Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription discount?

I just switched from Counter Culture to Blue Bottle Coffee (as a subscription service) because I like the taste of blends better than single origin (I got 4 single origin shipments from Counter Culture over the holidays and they were all really acidic and “bright.” I prefer a darker, bolder roast and that seems to only happen with blends. I should also note that I add half and half to my coffee, not sure how much of an impact that has. I do love Hologram and the Bourbon 52 blend Counter Culture brought out a while back incidentally. Another priority was organic, which in your coffee subscription comparison Blue Bottle fit the bill. Just about to check out, would love a promo code if you guys have one to share?

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Alex Schenker
We do indeed have a discount coupon for Blue Coffee. It’s not a code necessarily, but if you click this link you’ll get free shipping (a $5 value) on your first order. Curious to hear how you like it, let us know!