Can Uber drivers see my rating?

I’m curious as to, after taking an Uber ride, if the driver can see the rating I give him or her? And if they can, do they see it right away – in other words, are they able to associate the rating with me and then adjust their own rating of me accordingly? I imagine Uber has something in place so this isn’t possible (because that would create gamification), but wanted to make sure.

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Joe V
From my understanding, the drivers can see the star rating you leave them, but not the text feedback. But this does give the Uber driver the ability to track/associate the rating you leave with your particular ride that day. Your approach actually sounds like a smart idea – assuming the average driver has at least a handful of rides each day, if you wait a few days to leave feedback it might not immediately be on their radar. I did read about one case where a “repeat rider” was asked why she issued a 4-star rating on the last ride. Not cool! I agree that more anonymity would make the Uber rating system more fair.