Scott Cross

Communicating topics that can be difficult to understand into stories that communicate and connect with people is what makes Scott tick. His journalism background and his current marketing communications role combine to create content that is sound and fun to read. An open mind means every topic is in play because he knows somebody out there cares about it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Statistics and Trends

Sad child

Parents of Austistic children saw these signs but didn’t act right away because they didn’t think it was a big deal – or they didn’t want to act ‘pushy’ by asking for a special pediatrician’s appointment. No matter how many books or baby blogs you read, you’re just not sure what to expect. And many parents want to be careful not to add to untrue waves of online posts saying we’re in an Autism epidemic. So when is it safe to ask if Autism is the cause of my child’s delayed development? Let’s begin by considering some valid, reliable information…

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