Vitagene Reviews: Can Your DNA Really Provide Health Insights?

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Vitagene box on sofaStep aside personal trainers; science is in the house. Vitagene’s DNA test promises to give you a more personalized approach to fitness and diet — all based on your genetics. What can you learn from this test, and can your results really help you boost your well-being? We tested it out to see if the health insights lived up to the expectation.

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Article Overview

Vitagene Health+Ancestry

DNA Tests Offered 8.5
Storage & Privacy Policy 9.0
Pricing 10.0
Online Community 4.0
Customer Support 9.5


  • Reasonable price
  • Ethnicity breakdown across 25 global regions
  • Uses the latest available scientific research in the fields of genetics and nutrition
  • DNA lab is highly accredited (same lab as GPS Origins)
  • Can upload your results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe and MyHeritage DNA (fee)
  • Strict privacy policy and they destroy your sample once tested
  • Quicker results than many other companies
  • Good online resources
  • Customers report helpful support reps


  • No familial matches — can’t identify living relatives or individual ancestors
  • Doesn’t offer separate mtDNA or Y-DNA tests (can’t learn about maternal or paternal lines)
  • Website lacks online community

Key Features

  • The only DNA test kit available that analyzes your ethnic ancestry and nutrition genetics from one single cheek swab
  • Vitagene DNA test looks at specific genes related to vitamin deficiencies and common sensitivities, like gluten or lactose intolerance
  • Also analyzes genes related to obesity risk, emotional eating, weight regain after dieting, sodium and fat intake, alcohol metabolism, triglyceride and cholesterol levels and more
  • They develop a personalized plan for exercise, diet and supplement recommendations
  • They offer a variety of supplements for purchase

What You Need To Know

They claim they can then use the results of their DNA test and your medical history to develop a personalized plan for exercise, diet and supplement recommendations. But here’s where there’s a problem — they take the results too far. No published scientific studies show that genetic tests can give you useful and actionable information about boosting your wellness through diet and exercise solely based on your genetic profile. 


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Personal Experience

Jeff, a member of the Exploring Life’s Mysteries team, tried out and reviewed the Vitagene DNA kit and here’s his review.

The process could not have been easier. A few days after ordering I received the kit and followed the instructions to get two swab samples. There was a prepaid box to put the samples in that I just placed in the mailbox.

View Vitagene Health+Ancestry Box

Jeff’s Ancestry Results

My results came back exactly four weeks later. I haven’t conducted any family tree research, nor has anyone in my family, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Ancestry report. I wasn’t too surprised with the results, 42% West and Central Europe, 30% Eastern Europe and 27% British Isles, seems right to me!

View Vitagene Health+Ancestry Box Ancestry results screenshot

Jeff’s Genetic Traits Results

What I was most excited for was the results of the genetic traits for diet, exercise and supplements. I was really anticipating some in-depth suggestions about my specific genetic traits, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s what I got.

First I’ll look at the exercise report. Vitagene claims that you’ll “Discover which fitness routines will get you the best results.” It turns out, as far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with my DNA results! I completed a questionnaire about my current exercise regimen. Vitagene takes all of that info and provides a “calculator” showing you that if you increase each workout, you’ll burn more calories. Very disappointing.

Ancestry exercise report screenshot

The Vitagene diet report sales pitch is: “Make the best diet choices using customized food lists based on your genetics and lifestyle.” Again, the results are in and I’m not seeing how any of these recommendations have anything to do with my DNA. I completed a detailed questionnaire about my diet, medical history and health goals and I’m convinced the recommendations come from that information, not my genetic traits. If they are using my genetic traits, they should make this clear. Instead I’m given three things:

  1. BMI
  2. I should eat 2,800 calories/day, 65g protein/day and drink 8 glasses of water.
  3. 3 servings of beans, 3 servings of dairy, 4 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables a day.

You can get this information from a multitude of free online calculators where all you need to enter is your weight loss (or gain) goals, your age, weight and height. I don’t think this report is very “customized”.

Finally let’s get into the supplement plan, this seems to be where Vitagene plans to really make their money. First, the hook: “Learn exactly which types and dosages of vitamins and minerals are right for your body.”  Vitagene recommends that I start to supplement with: Coenzyme 10, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Rhodiola, Vitamin D, Probiotics and Melatonin. I can easily sign up for a monthly plan at $49/mo to get four of these supplements or $79/mo for eight of them.

All of that is great, but where in the world are they getting those supplements suggestion from? There is no explanation in my results that because of “genetic trait x”, I should be taking Rhodiola. Instead it just gives a generic description of what Rhodiola does. Again, it seems they looked at my questionnaire for these recommendations. I don’t take any supplements currently and consider myself to be healthier than most. I can’t imagine starting a supplement plan this intense without medical consultation.

When it’s all said and done, I’m very happy with my Ancestry results, but the wellness and diet reports leave a lot to be desired.

What Do Other Customers Think?

Here’s a sampling of online chatter about customers’ experiences with Vitagene.

Positive Reviews

It is very helpful and valuable to know what specific DNA strengths and shortcomings one inherits in regards to health. I am very impressed with my Vitagene health report that has considered this, my health history, my goals, and come up with a plan personal to my needs. The suggestions, menu and supplement recommendations along with online help if needed is great. I am more than pleased with this report and energy levels are up as a result. – May S., Truspilot 1/26/2019

I bought the DNA test kit that analyzes your blood for genetic health markers, food intolerances, and overall health. It just happened to come with the heritage information. Well. My ancestors really should have gotten out of the house more. I’m white AF. The health info is actually really helpful. Thanks Vitagene. Colby M., Facebook 10/24/2017

Negative Reviews

My daughter is interested in genetics and asked for a dna profile for Christmas. We used Vitagene. Their profile they sent us for my daughter made it seem impossible for my husband to be the father. We had the test redone by and were able to establish that my husband is in fact the father of my daughter. I am furious. This nearly dwtroyed [sic] my marriage. This was gross negligence on the part of Vitagene, and they should not be trusted with people’s DNA. Shannyn K., BBB 4/11/2018

The DNA testing is fine…BUT save your money on the “Wellness” report. You can get better information off the internet. All you get is diet information such as you need to drink 7 glasses of water a day, and salt could make your blood pressure rise. Once they get your money there are NO refunds, all Vitagene want to do is sell you supplements and argue with you about there lame report. The report is not even worth $5.00 let alone $49.00. Sadie D., Trustpilot 3/18/2018

Unboxing Video

Check out what’s inside the box with this unboxing video we made during our first-hand experience.

Is Vitagene Worth It?

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Vitagene is a very affordable way to answer basic questions about where your ancestors came from and how your genetics affect your diet, exercise and general well-being. You shouldn’t expect miracles, but their diet, fitness and supplement recommendations are a good kickoff to a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re looking for more in-depth ancestry DNA analysis than Vitagene supplies, be sure to read our Best DNA Test article, where we review the most popular DNA tests. We break down which test is best for discovering the information you’re hoping to learn and give you a thorough guide to DNA testing.

Why are you considering taking the Vitagene DNA test? 

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