

Doesn't Matter...Partying like a Rockstar

Regardless what happens (and I've known this "doomsday" is bogus and is in fact the end of a Mayan cycle), it's my 30th birthday and nothing celestial will stop me.

You sometimes have to do your research and face the reality of things because when you wake up on the 22nd, it'll be just another Saturday.

well you won't be able to

well you won't be able to party if your dead?

MayanCalender / 12212012 / party like a rockstar...

Happy early birthday!  Make this the best birthday ever, and may you have many more to come. Good to see someone with a good head on their shoulders!

It wont be another Saturday

It wont be another Saturday for you'll be hung over and 30. Congratulations, you made it to 30. That's 41 apparent "end of the world" predictions that you have lived for! Whose that man? You are! 

You will pay

You will be punished you know?

Planetary alignment happen but no affect

In some cases you guys are correct but I have done mountains of research and there is no way that the world will end and there will be no black we will not become extinct by a giant meteor I have been on the NASA website and nothing came up they have sent astronauts into space to study and nothing will happen.

Monty Python

The Team was right: "Always look on the bright side of life"

why all the God talk?!

i really don't understand why everyone is blabbering on about God's plans this and God's plans that, its rather irritating - this its self has nothing to do with a bloody God, its science! If the world ends and theres masses of natural disasters blah blah blah and it is God's doing. I mean come on? What kind of God would have poor innocent children die in a horrible painful way, i.e. getting stuck in a earthquake and being crushed under rubble, hey maybe even drowning in a tsunami? Kind of harsh for some almighty powerful forgiving God don't you think?  But its ok - its God's plans right? So ya to you parents brothers and sisters of ye religious faith, when you see your children, babies and friends die like that thank the Lord - its his plan. 

Anyway religion rant over, its supposed to be a massive pole shift isn't it? Due to the planetary alignment - which actually according to NASA isn't happening? So who knows but if they is hiding stuff which lets face it they might to avoid more panic - would I guess would cause us a lot of devastating effects such as "earthquakes, tsunami's etc etc" which if it does happen - would well knock off a lot of power an stuff.

Also i read somewhere years ago - forgotten where but apparently the effects and stuff was supposed to wake dragons up from their slumber - if this actually happens I am so calling dibs on the big one :) 

God is Science!

In genesis, God says lets make man in our image. Who was god talking to? Well, there are three to the god head. The father, Jesus the son, and the holy spirit. All were in the beginning before man was created. Before the father sent his son to die on the cross for man. God is science if we were made in his image then we were made up of the same things they are.

Neutrons, protons etc...God lets suffering happen when something is born from it. There is a reason he lets it happen, something must come from it. And god isn't the blame for suffering it is our own. And of course Lucifer and his angels. It is sin that is causing all this to happen. The more we go against nature the laws of nature the more nature will be destroyed and bite us in our butts! If we were to understand it all we'd be using all parts of our brain but we hardly use any of it. Anything science is God.

Don't think of god as some old guy in the sky shaking his finger at us. He is a supernatural being that cannot be seen by the human eye. He is all the positive energy that is in us and around us. What do you think a demon is? They are who tries to destroy us by any means necessary. HIV, AIDS, cancer etc...even mental illness. There are many types of demons. If you knew how HIV works it sounds like a demon possession. Here it goes, the demon cell enters the body to all the good cells in the body and it asks if it can stay awhile. The good cells lets the demon cell in. Then the demon cell asks each one of the good cells to please make 10,0000 of the demon cells. So the good cells says okay and each good cell makes 10,000 demon cells to each one good cell in the body making the body weak and prone to infection and disease, the all the demon cells do for gratitude deceiving the good cells is kill all the good cells which cause the body to die.

God is science and so are the angels and demons. The church paints pictures in our heads of being with wings. We are deceived. Everyone. What we do affects the our own outcome and even someone else's. Speak negative to someone you create negative energy and it can affect the other person or peoples or nations. Vice versa for positive energy. Our sin creates our acts of sin negative energy creates negative reactions. So in mass quantities all of us on this planet plus Lucifer and demons are creating a mass destruction. Its not that hard to understand. Later! 

Who was God talking to?

Since God is Mother/Father God I assume that one side was talking to the other, as, as you may have notice, God created men & women. Everything in nature has a masculine and a feminine - all earthly creation is based on that fact. Duel energy that, when working in harmony creates marvelous things. We are all connected to each other and to the Source which provides each and every one of us with the power to move mountains, to heal, to create, to change the world through LOVE, which is the energy of Mother/Father God.

Yup, God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

I don't think anything cataclysmic will happen on the 21st, however, I am open to the fact that something could happen at any minute of any day that would send me to meet my maker. People of all walks of life say, "If there was a God why does he allow this stuff to happen?"  

Well, I wouldn't attempt to explain it for two reasons: I would be guessing (even if it was a good guess and even remotely right) and you wouldn't believe me anyway. But I digress, for the point is that God is God and who are any of us to question his will. He made us, sent his son to die for us (proving his love for us) and wants us to be with him forever.

