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AncestryDNA Coupons and Discounts?

After reading your reviews on the best DNA test providers I’ve decided to go with AncestryDNA. However, as is often the case with online merchants, upon checkout I’m greeted with a “coupon code” option. Why do they include this? All it does is make me search for a discount. So here I am, asking (and …

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What’s the difference between Y-DNA and mtDNA testing?

I was looking at the pricing comparison on FTNDA and noticed that mtDNA, which supposedly analyzes the maternal line (mother), costs more than Y-DNA, which tests the paternal line (father). Why is that, sexism? In other words, what’s the difference between these two tests? -Jill P Answer There’s actually more to these tests than just …

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What Is Raw DNA?

In the details of your article on ancestry kits it mentions “upload raw DNA.” What does that mean? Specifically, what is raw DNA and how does it differ from regular DNA? -Mitchell

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Who’s Got the Best DNA Test Kit?

I’m looking to get a DNA testing kit, as I’m curious to find out what different countries make up my DNA. But there seem to be so many on the market and I’m concerned about privacy more than price. Since you guys seem to be covering this topic fairly extensively, in your opinion which company …

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How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost?

How much does Ancestry DNA cost? I am looking to purchase a kit for myself and possibly one for my sister too. In my research I’ve seen varying prices but wanted to make sure I’m getting the best one! -Josh Answer DNA kits that test for your ancestry vary by provider, but typically start at …

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How Much Does It Cost To Test Your Ancestry?

I’m thinking of testing my DNA to found out where my heritage comes from. I have a feeling it’s a Euro-Asian mix. How much does a DNA test for checking your ancestry cost, and where can I find the best deal? -Tim G Answer The cost of an Ancestry DNA test or kit is depends …

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Anyone have a coupon code for Pimsleur?

I’m traveling to Cuba and want to learn Spanish. Seems that Pimsleur might be more affordable than Rosetta Stone. I have two questions: what do you guys think of Pimsleur, and assuming you like it, do you have a discount code you might be able to share with me? Thanks!! -Rudolph R Answer Pimsleur is …

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Lyft San Diego Reviews from Drivers

I live in San Diego and am going to college full-time. I heard that Lyft offers some pretty awesome bonuses for drivers in the San Diego area. Is this true? I’m thinking about driving nights and weekends to help pay my way through the rest of college. Are there are current or past drivers out …

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