National Geographic DNA Test Reviews: Do You Have Neanderthal DNA?

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National Geographic DNA Test kitWant to time travel back to ancient times? If only! Perhaps the next best thing is taking a DNA test and one of the ones you may consider is National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 DNA test. You can learn where your ancient ancestors roamed the Earth and even discover if you have any Neanderthal DNA.

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Article Overview

National Geographic DNA Review

National Geographic DNA Review
DNA Tests Offered 4.5
Storage & Privacy Policy 5.0
Pricing 3.0
Online Community 2.0
Customer Service 5.0


  • Offers autosomal and full mtDNA testing (but limited Y-DNA)
  • Provides biogeographical ancestry analysis with a percentage breakdown
  • CLIA and CAP certified laboratory (third-party lab)
  • Test samples saved securely for privacy
  • You can upload your results to Family Tree DNA
  • Contributing to a globally targeted genealogical DNA project
  • Excellent customer service


  • DNA test is expensive
  • No familial matches — can’t identify living relatives or individual ancestors
  • Smaller database (905,000+) than other companies
  • Can’t upload raw DNA data from other services
  • No chromosome browser
  • Limited website resources

Key Features

  • Nat Geo Geno 2.0 Next Generation allows you to trace your roots back hundreds or thousands of years and gives you your ancestors’ ancient migration patterns across countries and continents around the globe
  • Part of the National Geographic Genographic Project, a scientific effort to analyze historic patterns in human DNA across the globe
  • Test identifies thousands of mtDNA markers for direct maternal lineage, examines Y-DNA markers for direct paternal ancestry and analyzes more than 750,000 other ancestry-informative markers to reveal your ancestry’s regional affiliations
  • They process samples at the Genomics Research Center which is operated by Gene by Gene, Ltd., Family Tree DNA’s parent company


  • $199 DNA testing kit (saliva sample)
  • Free shipping
  • Results available in 8-10 weeks


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A Personal Experience

I was very excited to be offered the chance to have my DNA tested with the NatGeo Geno 2.0 project for this review. I ordered the kit and received it only 4 days after ordering. The testing kit was well packaged, and the instructions were clear. I provided the saliva sample, which I will say is a little more saliva than I would have thought they’d need. Collecting the sample took a few minutes but at the end of the day, it wasn’t that difficult. I placed the tube of saliva inside the provided plastic bag and then into the postage-paid return box. I dropped the box off at my local post office. Five days later I checked the National Geographic website and found that my test had been received.

Once my results are in, I’ll report back on that experience, as well as post some photos. Stay tuned.

How Far Back Can I Trace My Roots?

Check out the video below to learn how the National Geographic Geno 2.0 test can help you understand where you came from thousands of years ago.

What Other DNA Tests Should I Consider?

The National Geographic Geno 2.0 test is best for people who want a deep dive into their ancient ancestors, but it does have its limitations. You won’t find out any health-related information or discover any relatives. By taking this test, however, you’re contributing to global scientific advancements in understanding the human race’s shared past. Check out our Best DNA Test article to see reviews of other DNA tests you can take at home.

What mysteries do you hope to uncover through a DNA test?

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