I say all that to say this, and I hope it strikes a cord in you somehow: If you were God and spoke the stars and heavens into existence. Then you created the earth and every living creature on it, and your creation was giving free will to choose to believe and love you or not. What would you do? I bet you would love them all the same, but let the ones who rebel against you to go their own way - because you are a perfect Gentleman/Lady.

When natural disasters happen (as they would because without the laws of physics that you put into motion nothing you created would be possible) and innocent people die, they will either be with you because they knew you and loved you or they would spend eternity without you because when they were alive they rejected you. And for those left alive in the aftermath of said disaster, there is the hope that they wake up to the fact you are real and can now help console the remainder of the worlds people because those survivors have been through that crisis. They know the words to say to comfort others, they know the way to lead them to salvation, and they know how to show the love You have for them. The same goes for all human suffering.

Or you could believe that God is not real. You could believe that Jesus did not exist as God's son. And roll the dice when you finally leave your earthly body behind.

alignment of planets

I was outside and noticed that there were six planets arranged like a crown. On the top is the little dipper sticking up and on the back is Orion. I assume in the next ten days these will all come together. I didn't believe it until I saw it. I checked on Google sky to confirm they we are all planets. I have never seen this before. I tried to find out about this alignment on the internet but could only find a story about 3 planet lining up at once (let alone 6). I remember in the Hercules story, when he was born 5 planets lined up supposedly. Check it out. (Trying to figure out what this meant, I finally came to the conclusion that the six stars formed a crown, and the Little dipper and Orion forms the thorns. maybe?)


I just wanted to tell you I like your comment and your idea of what it could be. It kind of sounds like you're saying it could be God coming back. I just wanted to make sure that's what I saw because I have been seeing weird stuff in the sky tonight and it kind of freaked me out. If you want you can write back. I like your idea and everything... the only thing I don't get is people saying that no one will know when God comes back. I do think something is going to happen because of that Nostradamus dude but I think if anything happens, it's going to be man made.

Sincerely, Brittany

I saw the same thing

I saw the same thing in the sky this morning. It looked different to me so that is why I was reading this webpage.  Didn't really get an answer though.

Doomsday 2012

This is all stupid. You guys have no intelligence. The Mayans were way smarter than you are. You guys should be arrested for being dumb. 


Ignorance is bliss, calling others unintelligent is ignorance, everyone has a thought, opinion, fear or curiosity etc. Respect for others is intelligence and thoughtfulness. Go to google earth, click on sky, look for the sun, click out of sun, you will see the alighnment, there is doubt that the world will END, it was there the last alighnment it will still be here for the next. It is a fascinating time to see what happens. The magnetic pull will have affect, will it be on all living creatures including us? perhaps it will change the way we are. I hope so, there is much greed, superstition, hatred, war, disasters and so forth. Is is said that we are entering a golden age. So let us look forward to it not be afraid, too many fearmongers make money out of those they have put the fear into. Fear seems to be the agenda on this planet, it is time it was stopped.

It was worth the wait!!

Finally someone worth reading! Stargazer. I am going to stop reading with your comment. It was by far the best yet. Thank you for your intelligence and thoughtfulness. And yes, perhaps it will change the way we are. One could only hope...


If the Mayan's were so smart why didn't they see the Spanish coming?

Get informed

The Mayans have already disappeared long time ago before the Spanish invasions arrived. 

Because... one expects the Spanish inquisition.


This comment was, by far, the best thing on this page. Thanks much for the laugh! 


Ansh Sikka, Thank you very much for the laugh. I very nearly rolled out of my chair and the room roared with laughter as I read your post out loud. Hilarious and we couldn't agree more. Thanks again!

Don't be scared be prepared

We live to die. Point is to create as many happy and enjoyable moments by not harming ourselves or others in between then. Preparing for any catastrophe is a smart thing to do.the earth is unpredictable. I don't think the world will end but I do think major world wide catastrophes will occur. We are looking at a real possibility of major solar flare which could wipe out the satellites and power world wide. Life would stop where ever you are at that moment because we are so dependent on artificial power. Cars, cell phones, lights, medical equipment, etc. would not work. There would be a chain reaction of chaotic events starting with the response from human beings.

Also imagine trying to recover from a natural disaster without the help of communication devices, air and land vehicles, and food. I believe this type of occurrence will be what eliminates a large portion of the population. Communication would be close to impossible over long distances. Governments would crumble and it will be every man for himself. When calm finally occurs those who survive would be starting over from scratch. As far as under ground bunkers and what have you, what can an underground bunker do if the ocean is covering it or an earthquake occurs? Minnesota is not known for earthquakes but we had one last year. Earth quakes can occur in lots of places people wouldn't expect them to. Please Google any info on solar flares and do your own research.


You speak the truth!

why do people say the world is ending?

