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23andMe Black Friday Coupons?

My girlfriends and I are going Black Friday shopping and I have my eyes set on 23andMe as a gift for my dad. He’s into DNA testing and ancestry and all that kind of stuff. Do you have a 23andMe Black Friday coupon?

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Who pays more: Uber or Lyft?

After about half my friends at work have signed up and can’t stop talking about all the $ they’re bringing in by giving people rides from the airport after work (I work in construction right by a major airport), I’ve decided maybe I should take them more seriously. I’ve been searching to find out how …

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Rare cigar club

I am a big fan of cigars and am looking for one that specifically has rare, hard to find cigars. Do any of the clubs offer something or is this too rare of a request? -Alex

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Apps like Turo?

I love using Turo when I travel b/c it’s usually cheaper than car rentals (and much easier too) but when I’m traveling to smaller towns (or internationally) I have a hard time finding any cars. Anyone else know of some similar apps?

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