How Are Uber Driver-Partners Rated?

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Man driving guy in UberUber is a great platform for both drivers (partners) and passengers when it comes to safe and reliable ridesharing. If you are planning to be one of the happy Uber partners or drivers in your city, you need to know how to maintain a spotless Uber driver-partner rating. This is often times the difference between a mediocre shift and a cash-stacking ridesharing adventure.

If you think about it, Uber’s entire business is about disrupting traditional transportation business models by putting the power in the consumers hands to have an outstanding ridesharing experience on demand. And you better believe they made it super easy for the consumer to make sure everybody knows not to ride amidst your empty fast food bags in your cigarette smoke filled fart wagon. Because we are the “pros”, we’re going to help you get it right and build a great reputation on the Uber platform so you can not only meet your financial goals, but exceed them.

How Do I Rate an Uber Driver-Partner?

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As an Uber driver-partner, you will have the opportunity to receive a rating of 1-5 stars from your passengers after every single ride. If you are going to be a Ridesharing Pro you MUST make a commitment not only to creating an amazing experience for your riders, but also to let them know that they will have the opportunity to rate their experience with you and it matters. Uber is extremely strict about making sure they always have their best drivers on the road. If your Uber driver-partner rating falls below 4.6 stars they will suspend your account. This is no joke and can be a real deal killer. Take it serious.

Your rating as a driver is an average of all of your individual trip ratings and it is not impacted by any of the unfulfilled or cancelled trip requests. Uber’s report from 2014 shows that only 2-3% of drivers get suspended due to a poor rating. If you are performing below the standard, you will be warned by Uber before finally getting suspended and this warning will be the last chance for you to improve your rating before it’s too late.

Uber Driver-Partner Complaints

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Being in the customer service business you are going to occasionally get 1 star ratings that are completely out of your control. Maybe your rider has had a bad day or maybe they just don’t understand the huge impact a 1 star rating has for a driver. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Chalk it up to the cost of business and focus on the variables in your business you CAN control. We’ve done the research for you and have found the most common driver behaviors what tend to piss off Uber riders. Avoid these like the plague!!

• Using cell phone during a ride
• Showing disrespectful attitude
• Bad condition of car
• Bad driving
• Poor navigation skills

Consider the Following Tips to Avoid a Poor Rating

Learn More About Uber Driver-Partner Requirements

  • Don’t drive with open windows unless your passengers ask to do so.
  • Never ask too many questions or complain to your passengers.
  • Never drive your car with any critical condition specially with breaking issues.
  • Never get lost on the way and waste passengers’ valuable time.
  • If you don’t find the passengers in place and on time, cancel the trip.
  • While driving, don’t talk and text on phone or hold cell phone in your hands.
  • Never break traffic laws and avoid road rage.
  • Don’t drive when tired.
  • Don’t accept cash even though there is any technical difficulty.
  • Never drive a vehicle not listed in your Uber account and never drive with someone else’s driver account.
  • Don’t call and ask passengers about their destination before you arrive to the pick-up point.

Uber’s 5 Star Rating System

Achieving a 5 star rating from every customer is really not rocket science, but it will take a lot of commitment on your part to create a consistently excellent customer experience. If your rider gives you a rating of 3 stars or less it will automatically trigger an additional survey from Uber providing the rider the opportunity to review a few key components of their experience. These components provide us valuable insight into exactly how you are going to stay off of Uber’s naughty list.

  • Attitude  There is nothing wrong with being yourself but at the same time try to be polite and friendly enough to make the passenger feel comfortable. Passengers often love chatting with drivers but you should be mindful if they would prefer silence or are visible tired.
  • Professionalism  No, you’re not a Taxi driver, but make sure you are offering to open doors for passengers and help with luggage etc. It’s just common courtesy.
  • Phone Mounting   Make sure your phone is mounted where the rider can easily see the screen. This is how they know you are legit and they’ve got the right driver. Your phone MUST be hands free to allow for safe operation of your vehicle.
  • Cleanliness Of Car  You must keep your car clean and it should smell fresh all the time.
  • Inefficient Route  One of the most common complaints of Uber passengers is inefficient route. To avoid such issue you must use a GPS and choose the most efficient route. Uber app has got built-in navigation for some trips but it’s not yet available for all routes and therefore using GPS is a must for getting higher rating.
  • Water And Mints  Offering passengers water and mints is an Uber standard around the world. Usually most passengers don’t take it but still they love to be asked. This is really a very small investment considering the amount of positive impression such offering can create.

Maintaining these standards is a must for you as an Uber driver-partner. But to get the 6th star you will have to do a bit more! Here are a few bonus tips for you to maintain your good rating

  • Always pick up the right passenger as picking up someone wrong will lead to a 1-star rating for most cases.
  • Always keep cell phone chargers for both iPhone and Android in your car to help passengers when they are in need.
  • Ask your passengers if there is anything else you can help with.
    Always stay well-dressed and clean.
  • Show your concern in case of any emergency.
  • Maintain your car perfectly.
  • Always obey traffic laws and drive carefully; not too slow, not too fast.
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I’ve heard a rumor that uber riders have ratings too! Is this true? And if so how can you find out your rating as an uber rider?