People stop thinking the world will end. It's just on 2012 December 21 is a planetary alignment is when all the planets go in a straight line and the earth will go pitch black. That means no light for about 3 or more days if your power goes out make a fire or somewhere warm so you wont get cold. Plus, buy supplies fast before this happens cause all stores will be closed cause it will be the holidays so buy a supply of food. I knew this from Facebook it said that the Nava had said that this would happen like what I said a planetary alignment. So don't worry its not the end of the world its just the line up of all planets and our planet will go black for 3 or more days so. 

Don't think the world is going to end. It's not okay so be happy and have fun in the dark. Plus, hope your electronic solar powered cars go good i the dark. Have a good day. 

Facebook also said....

Facebook also said I need 4 more friends to be a MafiaWars rockstar.

Holy Crap

You are awesomely stupid.  Thanks for making my morning.  My husband and I laughed all morning.  You got your info from Facebook?  Ha!


Well as much as you enjoyed laughing the information she received from Facebook is in fact correct and has been studied for the past 4 months by fellow astronomers and scientists. You should read more often it makes you less stupid yourself.

Family Gathering

A suggestion for the day before the solstice. At 12:20pm or 8:12pm (20:12) on December 20th 2012, why not take the opportunity of taking a snapshot of the family gathered together? Any family members not present could also take a photo of themselves - to be photoshopped into the image afterwards? 12:20/20:12 on 2012.12.20 / 12.20.2012 / 20.12.2012 (US & UK ways of writing the date). Assuming the world does indeed continue past the solstice (highly likely), it would mark an alignment of date and time that (especially for numerologists) won't be repeated for a while. The image would be useful for any future (and current) genealogists, people with family members scattered across the country/around the world? Imagine the number of images created (everyone with a camera phone?) - freezing a picture of people across the globe at the same time.

Great idea

Way to be an optimist and look on the bright side of things. I think this is a great idea and we should start a movement about this! 


Hello my friends, What I have to say is simple and any brain can understand. Everything in life is running in a circles. Some of those circles cannot be broken. And this life we are living, and the billions of billions planets out there are not found to end. The Circle of life, the human life, will never end. Every century a new generation will be born. A new scientific information will be discovered and we will ever last. 

There's no exclusive club

There's no exclusive club to be a Christian! God loves and welcomes everyone, no matter what Smiling

i love god

will you make me in with god?

Hope something will happen and kill half of the population

I could only hope something will happen and kill half of the population. Hopefully the USA, Middle East, Korea, Russia and all the starving Africans so I don't have to watch kids dying on tv wile I am trying to eat my Christmas dinner.

Humanity is so messed up in every way, and with half the population gone and word leaders dead, maybe people can think for themselves and create a green, peaceful planet without money, taxes, leaders and war.

And where did you say

And where did you say you live? Enjoy your dinner Smiling

Christmas diner

Thank God that every body doesn't think like you have tried to help any dying kids or anything at all doubt full you sit on your butt and complain your part of society's problem.

You won't make the rapture

That's fine...Those left behind are the sinners. God loves America!

Your comment is bogus because

Your comment is bogus because first of all we are all sinners and if you are a Christian and do read your bible correctly and not make things up in your head we are all sinners! So while the "sinners" are left behind us sinners will be accounted for by God. The only qualification for heaven is to accept and have  a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

3 and ahalf billion dead-same time

with 3 billion dead at once your spirit will be stuck on earth with us .....sinners sorry!

I say just dont even think

I say just don't even think about it. If the world is going to end its going to end but I don't think it will right now. The sun isn't going to go out for probably more than maybe thousand of years. If it is what some people say "God's plan" I don't think "God" would want people to know when the world was going to end. So just suck up and have fun do whatever you do. You don't need to think about the world coming to an end when its probably not. Sure the Mayan calendar ends then but people have said many times the world is going to end and it didn't. Also don't you think maybe the Mayans were tired of making the calendar when they been making it for years? I know a lot of people would get bored of making a calendar for years and years.

Oh ya

Obama enough said...

it wont end


Men destroyed what Gods message was meant to be

I believe God's true message is to love, to treat each other like we want to be treated. The rich have devoured our planet and us, reduced us to worry and to judge . All through history we fight, kill and dominate. We have to pay for the simplest joys. Animals are destroyed for pleasure. They don't even have a safe home anymore. We feed them hormones to make them grow in 6 weeks what should take 6 months. We test on them. Man created the evils in the world. Sickness, greed and hunger. Man is choosing to murder for oil. Corporations treat their employees like they're lucky to work. In reality, if it weren't for your employees you'd be up the creek. If the world does change 12-21-2012, I hope people who do control the planet will stop choking us to death. How much money do you really need? Stop killing animals, people and our planet.

Man destroyed what Gods message was supposed to be

I agree with your comment. The rich keep getting rich and poor, poorer. It is all about money. Who has the biggest house, the nicest car, everything is a competition. Man did create the evils in the world. It is man who kills man, not the guns or weapons. The weapons can't think, the person holding the weapons think.

