Gwynnie Bee Reviews: Trendy, Plus-Size Fashion Without Commitment

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Girl wearing clothes on sofa (caption: Gwynnie Bee Reviews)Sometimes shopping for plus size clothing can be difficult. Either they don’t have your size or the options are not that fashionable. On top of that, clothing trends come and go with every season. You finally find the perfect piece, get a couple of months of wear out of your favorite new dress and then it’s out of style next year. Keeping up can be frustrating and quite expensive! What if you could rent clothes and get new, trendy pieces that fit your figure whenever you want? That’s exactly what Gwynnie Bee does.

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Gwynnie Bee

4.5 / 5
Gwynnie Bee
Quality 5.0
Variety 5.0
Delivery Options & Reliability 5.0
Cost 3.5
Customer Support 4.0


  • Free shipping, exchanges and laundry
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Purchase items for less than retail price
  • Discover new brands
  • Great for trying trends
  • You choose the items you want to wear
  • Huge selection of pieces
  • If you have a lot of weddings to go to this is a good option to wear trendy pieces without purchasing or rewearing


  • Purchase prices can fluctuate daily
  • Can be expensive
  • You don’t get to pick when you get which items
  • Sizes 10-32 only

How Does Gwynnie Bee Work?

  • Gwynnie Bee plus size clothing rental subscription is for women sizes 10-32
  • Great option for people whose weight fluctuates
  • Add things to your online “closet” and items are shipped to you
  • Ship the Gwynnie Bee clothes back when you’re done wearing them and get more clothes sent to you

How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost?

  • 30-day free trial
  • $49/month for 1 piece
  • $69/month for 2 pieces
  • $95/month for 3 pieces
  • $139/month for 5 pieces
  • $179/month for 7 pieces
  • $199/month for 10 pieces

Gwynnie Bee Coupon Code

Gwynnie Bee often has time-sensitive coupons on their website!

What Do Customers Think of Gwynnie Bee?

Positive Reviews

I love not having to buy clothes as my weight fluctuates up and down, plus they are really nice clothes and not cheap. I don’t love every single thing that comes in and they do not expect me to so I put it in the bag and back it goes. I did have one aggravating issue when I tried to purchase an item and I would not recommend to email their customer service but I did call after I was unsatisfied with the response thru email and the lady that answered could not have been nicer and helped me figure out the issue and I was able to correct it. I have a full closet and add to it every week. If you work and your in an office this totally works…even their casual items I wear on dress down days and weekends, you can’t go wrong but that is my personal opinion. – Tracy G., SiteJabber 11/21/2016

I signed up for Gwynnie Bee subscription 04/** and have since upgraded my plan, during the time I’ve been a member Gwynnie Bee has made several improvements to their service. The ability to mark items you prefer first a priority,dress for your shape chart, and new discounts based on number of purchases in a month and the ability to add an additional item to your plan for a 30 day period. I’ve had good service from GB and think reviews that are based on a consumer not reading terms of service or just not utilizing the process for sending items back isn’t a fair representation of the service to people considering signing up. – Diana S., BBB 6/26/2015

Negative Reviews

I signed up for the trial membership and then stayed on a couple of months more.. I cancelled after a couple of months as I thought the price was too high for 2 outfits. Mind you, that was 10 months ago. I haven’t heard anything from them during this time and out of the blue, when I get my income tax refund back, they take out over $700.00!! Are you kiddin’ me??? This is NOT OK!! I certainly haven’t had $700.00 worth of clothing these last 10 months! What really bothers me the most, is that they have my NEW bank account information that hadn’t been release to anyone!! Stay Away!! They don’t take “no” when you cancel. – Theresa T., SiteJabber 2/24/2017

Horrible customer service and very limited selection. No recourse if you aren’t happy with the plan or service. Very long turn around time (over a week). Save you money and shop or rent elsewhere. Huge waste of money. – Carriet, BBB 2/16/2017

Gwynnie Bee Lookbook

Check out this gal modeling some of her favorite styles from Gwynnie Bee.

Does Gwynnie Bee Have Your Size?

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Are you looking for a Gwynnie Bee for smaller sizes? Check out our comparison article to find a company that may fit your needs better. There are companies that specialize in fitness wear, intimates, age appropriate wear and more. Are you worried about buying your clothes online? Millennials are buying online more than in stores. We suggest taking your measurements before ordering online to help make sure you get the right size.

What’s your style?

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