Jeff Butler

Jeff has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance from Malone University. He loves to travel the world and experience new cultures, but is just as happy with a weekend getaway near his home. Wherever he goes, his golf clubs are not far behind.

No Two People Share The Exact Same Symptoms of Asperger’s


Asperger’s symptoms are going to vary widely from person to person. No two people share the exact same experience with this developmental disability, often making it hard to define. In cases where there is a possibility that Asperger’s is inherited it may be even harder to define since parents may assume the child s just displaying a parental trait. Asperger’s, I like any other part of the autism spectrum n that it is actually made up of a collection of symptoms that make it difficult or even impossible to perform normal daily tasks, even though Asperger’s is known as a high functioning form of autism…

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