It would be good if we did go back to a simpler way of life. People are afraid to help one another anymore for fear of getting hurt or robbed. We live in a world where no one trusts any one anymore because of fear.

I was raised on a farm where my mom and dad used to leave the doors unlocked all the time and leave biscuits and cookies on the kitchen table for people to come in and have a bit to eat and then leave. They never thought of robbing the house or vandalizing it. They just appreciated the food.

My dad always lived by the golden rule: "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you". I teach my children the same thing, and I live by the same rule. I believe in God, Jesus Christ. When I am worried, which is just about everyday, I pray to Jesus and he helps me and answers me. We should Love each other and be thankful for what we have....(:

I completely agree

I completely agree with what you said 100%. Being an Iraqi war veteran (2003-2004) I have seen a fraction of the scale of destruction that we as humans are capable of.

My Opinion

I agree with most of what you are saying. But don't we as human beings have that instinct to survive? If the world does end, won't mankind basically go back to the olden times and start killing anyway? Throughout history mankind has killed each other over pride, territory, race, and just plain differences.

The bible says "No one. Not even the angels in heaven, knows when the Son of Man will return." Now lets say the Book of Revelations happens. Those who Jesus doesn't take to Heaven will have to go through years and years of torment, hunger, agony and death. Mankind can just put a expiration date on the planet and only be half-right in the eyes of others. People have and will spend years and thousands of dollars trying to prepare for anything from zombies to war. But life has shown that Nothing goes according to planned.

Trust me. Do not count down the days to the end. Cherish the days as the come.

sorry but animals have been

Sorry but animals have been sick and hungry forever. It is called nature, and not everything is perfect in the real world.

Nature and Animals

Not true! Nature provides for all of us, until mankind destroyed it. That's why there are hungry animals and people. Destruction of nature for profit in there bank accounts. Greed doesn't care, it just takes, at the expense of living creatures.


If the moon affects our tides by it's alignment to earth then what is going to happen when all of our solar system lines up? 

I believe the entire universe is just going through it's cycle and that the earth is getting ready to do it's cleaning cycle. There is nothing we can do to stop it nor change it.

We live in a closed system. There is a finite amount of everything, i.e. solids, liquids and gases, they just change form as they are influenced by outside forces. 

Doesn't it stand to reason that there are also a finite number of souls or spirits, if you will? As one thing ends something else begins. 

Humans, as a species, has abused and harmed our Garden of Eden, Earth!   

Are we so vain as to think we are above the laws of nature? We cannot sustain our population as it stands. Something has to give and it will be humankind that shall fail the tests that Mother Nature sets before us.  It is the end of the world as we know it.


right on Debs. I agree with you. I say we should hunt them and see how they like it.

Lehme SHu

The world is not going end - if the Mayan theory was actually right the world would have already ended.

Explain that.

Explain that..\

explain that

what it means by that is that the Mayans predicted it to end in 2003 or 2006. I forgot which, but what I mean is that when nothing happened they just pushed the date forward. Smiling

Leap Years

The bible says not even the angels in heaven know the date or hour of the world ending. So shut up. And even if the Mayan calendar was right, the world would've ended like 7 months ago. The Mayan Calendar didn't have leap years. If we do it would be April 28, 2013 if we were using the Mayan calendar. So I think we're good. The world will end, but no one knows when. (:

The Mayan calendar accurately

The Mayan calendar accurately predicts big events in astronomy, you said they wouldn't have added leap years but funny thing is those leap years led us up to having planetary alignment on 12/21/12 which is happening as I write this.

leap year

If you guys didn't known the Mayans counted the year down to 1 tenth equivalent with the atomic clock. The extra day of leap year was added in everyday. Like having 24 hours and 5 sec in a day. I wouldn't oppose the Mayans, they knew more than most people know now. And didn't have computers or anything to guide them along.

Mayan calandar

The Mayan calendar is more accurate than the one we use today.

end of days

You're a bunch of gullible Bible-pushing, scientifically ignorant, ants on this random and chaotic so called planet of circumstance you primitively call "Earth." Have no fear death is near, regardless of the Mayans.

You are silly

You are silly - do some research.

The Greatest Hoax

Why it is religion, of course. Go ahead pick one, anyone and ante up to the preacher for a little hope.

One thing is for sure!

The only thing I know for sure that will happen on this day is that I will be eating a huge pizza with a very cold coke on the side. Throw in my favorite movie and enjoy the day. Then, come what may. Something tells me that I'll wake up early the next morning to a beautiful sunrise!

The Bible says that no one

The Bible says that no one will know the day the world will end. So I'm not worried Smiling People can keep guessing, and researching. But that seems like a pretty depressing job.

no one knows

exactly Smiling so we can just relax with the understanding that even if it does come, we are safe.

You make a valid point

You make a valid point and this is coming from someone who doesn't really believe in any God (more of an agnostic type). I try to look at any scenario from both perspectives. Oh, and thank you for not preaching.

the fall of the iluminati is due to come

According to me I think that the only thing that will change after December 21st is that the power of the illuminati will cease.

