Best Online Engagement Rings: Ritani vs Blue Nile vs James Allen vs Jared vs Kay vs Zales

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You’ve found the one with whom you wish to spend forever! We’d like to be the first to congratulate you. This is such an exciting time and we want to help you find the best bang for you buck! Jewelry stores can be overpriced and going in to one can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. That’s why buying an engagement ring online may be the best solution. Diamonds are meant to be forever and you want that ring to be perfect for your loved one. So, let’s get started on your ring search!

Should I Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

Buying an engagement ring online may sound scary. How do you know if the diamond is good and what about seeing the size of it in person? Don’t let questions like this deter you from purchasing your ring online. Compared to bricks and mortar jewelry stores, buying an engagement ring online can be half the cost!

Are you more of a tactile learner? No worries. Before purchasing an engagement ring online we suggest going in to an actual store and getting a feel for the rings. See them in person and hold some in your hand. There’s no law that states when you go into a jewelry store you have to buy something, especially at the high price associated with diamond rings. Figure out what Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight you want. Did I lose you there? That’s ok! We discuss the 4 C’s in our engagement rings 101 article.

Where Can I Find The Best Online Engagement Rings?

In order to help you find the best engagement rings online, we’ve done tons of research. We’ve ranked our top three and have reviewed many other companies to help you know more about your options. We chose our top three based on products offered, photos of rings and diamonds, customization, inventory size and customer service reputation. We feel that an online store should have a much larger offering than a physical store since they don’t have to pay for the storefront and there is no limitations to storage space. And the cherry on top? Shipping is free from all of these online jewelers, so no worries about extra fees for doorstep delivery.

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James Allen Review


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James Allen is really in a league of its own. This company really knows how to sell online engagement rings and is our winner for Best Online Engagement Rings. They have individual 360° views of each diamond and band, which is especially great if you are designing your own ring. Their customer service reputation is outstanding and they have a huge selection to choose from. To top it off, they ship the ring in beautiful packaging which may not be a big deal to some, but if you’re spending thousands of dollars it should come in more than a cardboard box and packing peanuts. James Allen sets a high bar for success in this category.

Fun fact, my husband purchased my engagement ring from James Allen after reading this article. We also purchased our wedding bands from here. Each step of the way was smooth and their customer service was super helpful. We have also recommended them to friends because of our experience. All of our friends have been pleased. This helped reassure us that James Allen deserved the #1 spot again this year.



  • Real pictures of each diamond allow you a 360 degree view of diamond and magnified 20x
  • Less expensive than a brick and mortar jeweler
  • Narrow diamonds down by setting specifications
  • Excellent Design Your Own feature
  • Live chat, email and 24/7 phone support
  • Fantastic customer service that is non-commissioned so they do not practice aggressive sales tactics
  • 30 day returns
  • 1 free ring sizing within 60 days
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stunning shipping packaging
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Huge inventory, more than 60,000 loose diamonds to choose from
    • Resizing and cleaning can take 2-3 weeks


We are unaware of any James Allen coupons at this time.

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Whiteflash Review


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Whiteflash takes our #2 spot because of their outstanding service and number of diamonds available. They have service plans on all their rings, and staff of photographers to take photos of each diamond. After the 30 day money back guarantee window, they offer a lifetime 100% trade up guarantee. Whiteflash also offers a large selection of designer rings from Tacori, Verragio, Simon G and others.



    • Real pictures and videos of each diamond
    • Live chat, email, phone and FAQs
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • One year service plan
    • One year buy back guarantee
    • 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee
    • 2015 BBB Pinnacle Award Winner
    • A+ BBB rating
    • Certified ISO 9000 Quality Control System
    • Large selection of “Ideal” diamonds
    • Exclusive provider of A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds
  • Majority of their inventory is round and princess cut diamonds


Whiteflash occassionally has seasonal coupons, you can visit our dedicated Whiteflash coupon page to see and discuss current offers.

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Brilliant Earth Review


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There are lots of rave reviews of Brilliant Earth. They have great customer service and their rings are gorgeous. Of course, there is a review here and there with an unpleasant experience, but overall they are very well liked. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased the gemstone elsewhere and are only looking for a setting they will not sell to you. You must purchase a center stone with every setting. If you happen to live in L.A., San Francisco or Boston, you are in luck as Brilliant Earth has showrooms in these cities to check out their inventory in real life.



  • Live chat, email, FAQs and phone support
  • Free 30 day returns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses recycled precious metals in all jewelry
  • Free lifetime diamond upgrade
  • Two showrooms in Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Won’t sell settings without a center stone so you will have to buy your diamond here if you prefer Brilliant Earth’s settings


Brilliant Earth occassionally has seasonal coupons, you can visit our dedicated Brilliant Earth coupon page to see and discuss current offers.

