Best RV Rental Companies: RVShare vs Outdoorsy vs Cruise America & More

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Ever dreamed of hitting the road with your partner or family to see as many majestic U.S. sites as you can? Are pricey hotel and restaurant costs holding you back? The answer is simple — and much more affordable: rent an RV.

Whether you’re looking to rent an RV for your next vacation or want to earn money renting out the RV you own, we’ve got all the info you need.

Did You Know…

RV stands for recreational vehicle. And according to the Washington Post 1 million Americans live in RVs.

Types Of RV Rental Companies

If you decide to rent an RV from a company rather than from an individual RV owner, you have a few options:

  • Peer-to-peer RV rental platforms that rent private owners’ RVs for them (like HomeAway or VRBO vacation home rental sites).
  • Corporate RV rental companies that rent their own inventory of RVs (similar to rental car companies like Avis).
  • RV rental marketplace sites that consolidate corporate rental companies into their own searchable platform (and offer some benefits outside of the individual companies).

What Type Of RV Is Right For Me?

If you don’t know much about the different types of RVs on the road, we’re here to break down the details and pros and cons of each. Before you choose the type of RV you want to rent, however, you’ll want to ask yourself a few critical questions:

  • What size RV will you feel safe driving?
  • How much living space will you need?
  • Will you be spending a lot of time in the RV during the day or just using it at night to sleep?
  • Do you want a separate car to visit nearby attractions (and to make parking less of a hassle)?

Motorhome RV

Motorhomes are RVs that you drive yourself and include class A, B and C varieties. Class As are higher up when driving, while Class B and C motorhomes have more of a truck build. Keep in mind, when renting a motorhome, you can only tow certain types of vehicles 4-wheels-down behind an RV.

Class A

Class A motorhome

Class A motorhomes are typically the largest, ranging up to 45 feet long.

  • Large interior spaces to accommodate families
  • Luxury amenities with well-stocked kitchens
  • Plenty of cargo storage
  • Intimidating to drive
  • Difficult to take day trips without towing a separate vehicle
  • More expensive to rent

Class B

Class B RV parked in parking lot

Often referred to as camper vans, Class B RVs are typically built on a standard full-sized van chassis and feature a raised roof for walking room.

  • Easy to drive and maneuver
  • Convenient for day trip excursions
  • Simple campsite setup
  • Less expensive to fuel
  • Only suitable for one or two people
  • Amenities are limited
  • Small interior living space
  • Limited cargo and storage areas

Class C

Class C motorhome on the road

Class C motorhomes are a fantastic option for families or larger groups that need to vacation on a more limited budget. They’re mid-sized RVs (larger than Class Bs) that range from 20 to 33 feet and are built on top of a truck or van chassis.

  • Large enough for an entire family
  • More budget-friendly than Class A’s
  • Extra sleeping quarters or storage area above the driver’s cab
  • Self-contained with all basic necessities
  • Driving can be a challenge
  • Some luxury amenities may not be available
  • Difficult to take excursions or day trips without a separate vehicle

Towable RVs

Towable RVs can be a more budget-friendly option, but some limit you with the type of automobile you’re using to tow.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailer airstream

Travel trailers are large, towable containers filled with living spaces and most of the amenities you’ll need. They sit on top of a standard trailer frame, and you can tow them with any SUV, truck or van that’s rated to handle the weight capacity. Travel trailer sizes vary widely.

  • Rates lower than full-sized motorhomes
  • Can tow with a variety of vehicles
  • You have your towing vehicle for excursions
  • Can be challenging to maneuver, especially with excessive tail swing
  • Extremely difficult to reverse

5th Wheels

5th wheel trailer

5th wheels are very similar to travel trailers except with how you connect the rig to your vehicle. They feature a gooseneck connector that extends over the back of an open or flat-bed towing truck, which makes them more stable and far less challenging to maneuver.

  • Easier to maneuver than travel trailers (no excessive swing)
  • Overhanging section gives you more storage and living space
  • You can only use an open or flat-bed truck as your towing vehicle
  • Difficult to disconnect your truck to use for excursions

Folding And Tent Campers

Folding And Tent Camper parked in campsite

Folding camping trailers are among the smallest towable RVs and lack basic necessities, like toilets and kitchen facilities, but they’re easy to maneuver.

  • Budget-friendly rental rates
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Can use a wide range of towing vehicles
  • Limited living space
  • Little to no storage or cargo space
  • More exposure to the elements

Other Rental Details To Consider

Below are some other factors to consider with any RV rental:

  • How much are RV rental prices?
  • How does the insurance policy work?
  • How does roadside assistance work?
  • Is mileage included?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Are pets allowed in the RV?