Wow, that is a profound

Wow, that is a profound statement. Why, exactly, would that happen? Or rather, how? Do all the members of the Illuminati have the same exact pacemaker that, unbeknownst to them, will shut down at the same time on December 21st, 2012? Or, is there a shadowy group of Illuminati-killers who have managed to track down every member of this beyond-secretive group, with plans to assassinate each member on the 21st? A combination of both, maybe? Please, do tell.


Both...I bet it's both.


Every start must have an end. But that not 2012. Enjoy life my friends!

There are more concerning matters at hand

I find it difficult to swallow the theories about the end of the world. Perhaps over the next 700 years there will be an end to the world but it wont be because of some strange biblical type doomsday event. It will be due to global warming due to carbon pollution. Scientists have discovered that the permafrost in Northern forests in Siberia is melting at a rapid rate. Google it for more info please.

Once this occurs there will be a massive release of CO2 and methane gases into the atmosphere dramatically increasing the green house effect. By the year 2100, the average global temperature will be 46 degrees Celsius. The current average (surface and land mass) is around 16 degrees Celsius.

The planet is screwed and we only have ourselves to blame. Read what you want out of this bleak future but the simple fact is human life will never be the same and our planet may become a barren desert devoid of complex life. This is a depressing thought but I am hopeful our world will unite to avoid a mass extinction event. Get involved and become an advocate for action on climate change. Speculating on doomsday prophecies will lead you nowhere.

We are not affecting

We are not affecting climate.  An overactive sun and solar flares are affecting climate.

Not true

The human population is the cause of the ozone layer breaking down, all the factories and green house gasses are the reason for this, the solar flares are stronger but our ozone layers are weaker because of human greed and the want for more products made by factories.

interesting facts!

Very interesting facts. I didn't know about that

And religiously, the world would will end in about less than 900 years – but gradually, not suddenly Smiling

The last Day

The day when human would know the future - it would be the last day of the world

The planet sure is being

The planet sure is being polluted, as stewards, we have really messed up.  But, along with this is the fact that the earth's axis is changing, so the things up north are moving farther south, which stands to reason why it is melting.

There are many examples of this and resources, but you've got to be willing to do the research.

Global Warning

The earth's axis is changing. There is much evidence by many scientist. This is why the north pole and those lands lying in the latitude and longitude are melting. 

It certainly sounds like

It certainly sounds like you've got it all figured out, Mr. Scientist guy! Amazing how people become their own experts on this, and figure they know more than God or the Astronomers who are, by the way, people who study this every single day of their lives.

You should try un-puckering your lips and quit believing Al Gore. He's just a douche with money who came up with the idea of global warming so he could sell his "carbon credits" to the large corporations for a huge profit. Dude, if Gore really gave a crap about the environment, he wouldn't be allowing these corporations to pollute the atmosphere at all! Yet, he tells the American people he's concerned about creating a cleaner environment, then turns right around and allow these company's to dump toxic gasses into the air as long as they pay him. He lies straight to your face, and you believe his words.

Then ignore the fact that his actions contradict those words.  You will know them by their fruits, my friend. Wake up.


I'm worried about you man. You are so uptight that I'm afraid you're going to give yourself a stroke. Settle down, maybe even medicate a little.

Our planet has cycled for millions of years of heat and cold cycles, the proof is in the geology. Mankind makes such a little foot print that it has little to no impact on our heating and cooling cycles.

A larger issue to worry about is keeping our rivers, lakes, and oceans clean. Replacing our trees with new ones when we cut them down, etc. We need to be good caretakers of our planet.

But the issue of humans causing global warming is just not true. People like Al Gore are making multi millions pushing this garbage. Just like prep stores are making a lot of bucks pushing end of the world kits. More nonsense.

Lets take care of what we can control and not lose sleep over the uncontrollable.

Time for a cold coke...

Global warming is a farce

Sorry but I have not seen any proof relating people and carbon emissions to global warming. Our plant is over 4 billion years old, we have only been creating emissions for under 100 years. It's foolish to think an insignificant speck like us in this short of time could have any negative effects. 1 volcano erupting makes more emissions in one day than New York in a month. Besides that, the thing no one seems to notice is that the entire solar system seems to be affected by so called "emission created global warming", the real weird part is that the percentage of temperature rise increase the further you get from the sun. I think global warming is a way to blanket the truth of the real issue. Whether its good bad or ugly (personally I'm rooting for good), I have my doubts that me driving a V8 has anything to do with 4-6% temperature increase on Pluto.

December 2012

Unbelievable! LMAO! All the super Christians`s tripping because the atheist don`t believe, and the atheist, which you`re right about bible freaks, ramming religion down people throats, are ALL twisted! The planets are going line up! And nobody knows what is going to happen. One thing for sure: it`s got the attention of all kinds of people. Believers and non-believers. So the effects are coming true.

I agree about the church goers who start wars because we don`t agree with you. Real religion is about peace. I think you Christians are going to get fed to the lions again.And the cycle will begin with making you non-believers, believe!

