Reader's Questions

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Lyft Reviews for Denver, Colorado

Hi there! I just moved to Denver with my wife. She was relocated here for work, so she’s all set with a job. I’m applying for jobs and have interviews lined up but thought it’d be nice to make us some money until I get something more permanent lined up. Has anyone driven for Lyft …

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How Does Lyft Pay Drivers?

How does Lyft pay it’s drivers? I’m currently driving for Uber and am able to receive payments directly into my bank account. Is this also an option for Lyft? I’ve heard from friends that they have a “push-to-debit” technology, but F if I know what that means! Any insight into Lyft payment options, before I …

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Car Share San Francisco

Not a question, as much as some praise. San Fran, the home of car sharing! I was there recently and they definitely support and embrace the community and accommodate riders. From signage at the airport to responsible and reliable drivers. Bravo SF!

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Tips for New Lyft Drivers

Hey guys, I’m new to driving for Lyft, anyone have any tips they can share? What are the best times to drive, what if someone cancels? How often do you get paid and how? I’m nervous but excited to try being on the other side!

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Is it better to drive for Uber, or for Lyft?

So I see all kinds of articles published on driving for Uber, and driving for Lyft. I can’t seem to get a straight sense as to which one is better to drive for, not just from a monetary standpoint but from a quality of company and benefits standpoint. I know service, etc. varies by city, …

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