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DNA Test storing results for future

I have only one elderly living brother. I want to choose a DNA company that would store his DNA and would retest it 10 or more years from now when DNA testing is more geographically detailed and accurate. Do you have a recommendation? Many Thanks! -Judith

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Can Uber drivers see what you rate them?

Sorry, I just asked a related question and realized this was a better way to phrase the question. Can Uber drivers see what I rate them? In other words, after getting out of the car it appears I have several days to leave my feedback. I used to leave it right away so I wouldn’t …

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Can Uber drivers see my rating?

I’m curious as to, after taking an Uber ride, if the driver can see the rating I give him or her? And if they can, do they see it right away – in other words, are they able to associate the rating with me and then adjust their own rating of me accordingly? I imagine Uber has …

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How to find meaning of last name via ancestry?

I’m trying to find out what the meaning of my last name is. Not necessarily the family tree or who my relatives are ancestors are, but the origin of the root meaning behind the word in my name. It’s my understanding that most names began with some kind of meaning/purpose way back in the day. Any …

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What is the Best Family Tree Online?

I think it would be interesting to put my family tree together and I’m overwhelmed by all of the options. What is the best family tree online? I’d like to be able to share my results with my family online and I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Submitted by Henry F.

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