Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

23andMe Black Friday Coupons?

My girlfriends and I are going Black Friday shopping and I have my eyes set on 23andMe as a gift for my dad. He’s into DNA testing and ancestry and all that kind of stuff. Do you have a 23andMe Black Friday coupon?

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Who pays more: Uber or Lyft?

After about half my friends at work have signed up and can’t stop talking about all the $ they’re bringing in by giving people rides from the airport after work (I work in construction right by a major airport), I’ve decided maybe I should take them more seriously. I’ve been searching to find out how …

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Rare cigar club

I am a big fan of cigars and am looking for one that specifically has rare, hard to find cigars. Do any of the clubs offer something or is this too rare of a request? -Alex

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Apps like Turo?

I love using Turo when I travel b/c it’s usually cheaper than car rentals (and much easier too) but when I’m traveling to smaller towns (or internationally) I have a hard time finding any cars. Anyone else know of some similar apps?

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