The Antwerp Station Sound of Music

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Dancers at Antwerp stationIn this day and age of globalization, where more and more people can be connected in an instant, it doesn’t take much for sensationalism to spread. Fortunately, every now and then, amidst all the doom and gloom stories, there’s a glimmer of hope, or good news, that makes its way through the air waves…

In this unique event, which took place on March 23rd, 2009, at 8am in the morning, almost 200 people, one at a time, gather in Belgium’s Antwerp Station to perform a carefully choreographed dance of the Do Re Mi song from the Sound of Music.

More Than Just Another Video

The Antwerp Station Sound of Music video, which has garnered over 14 million views on YouTube at the time of this writing, presents more than just another publicity stunt (yes, it was a publicity stunt for a reality television show). In this case, regardless of the motivation, the Antwerp performance of Do Re Mi by dancers dressed to look like random commuters has struck a chord in the hearts of millions. But before we go on, see for yourself:

Sound of Music Video, Antwerp Central Station

We found it hard not to laugh and cry at the same time while watching this video. Here at Exploring Life’s Mysteries, we find it amazing how such carefully thought out, but at the same time, entirely unexpected events can grasp the hearts of millions, in disparate regions on the world, at the same time.

The Balance of Ying and Yang

Why does this video in particular strike an emotional chord in the hearts of millions? Thinking of the Ying and Yang balance (good and evil), it makes sense that during these times of global connectedness, when we hear about all the atrocities happening in the world, we yearn for some good, hopeful, positive experiences. The Sound of Music video provides just that – a glimpse, even if from afar, into the heart of what makes us human, what drives our spirit, and keeps us hopeful.

Hope for us as a Species, and as Human Beings

The dancers are presenting the purest form of art imaginable: art simply and truly for the sake of art….They managed to punch right through my cynicism and show me that good things are still out there and there are good people in the world….They have shown me that if 200 people can do this in a train station, then maybe there is still hope for us as a species and as individual human beings.” -Table Talk on

Reminding us What it Means to be Human

The song itself brings us back to our childhood, and recalls Maria’s (Maria from Do Re Mi, or “Maria’s Song”) positive spirit in the face of evil. It reminds us of the innocence we’re born with, and how easy it is to lose sight of this in the midst of wars, famines, illnesses, and all the rest. It awakens in us a sense of childish wonder, and lets us dream again. How on Earth did such a dance take place in the middle of a crowded Central Station? And notice how on lookers and passers by stop, drop their things, and take a moment to enjoy the moment.

From all of us at Exploring Life’s Mysteries, a big thank you to the dancers in Antwerp for reminding us what it means to be human.

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