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Does DNA Test results have health insurance consequences?

I read an article in the NY Times that the FDA had warned or even stopped certain companies from selling DNA analysis for health testing. I’m just curious why these companies would be any different than getting tested say by going through a Dr’s Office, also what could the consequences be if Health Insurance companies …

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Ancestry vs Ancestry test results different

I’ve been working on my family tree using Ancestry for several years now and have made some discoveries through them. I recently took the Ancestry DNA test and the results came back very different than what I was expecting given what I know for a fact is true. My mother’s father was 100% British, born …

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Got a Whiteflash coupon?

Visit Whiteflash’s Website | Read our Whiteflash Review I found a ring I want to get for my wife for our anniversary but before I buy I wanted to ask if there were any discount codes for Whiteflash out there.

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How can I save money at Brilliant Earth?

Visit Brilliant Earth’s Website | Read our Brilliant Earth review I’m looking for a Brilliant Earth discount. My girlfriend is obsessed with their settings and we’ve looked at their showroom in LA. There’s a couple settings we’ve picked out together and now I’m ready to buy. I’m pretty stoked, but was wondering if there were any coupons …

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Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription discount?

I just switched from Counter Culture to Blue Bottle Coffee (as a subscription service) because I like the taste of blends better than single origin (I got 4 single origin shipments from Counter Culture over the holidays and they were all really acidic and “bright.” I prefer a darker, bolder roast and that seems to …

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