How to Become a Lyft or Uber Driver-Partner in Toronto

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Cars on road in TorontoToronto is the most popular tourist destination in Canada, welcoming more than 40 million visitors every year. More than likely, those tourists need rides around the city and surrounding area to popular attractions. That’s where you come in! If you drive for Uber Toronto you could meet countless new people and make money along the way.

Toronto Driving Stats

  • An Uber driver-partner in Toronto makes an average of $13/hour1
  • Lyft driver Toronto is not available
  • In 2015, vehicle fatalities were 1,858, up 0.3% from 1,852 in 2014 but down from 3,129 in 19962
  • In 2015, Ontario had 3.6 fatalities and 401.1 injuries per 100,000 people
  • In 2015, Ontario had the second lowest fatalities per 100,000 people, Nunavut had the lowest
  • In 2015, Ontario had the fewest fatalities per billion vehicle-kilometers with 3.7 and the fewest fatalities per 100,000 licensed drivers with 5.1

Toronto Driver and Vehicle Requirements for Lyft and Uber

Below are the requirements for driving in Toronto, Canada.

Lyft Driver Requirements Toronto

Driving for Lyft in Toronto or Canada is not currently available, so if you’re wanting to earn some extra cash by driving people from point A to point B you’ll want to consider Uber.

Uber Driver-Partner Requirements Toronto

Sign Up to Become an Uber Driver-Partner

Uber logoUberPool, UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, UberEats, UberAssist and UberWav are all available in Toronto.

  • 4 doors
  • Snow tires or all-weather tires during winter months
  • Pass a vehicle inspection by a mechanic
  • 2010 or newer in Toronto for UberX, UberPool, UberXL and UberSelect
  • 2007 or newer in the Greater Toronto Area, but you cannot pick up riders in Toronto if your vehicle is 2007-2009
  • 1997 or newer for UberEats deliveries
  • Private Transportation company license

Best Places Drive with Uber in Toronto

You’re not going to make any money driving with Uber in Toronto if you’re driving at the wrong times and around the wrong places. An Uber Toronto driver can make a living wage but only if you know what hotspots to hang around. Take a look at the list below so you’re making the most money during your hours worked.


  • Liberty Village: King St. West at Dufferin St.
  • Yorkville: Bloor St. West at Yonge St.
  • Financial District: Adelaide St at Bay St.
  • Queen St. West: Queen St West. at Spadina Ave.


  • Hamilton: Corktown area, Hess Village, Westdale shopping district
  • Mississauga: Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga City Centre
  • North York: North of the 401 & South of Finch Ave, York University Keele Campus
  • Scarborough: Scarborough Town Centre
  • Markham: public transit areas

Commuting Hours

The best time to drive in the morning is from 5am to 10am and in the evening from 4pm to 8pm.

Weekend Evenings

Friday and Saturday nights are busy downtown. From 7pm to 3am on Fridays there are more requests as well as from 4pm to 3am on Saturdays.

Airports and Venues

Airports are also a great place to cruise around as well as popular venues when events are going on.

  • YYZ and YTZ airports
  • Air Canada Centre
  • Rogers Centre
  • BMO Field at Exhibition Place
  • CF Eaton Centre

10 Tips for New Uber Driver-Partners

If you’re just starting out, take a look at these tips to help you navigate the world of ridesharing.

The Most Important Thing

In the end, it’s important that you’re making money but also that you’re enjoying the rides. Meeting new people can be a fun experience and it can open your eyes up to other ways of thinking. By driving with Uber, you’ll meet tons of new people every day you drive and we hope you have great passengers every trip.

What questions do you have about driving for Uber in Toronto?

Sources: [1] Glassdoor, [2] Transport Canada

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