Expert’s Guide To Ring Shopping (What To Know Before You Buy)

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Engagement ring and wedding band (caption: Wedding & Engagement Rings: What To Look For)Buying a ring for yourself or someone else is exciting, but it can be overwhelming too. So many types of gemstones and metals to pick from, and so many lingering questions. Are they ethically sourced? How much can I afford?

That’s why it’s important to do your research before you drop some serious cash on a piece of jewelry. Luckily for you, you’re in the right spot. We’ve created this guide so you can learn the 101 of rings and feel comfortable before you shop.

Put A Ring On It

So you’re in the market for some jewelry? Who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their life? Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, did you know you can shop for rings online? Sure, it might not be as exciting as going to the store and picking it out in person. But, by shopping at a reputable website, you can compare prices, see more selections, and save quite a bit of money. Some even let you design your own ring!

Two of our top picks for ordering rings online are Whiteflash and James Allen. Both are known for their ring quality and affordable prices. James Allen also has storefronts in select markets if you want to try before you buy. Last but not least, our readers experience special offers and discount codes from time to time, you’ll find those published in the reviews.

Is Ordering A Ring Online Secure? What About Delivery?

Online dealers that we review use a high level of secure encryption for your online purchase. Rings are delivered via secure mail and usually require a signature. If you’re living together and worried that your partner would see the package before you do, you can ask the vendor about gift options or consider shipping it to a secure third-party location (like a UPS store) or a trusted friend’s house.

Engagement Rings

One of the most common types of rings to buy is an engagement ring. This symbol of affection shows you are ready to commit to a person for the long haul. Start the next chapter off on a high note by getting your love the engagement ring of their dreams.

We have personal experience buying engagement rings online, and you can read all about our experience as well as learn about our top recommended places to look in our best engagement rings comparison. Our experts have also reviewed the best places to obtain wedding rings online.

Engagement vs Wedding Ring

Are you wondering about the difference between engagement and wedding rings? We’ve got that covered too in our engagement vs wedding ring guide.

Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds are perhaps the most coveted gemstone due to their scarcity and quality. But sourcing them is often controversial. Some diamonds are found using unethical practices, which you can learn more about in our blood diamonds article. So you might want to look into some alternatives. Lab-created diamonds are a growing trend, and titanium rings are a popular option as well (especially for wedding bands).

Hopefully, that gets you started in your quest for discovering the world of rings. If there’s anything we didn’t answer, or you couldn’t find an article you were looking for, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments!

What are you looking for in a ring?

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