Who’s Got the Best DNA Test Kit?

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I’m looking to get a DNA testing kit, as I’m curious to find out what different countries make up my DNA. But there seem to be so many on the market and I’m concerned about privacy more than price. Since you guys seem to be covering this topic fairly extensively, in your opinion which company provides the best DNA testing kit?


We have been covering this topic for a few years now and have found FamilyTreeDNA to consistently come out on top, year after year. You can learn more about them and their competitors here: https://www.exploringlifesmysteries.com/best-dna-test/

As for privacy, I would caution you to opt-out of any free clinical trials or ancestry listings as part of your service. These types of “free” add-on services are free financially but will definitely come at their own cost of sharing your personal information in some form or another. Also, a company like 23and me, while a great company and service for many, may not be the best choice for someone seeking more privacy from their DNA kit experience because they are all about aggregating users’ data to find health and ancestry related trends.

Keep us posted on who you go with and if you are happy with your experience!

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