Online Engagement Rings Comparison Tables

Below is a table showing examples of similar solitaire ring settings from each online engagement ring site. Unfortunately, and Kevin Jewelers are not included in the tables since they do not sell ring settings or diamonds alone. Gemvara was also left out of the diamond comparison because they did not offer a diamond with the features we selected.

Ring Settings Compared

 Blue NileBrilliant EarthDiamonds-USAGemvaraJames AllenJaredKay JewelersReeds JewelersRitaniWhiteflashZales
Ring NameLow Dome Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring2mm Comfort Fit RingIvy Six-Prong Round-Cut Ring (6mm gem)Cathedral Engagement Ring14K White Gold 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement RingSolitaire Ring Setting 14K White GoldSolitaire Ring Setting 14K White GoldWhite Gold Round Tulipset MountingSolitaire Diamond Cathedral Tulip Engagement Ring14K White Gold Ritani Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement RingSolitaire Engagement Ring
Metal Type14K White Gold18K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold
Band Width2mm2mm2.3mm2.2-3.3mm2mm2.5mm2.5mmDoes not say2mm2.5mm2.40-3.45mm

Diamonds Compared

Here is a comparison of round cut diamonds from each site.

 Blue NileBrilliant EarthDiamonds-USAJames AllenJaredKay JewelersReeds JewelersRitaniWhiteflashZales

Other Places To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

Below are the websites that didn’t make our top three. Some of them are still great places to purchase engagement rings, while others we wouldn’t recommend due to price, inventory or something else. Be sure to read all the reviews to see which one fits your needs best.

Blue Nile | Diamonds-USA | Gemvara | Jared | | Kay Jewelers | Kevin Jewelers | Reeds Jewelers | Ritani | Zales

Blue Nile Review

Blue Nile logoVisit Website

Why isn’t Blue Nile in our top three? Blue Nile is one of the largest online jewelers. They have countless rings and diamonds available but there are some things we think they could improve upon. Blue Nile claims lower markup prices – up to 20% to 40% less than traditional jewelers, similar to other online jewelers in our top three. They want you to purchase your ring in the right size the first time, so they’ll send you a free ring sizer in the mail — although if you want the engagement to be a surprise it may be difficult to sneak this on to your fiance-to-be’s ring finger. The downside is that there are no custom pictures of the diamonds online (only stock photos). So, you may purchase a gemstone with an imperfection or make unnecessary upgrades since it’s hard to know what you are getting without seeing it first.



  • Live chat, email and 24/7 phone support
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free gift packaging
  • Easy to order
  • Largest diamond inventory, approximately 190,000
  • More unique gemstone shapes than competitors
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Cannot see the diamonds, so you may make unnecessary upgrades in clarity and color
  • Outsources gemstone setting to contractor
  • Many complain of cheap packaging
  • About 140,000 of their diamonds are round

Diamonds-USA Review

Diamonds-USA logo

Visit Website

Diamonds-USA offers loose diamonds for you to create your own engagement ring. Founded in 1997, Diamonds-USA is older than Google. If you think about what Google used to look like and how it functions and looks now, it’s come a long way. You would think the same goes for Diamonds-USA, however, we think they need to fine tune their online shop.



  • Live chat, email, FAQs and phone support
  • Free shipping
  • Only a 10 day return policy
  • Lifetime warranty for clarity enhanced diamonds only
  • Confusing to design your own ring
  • Only about 29,000 loose diamonds and 27,500 are round cut
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Sample photos

Gemvara Review

Gemvara logo

Visit Website

Gemvara has you design your ring differently from other online engagement ring sellers. First, you choose the ring you like. Then, you choose the diamond(s) you want to be included in the ring. And finally, you select the metal you’d like. It’s the same type of choices, just in a different order. Your don’t have the same number of options as our top three picks though, which is what kept them out of the top three.



  • Email, phone and FAQs support
  • 101-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy
  • Free shipping
  • 1 free resizing within 101 days
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Only a 1 year warranty
  • Smaller inventory of diamonds
  • Creating a ring isn’t as easy as others

Jared Review

Jared logoVisit Website

Don’t let your partner say, “He went to Jared!” Why, you ask? Because you’ll most likely be paying wayyyy too much money and that’s no way to start a marriage. Online reviews and consumers alike say that Jared has crazy high markups. Some of their diamonds and rings are reported to be nearly double the price of competitors! You’re better off going to James Allen or Whiteflash for half the price. So please, save yourself some money and do not go to Jared!



  • Live chat, phone, FAQs and email support
  • 30 day returns
  • Bricks and mortar stores
  • 360° view of rings
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Helpful Design-A-Ring feature
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Terrible customer service reviews
  • Significantly higher prices than competitors Review logoVisit Website has a whopping 18 rings to choose from. Yes, read that again — 18 rings. That’s not a typo. They do have really low prices though. So, you could start your search at and take ten seconds to look at the 18 rings. If you see one you like, boom, you’re done. And if you aren’t pleased with what you see, move on to the next site. Either way it’s not like you’ve wasted your time. If you are a student, this is the best first stop for you since they also offer a student discount. Be cautious though, if you’re looking for a diamond only ring you’ll want to read carefully. Some of their engagement rings are made out of cubic zirconia.