Best RV Rental Companies

We’ve chosen our top picks based on company reputation, RV types available, insurance and roadside assistance features, pricing and more. We’ve also included details and pros and cons specific to RV owners for the top peer-to-peer companies, Outdoorsy and RVshare.

Outdoorsy Review


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Outdoorsy is our pick for the best RV rental site. This peer-to-peer rental platform gives you a surprising number and variety of RV options to choose from, even if you live in a smaller city. RV owners set their own rates, cancellation policies and whether your mileage is included, so you can find some great deals — especially on higher-end luxury RVs.

A huge perk is Outdoorsy’s $1 million liability insurance coverage that protects renters and owners. Outdoorsy also does DMV background checks on renters, so owners can feel more secure about handing over their rig to strangers. Outdoorsy gets amazing customer ratings from both owners and renters.



  • Huge variety of motorhome and towable RVs
  • $1 million liability and $250,000 Comprehensive & Collision insurance coverage included
  • Conducts DMV background checks on renters
  • No membership fees and free to join for RV owners
  • Excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot, BBB and more
  • BBB rating: A+ (only 14 complaints in the last 3 years)
  • Renters incur a 10% service fee and daily charges of $10-$15
  • 24/7 roadside assistance is an added fee for renters
  • Not all RVs are pet-friendly
  • Instant booking not available for all RVs


Outdoorsy’s RV rental prices vary widely, depending on owner-set rates, location and time of year. However, rates are generally very competitive, particularly compared to fleet companies.

Average rental prices:

  • Class A: $200 to $300 per night
  • Class B: $150 to $225 per night
  • Class C: $200 to $250 per night
  • Travel Trailer: $75 to $125 per night
  • Fifth Wheel: $100 to $150 per night
  • Pop Up Trailer: $50 to $75 per night
  • Get a quote now

RVshare Review


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RVshare, another peer-to-peer rental platform, gives you access to a wide variety of RVs and price ranges — with a few notable differences. RVshare tops Out0doorsy with its free roadside assistance program but falls a bit short with other perks.

RVshare’s included insurance benefits don’t match Outdoorsy’s (although you have an option to upgrade liability coverage to $1 million for an added fee). While RVshare has tons of rentals available, they’re not as numerous as what you’ll find on Outdoorsy, particularly in less populated areas.



  • Thousands of motorhomes and towables
  • $500K liability and up to $200K Comprehensive & Collision insurance coverage included
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • No membership fees and free to join for RV owners
  • 5% cash-back loyalty program
  • Inventory not as varied in less-populated areas as Outdoorsy
  • Doesn’t conduct DMV checks on renters
  • Renters incur $10-$35 per day insurance fee
  • BBB rating: B- (75 complaints in the last 3 years)


Like Outdoorsy, RVshare’s rental prices vary widely, depending on owner-set rates, location and time of year. However, rates are generally very competitive, particularly compared to fleet companies.

Average rental prices:

  • Class A: $200 to $300 per night
  • Class B: $150 to $225 per night
  • Class C: $200 to $250 per night
  • Travel Trailer: $75 to $125 per night
  • Fifth Wheel: $100 to $150 per night
  • Pop Up Trailer: $50 to $75 per night
  • Get a quote now

Cruise America Review


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Cruise America rounds out our top three picks as one of the best RV rental companies. Unlike Outdoorsy and RVshare, Cruise America is a corporate company with its own fleet of RVs and 133 rental locations across the U.S. and Canada.

The benefit of going with Cruise America is that you get a very clean RV that’s highly maintained mechanically. However, there are several downsides compared to our top two picks.

First, they only rent Class C motorhomes nationally with no mileage included (35¢ per mile fee) and a generator charge of $3.50 per hour. They also charge you extra for basic necessities like bedding and kitchenware, and there are no TVs in any of their RVs.



  • $1 million liability rental insurance included
  • Free towing and expense reimbursement plan up to $3,000 for mechanical breakdowns
  • One-way rentals available
  • Pets allowed in all RVs
  • RV rentals limited to Class C motorhomes
  • Fewer locations than Outdoorsy and RVshare
  • No unlimited mileage rentals
  • Added fees for generator use and basic amenities
  • BBB rating: C+ (pattern of complaints about contracts and RV quality)


Cruise America’s prices fluctuate by season, location, and availability much the way airline prices differ.