You NASA people, I see they got you too? You only think science is fact. I've got news for you too. So everyone who responded, you have been affected by the 2012 alignment already. No the world will not end! But change is coming. The planet needs a re-set.

The big devils are depleting all the oil, cutting down the rain forest, chemicals in the food to control population; intentions to build a plastic nation; cloning cats to have dogs; human beings breeding hogs; on the moon in search of aliens. Now cool out and pray that you get to paradise. People, change is going to come.

I disagree with you...

I disagree with you. What is your problem? If there is a world war you're going to blame the Christians for starting it? What an idiot! If anything goes wrong you blame the Christians? Get a life and quit blaming others.

You are so right!!

I don't know what is coming but I'm more scared to live in a world like this.

The only way to survive

Dear Mayolo,

It's perfectly normal to fear the unknown and possible catastrophe that could be in our very near future but you should know, that the most important thing to focus on is the only one who can save you, God. Your body can and will die eventually whether in a disaster or of old age. Death is inescapable. Although we die on earth our souls live forever. Whether your soul spends eternity in Hell or Heaven is actually up to you.

Yes, you actually have a choice of where you will spend eternity. All the people who don't take the time to get to know Jesus and most importantly repent from their sins, they go to Hell. The people who repent and ask Jesus into their heart and accept him as their lord and savior, those people enter his kingdom in Heaven. These things are promised in the Bible. If you are afraid I suggest you call on Jesus and get into reading the Bible. The New International Version (or NIV) is the easiest to understand. Good luck. God bless. Don't forget, no matter how wicked we are Jesus still loves us. He desires for us to admit to Him we take accountability for our bad habits and sinful nature.

Did you know there is rejoicing in Heaven every time a person repents and asks Jesus into their heart? It's true. The moment you give your heart to God a calmness comes over you ad you are changed. The calmness you feel is His love. He loves you more than you will ever know. When you ask for Him to come into your life it' is a joyous time in heaven and he is so proud. 

I was just searching and saw

I was just searching and saw your comment. I am in no way, shape or form bashing your for your belief. More power to you! But your comment makes no sense to me as with what a lot of other Christians say. If Jesus or God loves everyone, or so you say, why would he still want to send people who don't believe to Hell? That's just crazy to me.


This was never God's plan to have the earth contaminated.  We as humans were always meant to live eternally (forever) in perfect fellowship with God. If you look at how our cells regenerate and our bodies heal themselves, we were created to live forever. What you have to look at is the true intent in the beginning. Eve was never supposed to be so tempted that she succumbed to the temptation and ate the fruit.  Adam was never supposed to the tempted with her to eat. God always had it on his mind to have a relationship with us. When Adam and Eve ate, it severed a spiritual relationship. That is where the death that is so evident on the earth came in. The earth does suffer, it says in the Bible that even the rocks cry out. The things that are going on in the world don't go unnoticed to God. The people and the animals don't go unnoticed to God. He holds all of these things dear. God's original intent was for this planet to be paradise, and for us to enjoy it with Him.

Being a parent

Marrisa have you ever hear of the expression tough love? That is what God gives to his children. He's just a parent trying to grow his kids in the right way. He loves each and every one of us, but what is wrong is wrong, an must be punished. He cries for each child he looses.

Tough Love?

Cascade: I am sorry, but under no circumstances is "believe in me and accept me as your one ultimate god and deny all the other gods or burn in fire in hell in torment that lasts forever" (Not anything like the blink of an eye our existence is). That is not tough love. I have used tough love on people I love, my kids and my mother. In no way would I ever take anyone I love, because they disobeyed me, and tie them up and torture them for eternity. I mean you do understand how ridiculous and nonsensical this is? A belief is just that, a belief. Why threaten people to believe how you do? Eternal damnation is a threat, by the way.

Do these threats sound like what a real all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-present, completely wise, immortal being would do and impose on people that It truly loved? Or does this a) sound more like what humans would make up or severely alter to control population, or b) this immortal being has a very low self esteem and power and control issues, which no actual god would actually have in the true sense of what the word god actually means. This implies imperfection and room to grow and evolve. 

Now please stop trying to force your beliefs on others and let them live their lives. Those meant to find your god, will, and without being forced. It's just silly otherwise.

Often times, in fact a lot

Often times, in fact a lot lately, religion has forced its ways into my life uninvited. I always looked for a respectful way to tell someone that just because I didn't believe as they did, that I wasn't bad. I am a person that relies on fact more than anything. I do believe there could be a higher intelligence that helped us evolve. What that intelligence is, I can't say for certain. I do think sometimes I feel it, maybe its the good part of me. But I don't need to worship in buildings or follow rigorous doctrine to believe that I will go to heaven and won't "burn in hell forever" You did a very eloquent and good job describing how I would explain it without being rude.