  • Cheap prices
  • Site is aimed toward students, so they get an extra discount
  • Email and phone support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • A- BBB rating
  • Very limited selection
  • Refunds can take four weeks

Kay Jewelers Review

Kay Jewelers logoVisit Website

Kay Jewelers is owned by Sterling Jewelers, the same company that owns Jared. You’ve probably noticed how similar their sites are — they’re basically the same thing. And we’re sure you’ve now come to the conclusion that since Jared was not the place to ring shop, then neither is Kay Jewelers. You’re right. Kay Jewelers is wrong, every kiss doesn’t have to begin with Kay. Your soon to be fiancé will give you plenty of kisses even if the ring isn’t from Kay.

Kay Jewelers had some bad press in May of 2016. Women were coming forward with their nightmare stories from Kay’s saying their diamonds had been replaced with lesser quality jewels when they turned their rings in for repairs.



  • 360° view of rings
  • View your diamond in store before you buy (with a small fee)
  • Phone, email, FAQs and live chat support
  • Bricks and mortar stores
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great Design-A-Ring feature
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Difficult to set filters and find a specific style ring
  • Their promotions can mislead people into signing up for credit cards
  • Poor customer service
  • Extremely high prices (more than double)
  • Some customers say their diamonds have been replaced with lesser quality diamonds

Kevin Jewelers Review

Kevin Jewelers logoVisit Website

Kevin Jewelers specializes in composite engagement rings, which are rings made up of multiple smaller diamonds to make it appear like a solitaire ring. They don’t have a huge variety of rings since this is their main ring option. However, they do have decent prices, so if this is the style ring you are looking for feel free to check them out. We do think there are better options available since their site is not as detailed as competitors. There are 30 retail stores you can visit if you live in southern California.



  • Specialize in composite rings
  • Decent prices
  • Email and phone support
  • 30 day refund
  • Few options to choose from
  • Website is not very explanatory
  • No BBB rating

Reeds Jewelers Review

Reeds Jeweler logoVisit Website

Reeds Jewelers doesn’t have a lot of rings to choose from but they do have ok prices. They also have bricks and mortar stores, so prices aren’t as cheap as their competitors, but they’re still better than some others. Shipping materials could be better, the jewelry ships in an envelope and the item is loose, according to some reviews.



  • Email, phone and live chat
  • Free shipping
  • Bricks and mortar stores
  • Does a great job responding to customer reviews online
  • 30 day returns and exchanges
  • No BBB rating
  • Not the nicest packaging for shipping

Ritani Review

Ritani logoVisit Website

Ritani has partnerships with authorized dealers, so you can see your ring in person before you buy it. This is great especially if you’re creating your own ring. They have great customer service reviews and seem to focus on the customer. Where they can improve on is the way they let you see the diamond online. Not all the diamonds have videos, and for those that do, pausing and inspecting the diamond is tricky.



  • Free in store preview
  • 30 day returns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Phone, email, live chat and FAQs
  • Great Create Your Own Ring feature
  • Will send a free ring sizer
  • A+ BBB rating
  • About 80,000 diamonds to choose from
  • Not all diamonds have video, some only have photos
  • Video controls aren’t as good as James Allen

Zales Review

Zales logo

Visit Website

Zales was founded in 1924 and has many brick and mortar stores. You can also purchase a ring online including designing your own ring. One of the biggest cons we found for Zales was the way they display their diamonds online. They do not show true images of each diamond — they use stock photos. You could be purchasing a diamond that is not as flawless as you would like for it to be, but the photo may mislead you. However, Zales is upfront about this stating on its website, “Merchandise…may not always be exactly as pictured.”



  • Email and phone support
  • 60 day returns
  • Free shipping for purchases that exceed a certain amount
  • No BBB rating
  • Conflicting information online (free shipping for purchases greater than $49 or $149)
  • Photos are not from real diamonds
  • Not the easiest design-a-ring function
  • Smaller diamond inventory

4 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Rachel Cruz has some tips for you while you’re engagement ring shopping. Tips include financial budgeting, managing expectations and more.

Tired of Talking About Diamonds Yet?

You’re not alone. Diamond searching is exhausting, but well worth it since you’ll have a fiancé and lifetime partner in the end (we hope)! Feel free to ask us our opinions as well. We’ll do our best to help you out with your proposal.

Got a creative proposal or diamond search story to share? We’d love to hear it!

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Was wondering where you’d rate the following in the above list: Brilliance, Rare Carat, and Adiamor? Thanks!


I bought my fiance an engagement ring from James Allen and was super impressed. Honestly I don’t know that much about jewelry but their process was very easy and their prices can’t be beat! I plan on using them for our wedding bands too.


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