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How do I calibrate a hygrometer?

I just got a humidor for my Cuban cigars I brought back from Cuba but the hygrometer doesn’t appear to be working properly, should I calibrate it first and if so how do I do that?


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Alex Schenker
Alex Schenker
Hi Elix, the humidor’s hygrometer measures humidity. You can calibrate it by placing it in a sealed plastic bag with a bottle cap or shot glass that has salt in it – dampen the salt (just dampen, not wet), seal the bag and wait 6 hours. The environment in the bag will be 75% humidity – adjust hydrometer up or down if the reading is not 75. Alternatively, if you have more than one hygrometer and one is already calibrated, place them both in your humidor and adjust one to match the other. In case you’re curious, I use this… Read more »