Best Shave Club For Men: Harry’s vs Dollar Shave Club vs Gillette vs Dorco

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Is your partner begging you to shave because your scruff is irritating when they try to give you a smooch? Are you postponing that shave because you forgot to get a new razor or more shaving cream at the store? A shaving club can prevent this from happening by delivering your shaving gear to your door.

Take your shaving up a notch with one of these shaving club companies. Although they’re designed with the face in mind, some of them may work well for legs too.

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Harry’s Review


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Harry’s has personalized shaving plans to fit your specific shaving habits. Choose how many blades, shaving creams, foaming gels and post-shave balms you want and have them shipped to your door every 1 to 6 months. This is perfect since everyone’s shaving needs vary.

Although this shaving club is designed towards men, it has many female subscribers as well. We like that this shaving club has a trial set for you to test out the razor and shaving cream before you have to pay a subscription fee.

Harry’s raves about its razors being made in its own factory in Germany. The steel is from Sweden, and the handles were designed in New York and assembled in Hong Kong. The shave cream, shave gel and post shave balm are manufactured on the East Coast of the U.S.



  • You choose how often you receive your refills
  • Free shipping on orders over $10
  • Does not test its products on animals
  • 30-day return policy
  • Products available in Target, Walmart and J. Crew
  • Elegant product packaging and style
  • Blades recommended for only 6-8 shaves
  • No product selection (offers 1 item for each category)


  • Trial Set: $9 and free shipping
    • Lasts about 2 weeks and includes weighted rubberized handle, 5-blade razor cartridge, 2 oz foaming shave gel and a travel blade cover
  • 4 Blade subscription: $16/shipment ($2.25/blade)
  • 8 Blade subscription: $16/shipment ($2/blade)
  • 16 Blade subscription: $16/shipment ($1.88/blade)
  • Auto-refill save an additional 6%
  • Custom subscriptions available for you to choose the number of:
    • blades
    • shave creams
    • foaming gels
    • post shave balms
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Dollar Shave Club Review


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The Dollar Shave Club (DSC) starts you out with one of its Starter Sets which features a razor, replacement blades and some shave butter. You can then select how often you want to receive a restock box, which includes replacement blades and more shave butter. You can choose this based on how frequently you shave.

You can also purchase additional bathroom products like toothpaste, toothbrushes, beard oil, travel size items and more for a Handsome Discount on your total order. Overall, we think this is a great shaving club, but it has a few more negative reviews than our #1 pick, and it is missing an element of sleek elegance, which is why it’s our #2 pick.



  • Customers rave about the razors
  • Many customers say they’ve had great customer service experiences
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Customers say they’ve experienced aggressive marketing tactics from DSC
  • Some customers struggle to obtain help from customer service
  • Some customers don’t receive their packages
  • Recommend changing blades weekly


  • Starter Set: $5
    • This is the first box you’ll receive
    • 1 executive razor handle
    • 2 executive, 6 blade razor cartridges
    • 1 oz shave butter
    • 1 oz post-shave dew
    • Prep scrub
  • Restock Blades:
    • The Executive: 4, 6 blade cartridges with weighted handle for $10/month
    • The 4x: 4, 4 blade cartridges with sporty handle for $7/month
    • The Humble Twin: 5, 2 blade cartridges with reusable handle for $4/month
    • Other restock kits bundled with additional products available
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Gillette Review


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Gillette on Demand isn’t set up like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. You select the Gillette blade, then choose if you want to order blades one-time or set up a subscription to have your blades delivered. (Subscribing to blades is a better deal since you can get every fourth order free.)

If you opt for Gillette’s subscription, you don’t have the choice of having shaving cream or other shave related products shipped to your doorstep, which is odd since Gillette has these products available.



  • $3 off your first order
  • Blades last longer than competitors
  • Does not offer shaving creams or gels in its subscription
  • Cannot return razors you have opened


  • Sensor3 (3-bladed disposable razor): $7 (first order) $10 (future orders)
    • 8 disposable razors
    • $2 shipping and handling
  • Mach3 Turbo (3-bladed reusable razor): $7 (first order) $10 (future orders)
    • 4 blade refills
    • handle included with first purchase
    • free shipping
    • 1 blade lasts 12-16 shaves
  • Fusion Proshield (5-bladed reusable razor): $17 (first order) $20 (future orders)
    • 4 blade refills
    • handle included with first purchase
    • free shipping
    • 1 blade lasts 12-16 shaves
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Other Shaving Companies


Dorco Review

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We also wanted to mention Dorco as an option for your shaving needs. It offers razors for men and women but there is no subscription option, so it’s not a true shaving club. This is why we have chosen not to include it in our top 3.

Dorco offers many different razor systems including replacement razor cartridges and disposable razors. It also sells shaving creams and aftershave to help you get a close shave.

Are You Shaving Correctly?

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Attention All Bearded People

If you have a beard (or want to grow one), you may not need a shaving club since you are using a straight razor too often. Instead, you may want to learn more about beard care kits and beard growth oil, both of which we have written about.

What are your go-to shaving/grooming products?

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