I'm scared

Hi my name is Mayolo and there has been a problem in my life. I used to see perfectly but somehow my bias seems like I'm dreaming and I don't know why. And how I'm only 14 I believe in aliens UFO's. I've seen them but let's get to the point. What if we die? On that day the less you believe the more probability a it's going to happen I'm going to be honest I'm not that good. I am kind of bad. I love God but I've done bad stuff. I'm sorry God Sad  Let's be honest, I am scared. I love my family and I would love to spend my last day with them. 

Have no fear!

Dearest Mayola,

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 31:6: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

If anyone does die on this day, the fact still remains: if you are a professed Christian, than you have nothing to worry about. I'm a Christian, and this is how I feel. God isn't just with us when times are good - but when they are bad too. He will never leave us even when it's at it's worst - if anything he will send more of his angels to help comfort us.

The fact that you admitted that you would like to spend your last day with your family is good also. You have your priorities in line. Now, as we are all 13 days (almost 12 now) away from this date and time of December 21st, 2012.  Try to reflect on what is good.

The Bible also states in Ephesians 2:8 that "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God."  So basically Jesus came and died on the cross and took all of your sins, everyone's sin who believes in him and delivered all of those who repent in His name.  All of this for you and for everyone else who has accepted Jesus and recognized him as their Savior!!!

1 John 1:9 says "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."  This means that He WILL cover your sins.  He has NEVER broken a promise - he cannot lie - he is God!  Jesus' innocent perfect blood was spilt on the cross to save us.  Isn't that a wonderful thought that we have nothing to worry about if we have accepted His message?

Now let me tell you what I'm planning on doing in these last days.  I as well am planning on spending time with family.  Trying to witness to those who are still blind to the true Word of God.  oing what I've done every day of my life since I became a follower of Christ!

Hold your head high Mayola, do not be afraid.  The Bible also says in Isaiah 41:10: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."  He will be with you until the end of time and comfort you as well! 

I will pray for peace in your mind on these things!  Even if the world is ending here, there is SO MUCH to look forward to!  I love you as a sister Mayola. I will pray that God will help give you the peace I have with this.  

Even if we do pass away, it is still the beginning of a much better and greater thing than this earth as we know!!  For if it is time for the Rapture, then I will see you in Heaven.

Love, Benjamin

Dude, the man who wrote most

Dude, the man who wrote most of the New Testament, and became one of God's biggest advocates killed countless numbers of Christians. Take into account, the guys Jesus chose to have around him for the last few years of his life. No, there weren't only 12 disciples, there were thousands. Jesus chose 12 men out of that group of disciples to mentor. Those guys were a mess, and not well-liked by the rest of the population.

It doesn't matter what you've done as much as what you will do. He doesn't want perfect people to do his work. If we were all perfect, we would have no need for Him at all. It means much more when He can take a bad person, or situation, and use that for good. So don't worry too much about what you've done. We all sin, and fall short of His glory. So just be ready for whatever is coming, and don't be like a scared little girl. The creator of the universe didn't intend for us to be timid. He prefers a fighting spirit. 

Who Knows

I wont say I don't believe in God but, I have never had unreason to believe he is real or not. He could be there but he also could not be there. We all have our beliefs and what not. Anyhow I do believe once the planets align with the pyramids that happen like once every 2,352 years or something like that, something big or important will happen. But even if you did, some bad things in life or even great things in life. Life is life. If you're scared to die. You shouldn't be living. I'm scared to die and yet i still say this, We all die in the end enjoy what you have while it lasts, world ending or not.

Just be happy you lived at all.

I'm almost 15 I'll be 15 on the 13th Eye-wink Hope you listen to my suggestions. Love you all!

Just to let you know, if you

Just to let you know, if you think that the fact you don't not believe in God will keep you from going to Christian Hell, you are wrong. I don't know if you believe that or not, for some reason your post brought that thought to mind. When I saw that you were only 15, I realized that's probably not the case, but I decided to post this anyway, just in case.

All that being said, I am not some Bible thumper. Actually, for the last 15 to 17 years I have stopped believing/practicing Christianity. Only recently have I started re-evaluating my spiritual beliefs. I am trying to get back into the habit of daily prayer and possibly start attending church again. Not sure why I'm sharing all of this with you. Honestly, whatever works for you works for you, as long as it "preaches" the virtues of being an honest, good person.

I guess, getting back to the first part of my post, I just wanted to let u know that not "not believing" won't keep you from Christian Hell. Whether or not Christianity is what you believe in is up to you. Peace.

Remote Viewing

Everyone around me, my family, friends, neighbors, all think I'm goofy! Goofy or not, with all the information out there, it's hard not to be concerned! The only thing I wish everyone would do is prepare, just incase. If nothing happens, great, we all get a good laugh out of it & I don't mind being the person everyone points at! I will laugh too. The one thing I hope doesn't happen: me pointing my finger with these words "I told you so!" Now, all that said, here is my biggest concern: Look up "Remove Viewing". You think that this is all a hoax? I don't know if you'll laugh at this?


