Using Paranormal Investigators to Discover Mysteries

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Ghost hand: Paranormal InvestigatorsWhen it comes to investigating the paranormal there are those who believe that it can be done and those who believe that it is impossible. For those who believe that paranormal investigations can be performed, their research relies upon a number of questionable methods and pieces of equipment that are seldom recognized by the official scientific community. Regardless of the lack of recognition for their efforts, however, paranormal research teams continue their efforts in an attempt to uncover that singular piece of elusive evidence to convince all of the skeptics out there that the paranormal does exist.

What Are Paranormal Investigators?

In short paranormal investigators are individuals or teams of individuals who dedicate their time to investigating anything within the paranormal realm. Most often this “occupation” is associated with “ghost hunting” although there are also a number of other paranormal entities that are the focus of investigations. These investigators can dedicate their time to interacting with the spirits of historical locations long since abandoned or they can focus on launching investigations in specific cases of paranormal interference – such as an individual who is experiencing signs of possession or someone who is being targeted by a malevolent spirit. It is not only places that become the object of these paranormal investigations though, in plenty of cases, such as the possessions noted above, people can also become the subject of these cases.

What Do Paranormal Investigators Do?

Just as the specialty of a paranormal investigator can differ so too do their talents and focus in terms of what they do.


  1. Specific Time Periods – As such they are drawn to specific locations during their investigations. An example of this type of investigator is someone who is well versed in the civil war who spends their time investigating “haunted” locations that have a base in the civil war period.
  2. Poltergeist Activity – For the investigator who is well versed in poltergeist activity the prime location for an investigation is one that has seen paranormal activity characterized by mysterious noises and moving objects that have no apparent Earthly explanation.

The Degree of Involvement

Acase also depends upon the individual concerned and the specific case being tackled.

For example, a demonologist who focuses their time on studying demons or malevolent spirits that aim to harm individuals within its “territory,” may find themselves becoming much more involved in their case than an investigator hired to simply confirm spiritual activity within a location. For the demonologist their investigation may consist of an initial investigation which is followed by a plan of action that can involve various rituals focused on disempowering the entity. For some demonologists these rituals can involve the implementation of a psychic medium, a banishing ritual or even the use of a priest to perform an exorcism ritual. For the paranormal investigator hired to confirm spiritual activity in a specific location an investigation may involve simply initiating an initial investigation and utilizing various pieces of equipment to chronicle the spiritual activity that was observed during the investigation.

It may sound as though one type of paranormal investigators job is more difficult than another’s, but it is important to recognize that the level of difficulty of an investigation hinges on a number of factors.

What Types of Things Do Paranormal Investigators Investigate?

Two types of situations in which a paranormal investigator may be called out are noted above but there are a number of elements that may require a paranormal investigator to come out to a location including:

  • Possessions
  • Incidents of bodily harm by an unknown and unobservable entity
  • Disembodied voices or sounds
  • Mysterious movement of objects throughout the home
  • Significant behavior changes in children or pets within a household that have no logical explanation
  • Unexplained sickness that disappears when an individual leaves the location
  • Historical investigations and incidences of paranormal activity connected with the introduction of a new object in to a home

What are the Most Commonly Investigated Areas in Paranormal Investigations?

Due to the nature of the occupation itself, the majority of cases for paranormal investigators come from private citizens experiencing something that they cannot explain within their home or occupational location. Individuals will generally call out an investigator either after they have tried absolutely everything else to explain the unexplained actions or as a first step if they are paranormally inclined.

Aside from investigating private homes and occupational buildings, investigators may also find themselves investigating structures built on sacred ground such as a graveyard, abandoned structures that witnessed much death during their “lifespan” such as hospitals and asylums and areas frequented by the “spirits” during their lifetime.

Simply put, a paranormal investigator will usually investigate any location suspected of being in possession of a paranormal entity.

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Video: Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape

Watch as this woman experiences paranormal activity at a haunted hotel. Pretty spooky!

In Conclusion

Whether you believe in the concept of paranormal investigations or not there are many people across the world that do and for those people these processes can often provide closure. It may seem ridiculous to investigate something that “isn’t there” but who are we to say that a paranormal research investigation holds no validation if in the end it brings peace to a formerly tortured individual?

Do you believe paranormal activity exists or have you experienced anything out of the normal before?

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