Average pricing (mid-size market during Feb. with mileage charges included):

  • Standard Class C: $115 per night
  • Large Class C: $125 per night
  • Get a quote now

Optional fees:

  • $60 per person for bedding and bath towels
  • $110 per vehicle for basic kitchenware

RV Rental Company Comparison Table

1st Place: Outdoorsy2nd Place: RVshare3rd Place: Cruise AmericaEl Monte RVUSA RV Rentals
Company TypePeer-To-PeerPeer-To-PeerCorporateCorporateMarketplace
Supplemental Liability Insurance$1 million included$500K included$1 million includedN/AAdded daily fee
Comprehensive & Collision Insurance$250K included$200K includedN/AN/AN/A
Deductible$1,500$1,500$1,500N/A$1,500 (or $1,000 for added fee)
Mileage IncludedVariesVariesNoneNoneVaries
24/7 Roadside AssistanceFreeAdded feeFreeUnlistedUnlisted
Cancellation Policy5-14 daysVaries7 daysUnlistedUnlisted
Pets AllowedVariesVariesYesYesVaries
BBB RatingA+B-C+FA+
One-Way RentalsCheckmark
Class ACheckmark
Class BCheckmark
Class CCheckmark
Travel TrailerCheckmark
Camper Checkmark
5th WheelCheckmark
Customer Support24/7 live chat, phone, emailLive chat, emailLive chat, phone, emailPhone, email24/7 live chat, phone
1st Place: Outdoorsy2nd Place: RVshare3rd Place: Cruise AmericaEl Monte RVUSA RV Rentals

Other Top RV Rental Companies

El Monte RV | USA RV Rentals

El Monte RV Review

El Monte RV logo

Visit Website

El Monte RV is another company that rents their own fleet of RVs, but they have very limited rental locations, primarily in the western U.S. Their fleet includes Class A and Class C motorhomes and 5th Wheels.

While El Monte offers a better variety of RVs than Cruise America, this company doesn’t include any RV insurance — a huge downside, in our opinion. There are, however, a few benefits of going with El Monte over Cruise America.

Like Cruise America, you incur a mileage fee with all rentals (ranging from 32¢ to 39¢ per mile) and added fees for linens and kitchenware, but El Monte gives you free generator use. You also have the option to rent one-way, but, unlike Cruise America, El Monte offers airport transfers from some of their rental locations.



  • Better variety of RV types than Cruise America (but not as many as our top 2 picks)
  • One-way and temporary housing RV rentals available
  • Free generator use with all rentals
  • Pets allowed in all RVs
  • Customer loyalty rewards program
  • Only available in 29 locations (14 states)
  • No RV insurance included
  • No unlimited mileage rentals (and no refund on pre-paid mileage)
  • Added fees for basic amenities
  • Spotty customer reviews with complaints about poor RV quality and customer support
  • BBB rating: F (due to 3 unresolved complaints)


El Monte RV’s prices fluctuate by season, location and availability.

Average prices:

  • Class A: $200 per day
  • Class C: $100-$175 per day
  • Starter Kit: $39.95
  • Get a quote

Optional fees:

  • Prepaid Mileage Packages: $29 per 100 miles (save on regular rates of 32¢-39¢ per mile)
  • $50 per person for bedding and bath towels
  • $125 per vehicle for basic kitchenware

USA RV Rentals Review

USA RV Rentals logo

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USA RV Rentals is an online marketplace that consolidates corporate RV rental options from companies around the U.S. You can choose from 100 locations around the U.S., mainly in large metropolitan areas. Companies include Cruise America, El Monte RV, Road Bear, Sunshine, Britz and more.

There are benefits and downsides to using this type of marketplace. It gives you a central platform to compare different companies’ pricing and availability in major markets. On the other hand, you don’t know the reputation of each company and the quality of their RVs.



  • Lowest price match guarantee for corporate rentals
  • Optional Vehicle Incident Protection add-on to reduce your collision deductible to $1,000
  • Offers long-term rental and military discounts
  • One way rentals available in some locations
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Rental locations only in major U.S. cities
  • No towable RVs available and motorhome types vary widely by location
  • RV liability insurance is an added fee (averages $16 per day)
  • RV quality and amenities vary by rental company


Pricing and fees vary widely based on the RV rental company you go with but generally syncs with current market pricing. Get a quote.

Can You Make Money Renting Your RV?

Is renting out your RV worth it? A majority of RV owners that list their rigs with Outdoorsy and RVshare say “yes” — particularly if you don’t use your RV for long periods of time during the year.

RVshare says their owners earn between $5,000 and $30,000 a year in extra income. Outdoorsy claims owners can make up to $3,200 a month by listing with them.

Check out the video below that highlights RVshare owners and the benefits they’ve enjoyed from listing their RV. Also, read our Outdoorsy and RVshare reviews to learn more about what these companies offer owners.

Is A Vacation Home A Better Fit?

If you decide that an RV rental isn’t the best fit for you and your family, you can also save money over staying in a hotel by renting a vacation home or villa. Be sure to read our reviews of the best vacation rental websites, which include favorite sites like VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb and more.

What great excursions are you planning to take with an RV rental?

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I must express my frustration with RV Share. The prices listed on the search page mostly change as soon as you click the listing; very time tedious and a waste of my time to go through each listing to see the true price. This needs to be corrected.