Hey don't be scared kid

Hey don't be scared kid. You got to have big guts to protect your macho family. Take a chill pill, make some tacos and proceed with your everyday life. It will be alright, if God wants us to die let it be. 

Don't Be Scared

Dear Heart, don't be scared. You'll be fine.

It is time to accept the truth

It doesn’t matter if the world collides into the sun, the sun explodes, and a giant comet hits the earth, whatever. What matters and frightens all of us (that is why you are reading this) is that we are going to die.

But lets think with our brain for a moment. Hey, anyway we are all going to die. You can die right now by choking with your saliva, slip on the bath tub, hit by a car. It doesn’t matter. We must accept the fact that we are a brief tinny moment in the history of the universe. We need to finally accept we are bothers and sisters in the same boat we call “life on planet earth.”

Everyday we are alive is a gift. The goal is not reaching the end but what we have learn and done in the journey. Hey, maybe our time is up, but the universe and it’s continuously metamorphosis will go on. I can assure at this time that you are not worried about the extermination of the orange trees, or the bees, or maybe the woodpeckers. No, you are concerned only in you (maybe your close relatives). But all living things in this planet share a symbiotic relationship (we need each other to survive). Accept the truth!

Accepting the truth

I'm reading this not because I'm afraid - I'm just waiting till 5:00 so I can go home!

Too funny

That is the best comment I've seen on this thread!


You guys overreact. It's just a a cycle of a calendar. 

Only one being knows when our

Only one being knows when our time on Earth is up. God bless.

Let's bet

Nothing is going to happen...

3rd of December Melbourne

A lot has been said. So there is no need to repeat others words. What I will do is add a little that hasn't been said:

Monument - Can any one tell me where this word first came from? I can tell you. It's Latin. Do you know what it means in Latin? Warning. Study this word, it's a very old word. 

September 26th, negative sun spots and solar flare, the exact kind that the Myans have pin pointed on their calendar for the 26th of September, reading this topic I can not believe no one mentioned this. 

This is the sole reason why I'm considering heading toward the Blue Mountains on the 18th of December as a precaution. Call me crazy, I just feel I haven't fulfilled my life yet so I'm going to survive. If nothing happens, I'll laugh about it. If it does, and I survive, I will build a stronghold for freedom where I will urge people to fight against the looters and co. because if this happens, the world will be a messed up lace and they're going to need born leaders. It's funny though, I tell people about this and they look at me and smile. Like I'm going crazy. All good. If that time comes, or when, I shall lead, because remember, visions...

Mother Shipton's prophecy poetry about the dragon's tail, I don't know but, I think the dragons tail could be niburu and the dragon the comet that one month ahead (the name of the comet just totally blanked my mind, .bloody tap water...) 

From what I have read a lot of you people have misinterpreted the bible. You so called worshippers do not know the true meaning of God. Its right there in front of you. Explained to the fullest and still you can't work it out. Am I a sinner for telling the truth of what has been said and what certain words mean, and because certain people misinterpret the Bible? Or because I might spell a word or two wrong? Get my point? You still don't, yet you are probably judging me right now. Shall not judge.

Shall not Judge

We need to open our eyes the world is changing and all these things has happened before and it will happen again! We all need to prepare for any kind of natural disasters. The government will not help us! Do your own research its amazing what you will learn. NASA works for the government they will never tell us the truth because it will cause panic and why panic anyone when there is nothing they can do for 6 billion people!


My uncle works for NASA and I would have heard some things from him if they were hiding something or anything. I think nothing is going to happen at all. If it does then it does know on can't stop it from happening.

Yes I figured that but think

Yes I figured that but think about this if it was known it would of been leaked a secret this big affecting everyone would not stay quiet honestly think about it. 

To everyone talking bout god n the end of the world....

I'm sorry, I respect everyone's opinion, but arguing is not good we should love, respect each other. Just pray the rosary and love everyone. Have a happy and loving holiday to all of us and God bless us all around the world.

Pray the rosary?

Pray the rosary? Is that what the Bible tells us to do? I would love to know which verse tells us how to pray the rosary, cause last I checked, there was nothing in there about wearing rosary beads, hanging them from my rear view mirror, or rolling them around in my fingers to get God's attention. That stuff was made up by the Catholic church, and is nothing short of idolatry. Oh yeah, and He never said his mother was so special that we needed to include her in our daily worship either. 

The Biggest Hoax in History

Hello to everybody in here. First I would like to point out, so as to be clear to all of you, that Christian religion was founded 2012 years ago. So if you all believe that you are so informed how do you say that Christianity is doing one thing or other from ancient time if ancient is defined for the time BC? Stop talking about God because you won't persuade the other to change his religion. Everybody believes in something. Jesus was trying to unite people between the not to make them believe in him.

Now to more important things. I like how you all believe everything that is said by others. People there won't be any planet alignment in the 21st of December. Wake up and search for scientific data. Maybe there will be something but be sure that planets won't align in the next 18 days.

You should do some more

You should do some more research and data, the planets will align. It's called Astrology, which really has nothing to do with Jesus.

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