Can I Get A Free Uber Ride?

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Empty Uber carUber, the pioneer ridesharing company, has changed the way we think about taxi transportation. With great flexibility for both drivers and riders, this has turned out to be the most preferred transportation system around the world. Uber is currently operating in more than 400 major cities in the world and the number is increasing at an exponential rate. To attract new riders both from existing and new cities, Uber offers a free Promo Code which lets newly registered riders enjoy their free Uber ride!

Uber Promotion Code

Uber promotion codes are similar to other promo codes you use to receive a discount for any other online shopping. These codes are issued by Uber Technologies Inc. as a part of their promotional policy. With these codes, new riders can enjoy free first-time ride with Uber. Remember, these codes are applicable only for new riders for their first ride.

To access your free Uber promotion code, you will need to download the Uber app for either your Android or IOS device:

How do I Use an Uber Promo Code?

Don’t worry.  There is no secret handshake or covert password necessary in order for you to apply your Uber Promo Code.  You will automatically be prompted at registration, whether through the app or a desktop, to apply a promo code.  You literally can’t miss it.  Whatever the current promo code is offering will automatically be applied to your next ride, provided your ride meets the terms of the promotion.  Happy Free Riding!!

Are there Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users?

Uber still doesn’t offer any discount codes for its existing riders. But, we are always on the lookout and will let you know if there is any special offer or discount available for existing riders. Stay tuned.

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What Uber Services Are Covered by Promo Codes?

The promo codes we are sharing cover all available Uber services. Currently Uber offers the following services – UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUX, UberPool and UberT. Availability of these services may vary from city to city. Let’s a quick look at each service that you can choose.

  • UberX: UberX is the most available and basic level ride sharing service offered by Uber. It’s the ultimate alternative to traditional taxi service but much more convenient and cost efficient than normal taxi services.
  • UberXL: UberXL is ideal for people looking for a car ride for up to 6 persons. This is the ultimate SUV alternative to UberX service and also ensures cost efficiency of highest possible level.
  • UberSELECT: This is Uber’s mid-level service package which stands in between UberX and UberBLACK.
  • UberBLACK: UberBLACK is a premium range service option from Uber. All cars under this service are either luxurious SUV or Sedan with black interior and exterior. This service also features a personal chauffeur for each ride.
  • UberSUV: UberSUV is the luxurious alternative to UberXL service which offers seating arrangements for 6 passengers in a luxurious limousine driven by a private chauffeur.
  • UberLUX: This is the highest level premium ridesharing service offered by Uber. This high-end service package was launched in 2014 and features only luxurious vehicles such as Tesla Model S, Rolls Royce and other similar vehicles. This service is not available in all cities.
  • UberT: UberT service package allows riders to request a taxi cab at his/her location using the Uber app. UberT is available in some major cities such as London and NYC and will be available in other cities as well in near future.
  • UberPool: This is the service plan that matches riders with other riders heading to the same direction. As riders can share a ride, cost can be minimized up to 50%.

Learn more about UberPool in this video:

Uber Free Ride Promo Code FAQ:

  • Which cities and countries are covered under this promo code?
    Promo codes issued by Uber are valid in all cities and countries where Uber operates.
  • How many times can the code be used?
    Uber promo code is valid only for new riders for their first ride. You can’t use the code for an account which has already claimed and enjoyed the free ride. However, the code can be used for an infinite number of times and therefore you can share the code with family and friends who will also be able to use the code once.
  • What is the expiration period?
    The promo code itself doesn’t expire but your free credit does. So, you will have to request a free ride within 30 days from claim date or you won’t remain eligible for the free ride.
  • ‘Another promotion was already applied’ what does this mean?
    You receive such message only when you have already successfully applied another promo code earlier. So, you are not eligible for another free ride.
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