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Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription discount?

I just switched from Counter Culture to Blue Bottle Coffee (as a subscription service) because I like the taste of blends better than single origin (I got 4 single origin shipments from Counter Culture over the holidays and they were all really acidic and “bright.” I prefer a darker, bolder roast and that seems to only happen with blends. I ... Read More »

Anyone have a coupon code for Ancestry’s DNA test?

Visit AncestryDNA’s Website | Read our Ancestry DNA Review I read your review of Ancestry and am particularly interested in their DNA test product. However, you only mention a 14-day free trial and I’m pretty sure there’s probably better promo or discount codes out there? At least one for the specific DNA test if not the overall Ancestry website? I’ll check back ... Read More »

Can Uber drivers see what you rate them?

Sorry, I just asked a related question and realized this was a better way to phrase the question. Can Uber drivers see what I rate them? In other words, after getting out of the car it appears I have several days to leave my feedback. I used to leave it right away so I wouldn’t forget, but lately I’ve been ... Read More »